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Top 200 Marvel Characters #141-160

More of the list!

141. The Shocker – 32 points


142. Ultimate Hawkeye – 31 points

ultimate hawkeye.jpg

143 (tie). Awesome Andy – 29 points (1 first place vote)

awesome andy.jpg

143 (tie). Sasquatch – 29 points


143 (tie). U-Go Girl – 29 points (1 first place vote)


146 (tie). Union Jack (Joey Chapman) – 28 points

union jack.jpg

146 (tie). Strong Guy – 28 points

strong guy.jpg

148 (tie). Ultimate Hulk – 27 points (1 first place vote)

ultimate hulk.jpg

148 (tie). Drax the Destroyer – 27 points


148 (tie). Arachne / Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) – 27 points


148 (tie). Songbird – 27 points


148 (tie). Ka-Zar – 27 points


148 (tie). The Watcher – 27 points


148 (tie). Spider-Girl – 27 points


155 (tie). Rocket Raccoon – 26 points

rocket raccoon.jpg

155 (tie). Killraven – 26 points (1 first place vote)


155 (tie). Ultron – 26 points


158 (tie). Flatman – 25 points (1 first place vote)


158 (tie). Lockheed – 25 points


158 (tie). Ant-Man (Scott Lang) – 25 points



Julia Carpenter will always be my Spider-Woman.

Same here. I’m glad to see she came in. I think that even completes my list!

Me three. She’s such a fun character.

I love those Thomas and Thomas issues of Avengers West Coast, especially the Night Shift + Satannish arc.

Yep, a set of comics I have read numerous times, some good stuff there.

I was so happy when Julia was released as a Marvel Legends figure, she beat out everyone to sit on my desk, while everyone else is on the shelf.

Hey! If Killraven got one first place vote shouldn’t he rank ahead of freaking Rocket Raccoon? Can’t we give him that much at least??

I’m really surprised the Shocker went this low considering his Wiki entry claims that he’s been voted #3 Spidey villain.

Oh my goodness! Number 141 is quite the shocker!

Let me be the first to apologize for that terrible, terrible joke…

Well, with Spider-Girl showing up, my whole Marvel list is accounted for.

I’m still kind of hoping that Snow (from Fables), Matthew the Crow (from Sandman), and the Batman from Red Son (Batmankoff?) show up to complete my DC list. (But, I’m not holding my breath.)

Ultimate Hawkeye is still my favorite Ultimate character based almost entirely off of Ellis’s handling of him in Ultimate Secret. The introduction of him and Black Widow is by far my favorite part of the first Ultimates series as well.

Wow, the Shocker is more popular than, say, Paste-Pot Pete? Why? I mean, Electro’s basically the same character, and has a much less boring look.

The Shocker? Seriously? I had no idea…

Happy to see Awesome Andy make the list though

I have to admit to a certain amount of relief that my number 3 character, Killraven has finally appeared leaving only my 4,5 and 6 to go. I’ll not mention names because it will be SO depressiing if none of them make the 200.

Oh go ahead Graham, name them them, you’ll find the sense of liberation exhilarating.
And I’m the guy who’s still hoping to see Barnabas the Dog and Abby Arcane-Cable for DC….

“Name them them?”

Think that’s probably the Bushmill’s talking…

Flatman and Doorman are two different guys. So which one is it?

Nice to see Killraven on the list, but didja have to use a cover from that mediocre-at-best Alan Davis series? There are several Amazing Adventures covers that would have worked just as well, and would have avoided that regrettable costume…

Fourthworlder, you asked for it and you’ll get it!
My 4,5 and 6 were

6:- Man-Wolf

5:- Eric Simon Payne/Devil-Slayer

4:- Simon Garth (Zombie)

I also totally forgot about my number 9 choice who is the one least likely to be picked by anyone else – Jake Fury/Scorpio.

So now you know!

Ok… now I can FINALLY shut up about Ka-Zar.

’bout dang time!

Rocket Racoon made the listings! Splendid, I remember reading the limited series which was serialised as a back-up strip in Marvel UK’s Transformers comic and absolutely loved it. Great art from Mike Mignola and a delightfully absurd premise and story from Bill Mantlo.



Seriously. I would’ve never guessed that ANYone would vote for Shocker.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

November 8, 2007 at 12:12 pm

… and still no sign of Medusa or Thundra.

Okay, Thundra I really don’t expect to show up. But Medusa?!?!? The only Inhuman we’ve seen so far is Black Bolt?!?!?!?

Just doesn’t seem right ….

Curious how many old school Rocket Raccoon fans voted and how many of the votes are from Annihilation fans.

Rather glad to finally see Uatu.

And something tells me I’d like the guy/gal who gave Awesome Andy a first place vote.

The biggest shock is the Shocker. I feel like there are a few more Spidey villains I expected to see first.

That said, I eagerly await when we get down to people with 10 or less points.

Brian- Will you distinguish the single-vote getters once we get down there?

Yeah Doorman and Flatman are not the same. This needs to be fixed.


I’m just sad that Flatman came ahead of Diamondback, the one character from my two lists that still hasn’t shown up. Oh well…


It was Flatman who got the votes?!?

Over Doorman?!?

I don’t understand that at all.

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