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We Already Had Cannon Fodder Superheroes…

but after this week’s Countdown, we now have (SPOILERS!)… a cannon fodder PLANET!!!

Remember that Earth that 1 complained about awhile back in Declarative Rabbit? Well, as it turns out, I guess there was a reason that they created an Earth that lame (it was an Earth where all the sidekicks have taken over their mentor’s roles – oh, and General Zod is Superman!) – it was so they could later have them all killed!!!

Oh, DC, you scamps you.



You still read Countdown?

You’ve got to be shitting us…

*Yawn* Wake me when Countdown’s over…

I’m surprised they didn’t settle the surviving Tamaraneans on yet another planet, then destroy it again. I mean, that’s practically become a tradition over the past decade!

Awwww no, Super-Zod is dead?

Damn you, DC! Why must you keep killing off your rich history of characters?!? Everyone is someone’s favorite!

No foolin’, chums.

Does this fall under the banner of the recent question about the companies creating super teams just to kill them off for effect? Only bigger. After all, if killing off 5-6 minor characters can generate sales, killing off a planet has to be better, right?

Death Comics is becoming a parody of itself at this point. I feel like reading Countdown now just to laugh at it. I guess if they have me interested in buying it, even for a reason like that, they have to be doing something right. Okay, maybe not.

Coming from DC next year: 51.

Do you mean they’re going to start killing whole weeks now, Mutt? [Insert “Death Comics has been killing time since…” joke here].

But that universe had potential for futures stories! How could DC destroy such an interesting…

Okay, I couldn’t finish typing that with a straight face. Still, that’s not as dumb as giving a one-shot to a character not scheduled to last a month.

Still not clear on how this is supposed to tie into the Superman from Earth-15 that was listed on the Countdown: Arena website. I mean, that’s supposed to be Chris Kent, Chris Kent is Zod’s kid, and Zod’s pregnant wife was killed about 3 pages into the comic anyway.

Oh, is it, Dave?

THAT’S supposed to be Chris Kent’s world?


So does this mean that Chris Kent was never born?

Here’s an idea for a DC “mini” series: The 365 Fallen. An issue every day, each featuring one killing until the last issue, when all the dead characters get resurrected in last 5 pages. It’ll be a real blockbuster.

Richard, if you’d posted “The Fallen” as real, I wouldn’t have batted an eye. Only readers would get to vote for the lucky 36 to be resurrected.

Didn’t Champaign say somewhere that he’ld been misinformed, that this earth won’t be the Chris Kent one?

stealthwise Mother’s voice: “If you can’t say anything nice…”

… um…

I still like All-Star Superman.


52 multiple Earths blocked by the Source Wall,
52 multiple Earths held dear

Take one down
Put it in Countdown

51 multiple Earths left by the Wall

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