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Quick Cheer and Jeer

Just wanted to note how impressed I was by Marvel’s new back of the book supplemental material. I suppose there is some underlying motive behind it that makes it fiscally prudent to do, but for us readers, it amounts to a bunch of pages of extra material (yes, promotional material, but well done/interesting stuff nonetheless).

It may not actually be fair to jeer this, because, hey, ad revenue is ad revenue…but seriously, a Goldfish ad on the back cover?!?! Maybe if this was on a Marvel Adventures book, but it seems quite out of place on most of Marvel’s material.


I’m assuming you’re talking about the Goldfish crackers?

Those things are delicious and addictive, to children and adults alike.

that add is offensive to me, as i am lactose intolerant. i can not enjoy the deliciously cheesy flavor of the goldfish.

Rampant fanboy entitlement much?

Psst. I think he’s joking.

Don’t quite see how Marvel can be faulted for assuming its readership is excessively fond of snack food…

Don’t quite see how Marvel can be faulted for assuming its readership is excessively fond of snack food…

I’ll own up to it. When I first read Brian’s comment my first impulse was to say, back off man, I love Goldfish. We don’t dare keep them in the house because they get cleaned out in a matter of hours.

Damn it, I keep forgetting I can’t do edits outside of my category.

If it makes you feel any better the Goldfish ad is on the back of Marvel Adventures Two-in-One #4 which I picked up today. :)

I thought you meant the Bendis book for a minute, then was very confused at his Goldfish being advertised in an all ages book.

I have officially read too many comics.

Cornelius Savage

November 11, 2007 at 8:52 am

We should really look at the violence against goldfish: They are small and lack the defenses to give them a chance against my cheese-powdered-coated fingers and my powerful snack-caked teeth and jaws. Plus, they’re naked. And delicious.

Eh, they’re less obtrusive than the stupid inserts in the middle of the DC books.

I miss this segment of the blog. I wish it would come back.

I haven’t seen the ad. I’m assuming…

“Holy Cheese, Batman! The Joker is making a getaway!”

“Don’t worry, Robin. I’m stall him with these Goldfish crackers!”

“Ha ha ha ha! Yummy cheesy goodness! What the…? Foiled again!”

“Gosh, Batman. Even a homicidal sociopath can’t resist these delicious snack treats!”

Oh, if only, Mutt. If only.

Tom from West Chester

November 11, 2007 at 7:51 pm

I’m sure it’s been discussed elsewhere, but this is a column cheering the supplemental material in Marvel books making my jeer relevant.

It doesn’t make sense that on the page labelled from the Files of Nick Fury, or what have you, there is a fact about Storm regarding Dave Cockrum’s original intent of calling the character “Black Cat.” I’m confused as to how Nick Fury came by this nugget of information. The rest of the page reflects facts that would be know to the character, but the last fact about Storm is all encompassingly inconsistent.

Other than that I dig the bonus materials.

Extra ad pages? Hasn’t Marvel done this like 3 years in a row now?

Extra ad pages cut into the retailers profit as they pay shipping based on weight.

That just makes sense. You see, Bendis writes about half of Marvel’s output and he has written a comic named “AKA Goldfish”, so Marvel and Goldfish have a lot to do with each other!

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

I was a little confused by all the crap in the back of the latest AXM. I stopped reading Marvel (aside from AXM) a couple of years back… Do they do this in all the books? Is it the same in each book?

I did think the “Top Secret” S.H.I.E.L.D. files were fairly useless, containing some fairly well-known facts.

Yeah, goldfish are a sign of slipping standards. It should be sea monkeys.

My favorite part of the Goldfish ads is that they say “Special Advertising Section” across the top, as if we couldn’t figure out that they weren’t part of the comic.

That Goldfish is a Skrull!

My seven-year-old daughter used a profane word when DC’s mega-Goldfish ad ground her Scooby Doo reading to a halt. I demand publishers install a GF chip.

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