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Top 200 DC Characters #181-200

The Finale! 183 (tie). ‘Mazing Man – 19 points

mazing man.jpg

183 (tie). Nite Owl (Dan Dreiberg) – 19 points


183 (tie). Rebis – 19 points (1 first place vote)


186 (tie). Manhunter (Shaw) – 18 points


186 (tie). Superb…oh, I’m so sorry!…SuperMAN Prime – 18 points


186 (tie). Ice – 18 points


I apologize for the poor cover – Ice really got the shaft when it came to covers – her only spotlight ones were later on, when the series was lame (right before they killed her), and I just didn’t feel right picking one of them.

186 (tie). Brainiac – 18 points


186 (tie). Star Boy/Starman (Thom Kallor) (Pre-Zero Hour) – 18 points


186 (tie). Obsidian – 18 points


192 (tie). The Haunted Tank – 17 points

haunted tank.jpg

192 (tie). Cheetah – 17 points


194 (tie). Manhattan Guardian – 16 points


194 (tie). Johnny Thunder (Earth 2) – 16 points


194 (tie). Cain and Abel – 16 points

cain and abel.jpg

194 (tie). Captain Comet – 16 points

captain comet.jpg

194 (tie). The Unknown Soldier – 16 points

unknown soldier.jpg

194 (tie). Hob Gadling – 16 points (1 first place vote)


194 (tie). Dian Belmont – 16 points



I’m very happy to see Cain and Abel (and Hob) actually get votes, but you might want to tuck them away under a cut ^_-

Haunted Tank finally makes the list. I love Haunted Tank.

Guess I’m the only big Triad fan, huh? Pity.

Still, at least we got to see the last major JLI character. That means they all made the list, even if Bea and Tora are way, way lower than the boys.

Tom Fitzpatrick

November 9, 2007 at 9:46 pm

Ooooo-kay ….. what about the next 100 characters for DC and Marvel? ;-)

Wow, who knew Hob had so many fans? Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s awesome, he’s just not a character that jumps out at me when I think of Sandman.

And no need to apologize for the Ice cover, that’s one of my favorites of the Giffen/DeMatteis era.

Ok, no offense to Hob, Cain, or Able, but how could they beat Matthew, Merv and Lucien.

Especially Matthew! I love that guy.

Well, I guess since I was lazy and didn’t vote I have no excuse, but I’m not too worried about details like that.

Great mix, except, well, Superboy Prime.

Matthew was my second favorite of the talking critters in Sandman, definitely after Barnabas.

So now Brian I guess the obvious request is for you to put them all in a list on the same screen, so I can hunt through and confirm that Abigail Arcane Cable did not get in… How could that be? Dian Belmont (great character, don’t get me wrong) gets in but no Abby?


Hob sealed the deal for me with Sandman. Doll’s House remains my favorite arc in Sandman, and Hob’s tale was a nice interlude. I’ve started picking up later issues, and I was thrilled to know he wasn’t just a one-off for Gaimen.

Hob Gadling was my number one for DC and I’m so happy to see him ranked so reletively high. As the man who would not give in to Death, he ended up being the most interesting character in the entire Sandman series to me, and the most relatable as well. Considering that I’m 22 and can’t even consider facing death, Hob stood in as my “Mary Sue” or whatever you call the reader’s stand-in the Sandman series. Sandman #73, the issue where he deals with the aftermath of Morpheus’ death is probably my favorite issue of all time.

Am I right in thinking that we never saw Dr. Manhatten? The last guy on my list, and feature of one of the best single issues of any comic book (Watchmen #4) and he gets beaten out by Dan Drieberg?

You’d think no one can relate to an omnipotent exhibitionist who experiences all moments of time simultaneously. Sheesh.

Sorry, i can´t remember, has Adam Strange made the list?

Oooh…Hob Gadling, Cain and Abel! What, no Mervyn Pumpkinhead? I LOVE Merv! It was also very nice to see Ice, and no need to apologize…that’s a GREAT cover.

Brian, you are a real hero for doing all this work. I hope the powers that be at DC and Marvel have been taking notes.

I don’t remember, way back when all this started, if you had said that licensed characters were inelligible. I’m wondering if Tarzan got any votes. It was my #1 favorite DC comic during those years. I consider Kubert’s work the best Tarzan adaptation in any media.

Whoo hoo! The Haunted Tank! I didn’t put it/them on my list, but I never missed an issue.

Again, thanks Brian. Now let’s have a vote on our top ten Non-Dc/Marvel characters!

Herbie rules!

And finally, my number ten.

dhole – Dr. Manhattan was on the list, somewhere above 100.

Oh, and I hate to be picky, but with all the great Haunted Tank covers out there, could you swap that one for one that actually has the Haunted Tank on it? I’m pretty sure that’s a Russian tank, though I’m not sure why a G.I. is shooting at it.

Did Lois Lane make the list? I’m being really forgetful.

Superboy Prime beat out Braniac….

I suppose I could see that if we only count his appearances in Crisis and DCCP.

Johns’ handling of this character has been atrocious–it would have been FAR better to leave this character in limbo.

OK, tied with Braniac…

But still…

I’m a little surprised Fire beat out Ice, but glad to see them both. Tora’s dates with Guy Gardner were always fun to read.

Yeah, Matthew was on my list, too. His relationship with Morpheus was one of the really moving elements in Sandman, especially in the last two volumes.

By the way, Dr. Manhattan made the list quite a while back – he was #75.

THAT’s the best picture of Hob you could find?


So this is where all the cool kids hang out. What a great bunch of characters.

David Kirkpatrick

November 10, 2007 at 10:46 pm

Glad to see ‘Mazing Man made the cut… !

One of my all-time favorites:


Thanks for pointing out Dr. Manhattan’s placement. I feel better.

Has Comedian shown up yet? He wasn’t on my list but I think he is worthy (and would be the only character to show up who never made a single appearance outside of flashbacks).

Looks to me like Hob got exactly two votes, one from me.

Death’s a mug’s game.

Ooh, and there’s Nite Owl. I voted for him too.

Has Christopher Chance not shown up yet?

Oh yeah, Christopher Chance is there. That’s him posing as the Unknown Soldier, or possibly posing as Nemesis posing as the Unknown Soldier.

That’s not the Haunted Tank in that cover! That’s a german tank with a very visible iron cross at the front!

Can’t say which is the model. Looks like a russian KV-2, but it might be intended as an early model Panzer IV. It’s badly drawn anyway and the whole cover is a far cry from the best DC war comics covers!

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Is that supposed to be a scar on Superboy Prime’s chest? How did he get it to…uhm…jump the gap on his man-cleavage? It doesn’t follow the contours of his frighteningly malformed pecs at all.

Or are those skin-colored decorator’s pillows? Either way, I can see why the scar is detaching itself and trying to escape…

It’s too bad, because it’s a decent cover concept, and his head and the background look alright.

I was a HUGE fan of ‘Mazing Man. It was a lovely, gem-like series that mixed humor and compassion and really, really cool art.

I think the biggest problem with ‘Mazing Man is that he was published by DC. It just didn’t generate the sales required to keep a DC book going. If it had been published by Eclipse or Renegade it would have been a hit for them.

Still no Triumph (#2), Eradicator (#4), or Jack Chance (#6).

Come on, was I the ONLY one who liked them?

Sorry, Ace, but between you and me, you’re the ONLY one who even HEARD of them.

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