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Top 200 DC Characters #161-180


161 (tie). Fire – 26 points


161 (tie). Hourman (Rex Tyler) – 26 points


163. Blue Devil – 25 points

blue devil.jpg

164 (tie). Aquaman, Sword of Atlantis – 24 points


164 (tie). The Trickster (James Jesse) – 24 points


166 (tie). Zauriel – 23 points


166 (tie). Batwoman (Katherine Kane) – 23 points


166 (tie). Bane – 23 points


166 (tie). Miss Martian – 23 points

miss martian.jpg

170 (tie). Atom (Ryan Choi) – 22 points


170 (tie). Doomsday – 22 points


170 (tie). G’nort – 22 points (1 first place vote)


170 (tie). Danny the Street – 22 points


170 (tie). Karate Kid (Pre-Zero Hour – 22) – 22 points

karate kid.jpg

175 (tie). Cosmic Boy (Pre-ZH – 9 Post-ZH – 3 Threebot – 9) – 21 points

cosmic boy.jpg

175 (tie). Agent Graves – 21 points


175 (tie). Wonder Girl (Cassie) – 21 points

wonder girl.jpg

175 (tie). Dawnstar – 21 points


175 (tie). Batman (All Star) – 21 points (1 first place vote)

all star batman.jpg

180 (tie). Kid Devil (Edward Bloomberg) – 20 points

kid devil.jpg

180 (tie). The Legion of Substitute Heroes – 20 points

substitute heroes.jpg

180 (tie). Aztek – 20 points



Hmm. Surprising amount of new characters making the list here. Batwoman, Miss Martian, Ryan Choi, Kid Devil, OYL Aquaman. It’s nice to see that these characters are developing a following so quickly.

Also nice to see more Legionnaires, even if my favorite hasn’t made the list yet.

Wasn’t Superman and All-Star Superman lumped into one? Why isn’t Batman and the Goddamn Batman one as well?

Because All Star Batman is meant to be a whole other animal, while All Star Superman is not

A more relevant question-why wasn’t All-Star Batman and The Dark Knight Returns Batman combined into a single character? At least according to Frank Miller they are fundamentally the same character.

*smacks head* I knew I forgot sombody- Dawnstar! Oh well, nice to see her show up finally.

And yay for Danny The Street! Who says a Transsexual Sentient Strip of Pavement can’t have a following?!

Aaaand this is where all the readers who started reading comics in the ’90s come in. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

(Well, sometimes there is — Doomsday AND Bane? Oy vey.)

I’m amused Doomsday and Bane were so close together as they were essentially the same character invented to tell the same story (that said I love the first 11 parts of Knightfall, but whatever)

HAH! finally Dawnstar makes it- and she beats a BATMAN AS WELL!


only 22 points & one first place?
Okay–I didn’t expect much higher–but he was on my list.

The Legion of Substitute Heroes as a whole?

Did you add the votes for each member of the subs and made them into Legion of Subs general votes?

What of my dear Polar Boy, who also was leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes for a time.

G’nort was third on my list only beaten by Guy Gardner and L’Ron. You can see where my DC tastes lie!

Good to see him turn-up at last.

“Great Thunder!”

How come heroes don’t talk like that anymore?

Wow, Batwoman? Really? Has she done anything of note outside of those few plot-device appearances in 52?

Nice to see Zauriel, Danny the Street (!), G’Nort, Aztek, and Miss Martian.

Good characters.

OK here is where I show my ignorance. “Danny the Street”? Where? When? Wha???

“OK here is where I show my ignorance. “Danny the Street”? Where? When? Wha???”

Morrison’s Doom Patrol.

I always loved the visual gag of Doomsday causing destruction with one hand literally tied behind his back. I was sorry that they left that small detail out of the recent animated show.


Vincent Paul Bartilucci

November 9, 2007 at 9:17 am

Hey look, Sunboy finally made! Lousy cover choice though – he’s stuck in the lower right hand corner while Dawnstar hogs the spotlight. Could’ve chosen a little better shot, Brian.

What?!?!? Not yet?!?!? He’s right there! I can see him!

Oh, okay. I’ll keep waiting ….

Unrelated: that Blue Devil cover is just great. I remember the first dozen issues of that series fondly.

OK at this stage in the game – Great news for the brand new characters that made the list……..Bad news for the golden oldies who couldn’t clinmb any higher. I don’t mean the ones that remain popular from the past despite low usage nowadays, I mean the ones like Fire who have been around a while and can only muster a 161 placing despite revamps and recent appearances

“OK here is where I show my ignorance. “Danny the Street”? Where? When? Wha???”

Just elaborating (because Danny deserves is), Danny is a sentient street than can travel around the world. He spells out messages to people in shop windows and such. Adding to the character further, he is a transvestite, having the prettiest gun shops you will ever see. A sentient transvestite street. Genius.

I too must share my ignorance of Danny, however after that description I feel compelled to fill the gap in my comicosity. I must know more of Danny the street, anyone care to give me a clue of which books/stories etc. to make a start with?

Morrison’s Doom Patrol run is currently being collected in trades by DC.

Danny first appears in the third trade, Down Paradise Way, and appears semi-regularly from then on.

But I recommend starting from the first trade anyways, as Morrison did a marvelous job of slowly adding more and more weirdness to the book, so if you start with the third trade, it might be a bit abrupt.

Ahh, Danny the Street. I would never have thought to vote for you but I’m over the moon you made into the top 200 DC characters. Thats pretty incrediable for a tranvestite street :)

Now where are the Brotherhood of Dada?

Ryan Choi is a great Atom, but I couldn’t bring myself to use one the mere 10 slots given on my ballot for such a new character.

I totally agree, Ryan Choi was very close to getting a vote or two from me but is a wee bitty too new. I, like most of my faves have been around a while and I felt that it was better to vote for the characters who had matured gracefully like myself (snigger). I mean to say Ryan is really great but I didn’t have room to vote for any Atom and if I did it would have had to have been good old Ray…old times sake n’ all

I felt that Cassie should have swapped places with Donna due to the latter’s convoluted origins.

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