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Snark Blocker: Maris Wicks’ Wonder Woman

From the awesome Project: Rooftop Wonder Woman costume redesign contest!


I’ve spoken in the past of Maris Wicks’ snark-blocking abilities. She is neat-o!



Very cute.

I’d definitely read that book.

I like every single one of the costumes better in that contest than WW’s current. More importantly, most of the costumes suggest character rethinks that are more appealing than the current messed up version of WW.

The invisible horse makes it 31 Flavors of Awesome. I’d read this book.

Oh god, no on all of them. WW shouldn’t be wearing flat-heeled boots. She’s not your mother.

She’s also not a stripper. You people that freak out about heels on female characters scare and embarass me.

And I agree, every single one of those costumes is better than Wonder Woman’s current one. Batman’s costume is constantly tweaked (Colors, cowl, bat logo, etc.) but touch Diana’s and there will be hell to pay. All the general public knows is the WW sheild and the color scheme, iit wouldn’t be jarring to change the rest. I know, it would have to be a massive liscensing change, but if its a change for the better isn’t it worth it?

These Rooftop contests just make me so damn happy.

Wonder Woman definitely needs some new togs, and any one of those entries would fit the bill. Ming’s is probably my favorite; it feels so authentically Greek.

My feeble brain shudders to contain the potential awesomeness of a series involving a Wild West Wonder Woman riding an invisible horse. Seriously, “Greek immigrant” Diana rolls into lawless town, blocks six shooters with her bracelets, lassos a few train robbers possessed by Ares, makes out with US marshal Steve Trevor. WIN.

So strippers can only wear heels? Nice madonna complex you got there, pal.

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