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Leanna T: we’ve created a monster!

So Lee and her mom were thrilled at the response to her review. Lee started planning on some more reviews. And she even got internet at home. But mom was worried about her getting on myspace and wasting her time. So she asked me to talk to Lee, and I decided to one-up that lame site by giving her her own blog. So Leanna Reviews was born. I was going to have her contribute to her, but this is a blog with an understandably more adult voice and audience. I don’t want to have her running into cursing nerds while trying to keep her away from creepy pervs. But I hope anyone who enjoyed her reviews checks it out. I don’t want to spam CSBG too much!


Very cool, Joe!

And I fixed your link for you – the site looks good, Leanna!


Good stuff, Joe and Leanna!

I was trying to decide whether I was a cursing nerd or a creepy perv when I settled on both.

this gotta be some of the most interesting and amazing ideas I have heard in a long time. It’s just plain good at some many levels.

I´ll check her reviews as soon as they come.

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