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Leanna T. Reviews Wonder Woman

So I thought I’d post this here, since Brian thought it’d be a good idea. Leanna is a former student of mine, a brilliant young lady of ten. She’s a big Wonder Woman fan and after I gave her the latest issue and mentioned that I’ve kind of known the writer for 11 years or so, she wanted me to send this review to her. Enjoy! (She DID protest it was only a rough draft and apologizes for spelling errors.)

Dear Gail Simone

I like Wonder Woman (the charecter) because she is very athletic, strong, and thoughtful, because she goes to different kinds of crimes and saves lives of children and Adults. She also expirents different kinds of pains. I also like her laso of truth also in this book I noticed the shield with a W on her back. The reason I like the laso of truth is because it has a kind of power to tell the truth not most super heroes have a superpower like that. The sheild also was a good Idea because just in case someone attacks her on the back they will not hurt her.

The story starts interesting because it starts when Hippolyta is asking the North, West, east, and South (prisoners) if they repend all of them did not agree by saying “Never.” Until she came upon the south stall she asked “do you repend.” “Never.” answered the prisoner. Suddenly the prisoner called “Hippolyta” and gave her a crown entitled our queen the prisoner carved the crown using there teeth. The prisoner told Hippolyta to kill her dauter “No.” Hippolyta yelled breaking the crown into pieces

Back with Wonder Woman Grodd sent a army of armed gorillas to claim the azure oceans they wanted to “sloter” Wonder Woman and that is like impossible there talking about WONDER WOMAN! Hello! Well Wonder Woman of corse injures them and finnally she gets to them. They all make promises. Later on Wonder Woman let all of them stay over her house. I looked like kayaus [ed. note: “chaos”] to me. The gorillas were everywhere it looked like a saturday night sleepover with a lot of caffine. All of a sudden Tom rings the doorbell. I guess the gorillas go to the kitchen or something.. So Wonder Woman opens the door and he goes past her and cuts her off GOSH HOW RUDE! he also says her apartment was boring because it must not be as dirty as his. Well they go on a mission and meet up with Captin Nazi Wonder Woman says he’s gotten stronger and oh yes he looks stronger and of course she does Tom a favor and get in front of him. He hold her to a wall and on the next page it shows Nasis killing everything they can find. I hope Wonder Woman finds her way out of this one.

My Coments

At least Wonder Woman always finds a way out of everything. YAY Wonder Womans the best! I love Wonder Woman and Captin Marvil if you have my opinion I think there the best!



I’d rather read reviews like this than most comics blogs! Thanks for posting this!

Nice review, Leanna! It’s good to see someone be so positive about their favourite characters!

Well done Leanna! Come back and do more of these for us! My students do reviews too but you have shamed them all just with your word count, let alone your thoughtful writing and enthusiasm.

Which reminds me, I have several student reviews that are piling up on me. I should get those up soon.

Lee says “thanks” and she’s going to read the comments and report back later.

Also, Joe (or Brian) if you pull up the ‘edit with HTML’ function in WordPress for this, and insert width=”525″ between img and src, we’ll be able to see Leanna’s entire drawing. Be sure to include the quotes in the command.


Thanks for writing the review. Your enthusiasm shines through and it makes me want to read the comic book myself. Thanks again.

Lee says:

thanks for giving E-mails OH YEAH! sorry for the raving mistakes but hopefully i’ll get to write more reveiws and comment more:D :{] ha ha this one has a mustashe:](:]wow a unibrow.

This review made me smile. I think we should have reviews by Leanna on a regular basis! They could be used as a ‘snark relief’ treatment or something.

Cool review. :) I agree about the laso of truth.

Give Leanna Burgas’s spot on the blog!

Thanks a lot for posting that, Joe!

Very nice review, Leanna. As soon as I read it, I made sure to tell Joe he really ought to share it with all the readers of the blog. Very nice stuff.

Finally, I also shrunk down the image, so now everyone can see the whole thing!

This made my day. Thanks Leanna.


If only us old farts could still look at the characters and books with the eyes of Leanna then maybe internet fandom wouldn’t be the vast wasteland that it is.

Tomorrow I shall give thanks for this review and the joy it brought me as a 3+ decade fan.

It’s letters like this that really make you wish that DC still had a letters page, and not just all Didio all the time and his self aggrandizing narcissism.
DC Nation, my butt. WE are the DC Nation, and WE, and fans like Leanna, deserve to be HEARD!!!

Thanks for the breath of fresh air, Leanna. This is the first review I read in awhile where nobody was insulted except the bad guys in the book. :)


November 21, 2007 at 11:28 pm

! sorry for the raving mistakes but hopefully i’ll get to write more reveiws and comment more

Don’t worry Leanna, your spelling and grammar is better than Brad Curran’s, and he writes here regularly.

Anyone else now want a Wonder Woman Capt. Marvel team up?
Simone and Smith all the way!

(did Simone write back?)

Anyone else now want a Wonder Woman Capt. Marvel team up?
Simone and Smith all the way!

I’ve even got the perfect title:

“Hot Dogs and Cake”

better tell Leanna to trademark the name “Kayaus” before Rob Liefeld steals it out from under her for his revamped Youngblood…

More reviews need to come with sketches of eagle swords.

Excellent review, Leanna. I hope you’ll write for again.

I love this better than pun’kin pie.

Just great.


Ha! This is better than most professional “reviews” I read…very sweet and endearing!

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