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365 Reasons to Love Comics #328

Loads of great inkers work in comics, and all your suggestions have been excellent. So who did I go with? Well, how about the best inker from the DC age of comics? (Archive.)


328. Murphy Anderson

Anderson 1.jpg

Now, Mr. Anderson is a fantastic artist all on his own, but I’d have to say that his inking defined an entire generation of comics and gave the Silver Age its punch. He worked with all the greats– guys like Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane, and Mike Sekowsky– and provided the slick sci-fi sheen on Batman, Green Lantern, and more. For a while there, he was inking seemingly every cover on every DC book, giving the line a distinct feel.

Anderson 2.jpgAnderson 3.jpg

In the 1970s, the “Swanderson” team of Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson combined to create a beloved artistic run on the Superman titles. Anderson gave Swan’s pencils a grounded, realistic tone, fitting with the “new era” of Superman. Together, they put the “man” back into Superman. Check out the full and distinct features. Swan put the emotion on the characters’ faces, but Anderson etched it forever into our brains.

Swan 3.gifAnderson 4.jpg

Murphy Anderson? Been there, inked that. His smooth inks gave a distinct look and feel to the Silver Age superhero invasion. Those books look gorgeous, and we’ve got him to thank. Dude’s a legend. Sorry if this column’s cut short, but it seems the internet is sparse in terms of Murphy Anderson info and images. I think that goes to show that inkers just don’t get enough credit or praise for their work– something we’ve got to change. For an excellent piece on the man, however, turn your browsers to this website.

What’s your favorite Murphy Anderson work?


Thanks for describing his contribution so perfectly!
Apart from the already mentioned classic Adam Strange run, the covers he inked over Infantino’s pencils once he had taken up the Editorial Directors position, and was no longer pencilling interiors, were a tremendous incentive to buying the comics.
I also remember fondly an issue of Atom/Hawkman when he inked the character of Hawkman, whom he had pencilled for a long and memorable run, over the pencils of Joe Kubert, whose style seemed totally disparate from his own. The result, as I recall, was certainly interesting.

Thanks for putting up Murphy Anderson.
Not only a fantastic inker, the man was a brilliant penciller as well. His inked Action run is near perfection, as well as his issues Silver Age Spectre run (which is probably my favorite inks of his)

So, who’s next…..George Roussos?

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to guess who this would be, but he really is the definitive DC inker. When I think of Silver Age DC Comics, the image I get in my mind looks like it was inked by Murphy Anderson.

I’d just like to toss in a vote for Paul Neary. Alan Davis’ early inker of choice and now Bryan Hitch’s accomplice, he’s doing some of the best inking out there IMO.

Fans of Murphy Anderson may find the following article of interest:


he made so many memorable runs, but i especially like, while reading trough the showcases like flash and green lantern, how, when he sitst in on a story for giella to ink carmine or gil, he brings his distinkt look with him, one of my faves was the vol 2 green lantern story, which is called Rarasite Planet Peril (overall one of the best of the entire run, the newscaster intro is brilliant, like a movie, and then how serious the whole tone of the story is, people vanishing, people remaining, green lantern in agony disappears and flash in rage vowes to revenge him.
and all the storys before in vol 2 were inked by giella, who’se good as he is, but Murphy gave that story such punch, such realism to kanes pencils (who knows kanes later work knows how realistic he could be with the right inker, himself) and purphy really ge’t it on.
that story, ImO, is on par with the best of silver age Marvel.
i just love it.
not silly, not kitschy, not funny (in the cheesy way), just great.

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