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Top 200 Marvel Characters #161-180

And still more…

161 (tie). Stingray – 24 points


161 (tie). Cypher – 24 points


161 (tie). Rhino – 24 points


164 (tie). Sandman – 23 points


164 (tie). Warriors Three (4 for Hogun, 2 for Volstagg) – 23 points

warriors three.jpg

164 (tie). Gravity – 23 points


164 (tie). War Machine – 23 points

war machine.jpg

168 (tie). Fin Fang Foom – 22 points

fin fang foom.jpg

168 (tie). Quasar (Phylla-Vell) – 22 points


168 (tie). Pete Wisdom – 22 points


168 (tie). Dirk Anger – 22 points

dirk anger.jpg

168 (tie). The Shroud – 22 points


173 (tie). Siryn – 21 points


173 (tie). The Hood – 21 points

the hood.jpg

173 (tie). Mr. Immortal – 21 points

mr. immortal.jpg

173 (tie). Ares – 21 points


173 (tie). Foggy Nelson – 21 points

foggy nelson.jpg

173 (tie). Medusa – 21 points


173 (tie). Namorita – 21 points (1 first place vote)


173 (tie). Red Ghost and his Super-Apes – 21 points (1 first place vote)

red ghost.jpg


Everybody who voted for Stingray is awesome

Fin Fang Foom is awesome.

I think # 168 is the first character I’ve never heard of.

MarkAndrew said:
“I think # 168 is the first character I’ve never heard of.”

Which one?

Woohoo, someone else from my list! Make mine FOOM!

This group is a whole clump of awesomeness, actually, even if I can only very dimly remember Cipher.

Yeah, some good characters there…. Now Marvel needs to assign the good writers to these guys, Spider-Man will sell no matter who is writing it. Get Mark Waid (sorry, first go to pop into my mind) on a Shroud comic and see how we go….

Man, Doug Ramsey. Perfect character for Claremont’s melancholy mutant minors. Maybe his untimely death was for the best. A mercy killing before Rob Liefeld could give him shoulder pads and a gun.

Sandman is that low?

Must be a reaction against the mischaracterization in Spidey3.

Wow. Sting Ray beat out Gravity. That’s…heartbreaking. I love Gravity. But Sting Ray? Sting Ray? Man, kids today.

If anything is responsible for Sandman’s “mischaracterization” its how he has been handled in the comics over the past few years. First he reformed and then, a few years ago, went back to being a bad guy. Since then his appearances have been few and far between.

Personally, I like him as both a hero AND a villain, but you can’t really have it both ways. (i.e. mid-late 90s Venom)

Man, what a GREAT bunch of characters. I think Doug Ramsey is the best POV character.I could probably go on about why each of these characters are great.

Maybe not Phylla.. No even her too.

Awesome, there’s two more from my list down: Dirk Anger and The Hood.


Hogun and Volstagg may get the votes, but Fandral gets the chicks!


November 9, 2007 at 8:04 am

Red Ghost got a First Place vote?

Who’s the commie?


Maybe the Super APES are the ones who REALLY got the vote.

People loves them some apes.


Fin Fan Foom put you in his pants!

I thought both sandman and rhino may have featured higher.

How did Ares make the Avengers roll-call – he has no love. Never mind Thor has returned to midgard and he hath mighty love.

So somehow I never noticed Amazing #155 had APES on it… that’s just weird. And people voted for them. I’m gonna have to go look those up…

I just love that Ares and The Hood (two characters that Bendis is pushing hard) are less popular than Stingray and The Shroud.

When was the last time the Shroud even showed up anywhere?

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