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Top 200 Marvel Characters #181-200

Bringing this to a close…

181 (tie). Hyperion (Squadron Supreme) – 20


181 (tie). Union Jack (James Montgomery) – 20 (1 first place vote)

union jack1.jpg

181 (tie). Tigra – 20 (1 first place vote)


184 (tie). Stilt-Man – 19


184 (tie). Xorn – 19


184 (tie). Morbius – 19 (1 first place vote)


184 (tie). Sabretooth – 19


184 (tie). The Enchantress (Amora) – 19


189 (tie). Cloud 9 – 18


189 (tie). Cecilia Reyes – 18

Cecilia Reyes.jpg

189 (tie). Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) – 18

ghost rider.jpg

189 (tie). Son of Satan – 18

son of satan.jpg

189 (tie). Hellion – 18


194 (tie). Hellcat (Patsy Walker) – 17 (1 first place vote)


194 (tie). Maggott – 17


194 (tie). Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida) – 17 (1 first place vote) (7 for AoA version)


194 (tie). Frog-Man – 17 (1 first place vote)


194 (tie). Nomad – 17


194 (tie). Guardian – 17


194 (tie). Franklin Richards – 17

franklin richards.jpg

194 (tie). Echo – 17



Stilt-Man! Huzzah!

The battle you’ve always wanted to see! The clash of two mighty titans! A truly legendary match-up… Frog-Man vs. the Toad!

Haha. That’s friggin ridiculous.

I thought for sure we had seen Dan Ketch before now. That is just weird that he is so low on the list. I mean, I see him not being THAT popular with this crowd, but 189th? With Cloud 9 (who has yet to show a personality) above him? Strange.

With the votes getting to be so low this far out, I agree there isn’t much point in continuing. However, just like the “everyone is someone’s baby” features I would like to see the characters with the least points. Were there any that only got 1 or 2 points? Was there a character that got 2 points with each 1 from different voters? Also, were their reasons similar? I think that would be interesting to look at personally.

Tigra got pwn3d by the Hood here too!

You know, I’m not the biggest fan, but Patsy Walker (Hellcat) is a textbook case of what makes comics so awesome.

Starts life in 40’s teen romance comics. Has a good run there. Then gets folded into the Marvel Universe in the 70’s. Why? Who knows. Ends up with the Avengers. Then the Defenders. Goes insane. Then dies. Then comes back to life. How is that not perfect?

Wow, I think Cloud 9 is the newest character on the list so far…

Who the hell is Cloud 9?

All votes for Xorn should count towards Magneto, really.

Good show with Enchantress and the another version of Union Jack getting mentioned.

Amora’s been a conflicted and amusing Thor supporting player since the Simonson Thor era.And further back for arrogant beauty & villainy.Loved the classic 1970’s Invaders series under Roy Thomas.Albeit Brian was the Union Jack from most of that era,as opposed to his Father.

Bad show on my grammar,though. :)

Wow, big surprise (for me at least) that Sabretooth is this low on the list! After Drax the Destroyer, Flatman and Cypher? Wow!
It’s only logical that a villain would get less votes than a hero, but even looking at villains who placed ahead of him, it’s odd. Sabretooth is less popular than Stilt-Man???
Not to say that any of these characters are BAD characters, but I would’ve imagined Sabretooth would’ve had more of a fan following.
Then again, maybe the corner of the Marvel U he belongs to is a bit of a clue. If you’re an X-Men fan, you may well vote for Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Deadpool, Colossus, etc and Sabretooth may be just off your ballots, whereas if you’re a Spider-Man fan you might vote for Spidey, Mary Jane, JJJ, Black Cat, and quickly get down to a “lesser” Spider-Man-related character such as Shocker or Stilt-Man… There are just plain more characters in the X-Men books.

As a huge Marvel over DC fan I can say this, DCs’ 181-200 beats the heck out of Marvels. There are some real gems on this list but DC has some classics.

I don’t know if I’m more surprised at Sabretooth being this low on the list or at Maggot for being on there at all. I guess killing off a character really does make him more popular.

What, no love for Nomad???

YAAAAAYYY!!! Morbius – I love that crazy mixed-up vamp!

finally MAGGOTT!!!!! the x-man with the coolest power ever! who seemed sooooo cool when he first appeared pre Operation: Zero Tolerance, then explained his origin, then fucked off to generation x for about 1 issue, then got killed off.

perfect antidote to wolverine over exposure

That Tigra cover is really striking thanks to the color choice.

Since they were either tied for 17 or 18 points and you could’ve put them in any order within their rank, was the placement for Son of Satan, Hellion, and Hellcat intentional?

Maggot? I can’t believe it.

I mean, even when that character came out and I had absolutely terrible taste in comics, I knew he was shit.

“Bringing this to a close…”

But… but…

Poor Maggot. He comes in at just below 200 and still people who hate him are upset about it. He’s at least unique.

Cloud 9 and Hellion. Finally two characters I’ve honestly never heard of.

Is anybody else amused that Son of Satan, Hellion and Hellcat came in consecutively like that?

Poor Maggot. He comes in at just below 200 and still people who hate him are upset about it. He’s at least unique.

I’m really just surprised. I didn’t know anybody liked that character. And he’s not that unique. There are plenty of characters out there with poorly defined powers and boring, non-sensical origins.

I dunno. It has become my habit, when an obscure character is mentioned, to trot off to Wikipedia and read up on them…and frankly Maggot is the most dramatically ludicrous mutant I’ve run across yet. I honestly don’t think it’s possible that hard drugs weren’t involved in his creation.

My biggest gripe is he resembles Strong Guy on that cover(same haircut at least)only blue.

His powers do seem well unique at least.

I dug Maggott for his wacky powers (his digestive system is these two worms that can eat anything, then make him blue and, I think, superstrong. Or something)and sheer chutzpah. That’s not to say I think he’s a _good_ character, but I liked him.

Putting in another plea for compiling a list of top 50 indie characters! If for no other reason than to see more cool covers featuring the likes of Marv, Grimjack and Spawn!

Well, to be fair, how is Maggot’s power more absurd then, say, Matter-Eater Lad’s?

Marv, yes. And let us not forget Fat Freddie’s Cat.
Or Fat Freddy himself, for that matter.

But probably my favorite indie character would be Hyde from Extraordinary Gentlemen – and Miss Murray, for that matter.

I know we’re almost to #200, but Cloud 9 and Cecilia Reyes?! Seriously?!

I now feel badly. If I had sent in my votes, Franklin would have placed significantly higher.

I’m assuming that votes for Tattletale would have been folded in? I dunno. I always felt atht he seemed like a completely different character with different abilites when he wasn’t written as Tattletale. So, I could see leaving the two separate.



Hyde would definitely be on my list. As would Miracleman, X-O Manowar, and probably Cerebus.

Spawn was an example, but he probably wouldn’t make the list. Image representation would come from Maxx, Fell, and Johnny Beyond from 1963!

Top indie characters?

Invincible would probably make my list. The Goon. Lobster Johnson. Scott Pilgrim. This is easier than my DC or Marvel picks.

This list should definitely be updated to included Nuwa.

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