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This Fan Is Good – Laura “Tegan” Gjovaag

Laura Gjovaag is the proprietor of the comic blog, Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog.

I saw that she was feeling a bit down (due to some physical problems), so I thought it only right to point out how awesome she is to hopefully cheer her up!

Our own Bill Reed is a gigantic Aquaman fan – but I’m afraid no one can compare to Laura when it comes to being an Aquaman fan, as she is definitely the tops.

Currently, she is reading through (and blogging about) every single Aquaman comic appearance ever!! Here is the category for it on her blog (she’s calling the series Ripples Through Time).

Go read Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog this instant!


Good call. I’ve been following her finny files for a while now, and I’ve oceans of love for Tegan.

Laura’s a doll. Be sure to check out her Torvald the troll site, too.

I haven’t spoken to Laura in years– I know her from Doctor Who fandom– but I’ve always been a big fan of her work with Aquaman. Her website is absolutely essential when it comes to the character.

Feel better, Laura! I’ve visited your site many times to feel the love for Aquaman that is often missing elsewhere! You’ve also helped me a lot in deciding what back issues I a wanted to look for.

Keep up the great work, and get well soon!

Laura’s one of the good ‘uns. She’s give me tons of moral and technical help. And she has helped me respect Aquaman!

I found her blog the other day when I was bored and rifling through the super-duper links. It’s a really nice read and you can just feel the waves of Aquaman love emanating from the site.

Pun not intended, but left up out of shame.

Well, that cheered me right up! Thank you.

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