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12/5 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

Khari Evanspenciling over Barry Kitson‘s breakdowns looks really, really nice.

we3-3_edited.jpg(Click on the links for preview pages, courtesy of Marvel.com)


Would the kindly rabbit please link we poor, uninformed paupers to an example of said visual goodness?

I guess that since Kitson’s actual work is The Order from Marvel, you’re implying that Khari Evans complete his breakdown àla “52” from DC.

The only thing is that i cumulated The Order issues until I get 5 or 6 to read them & then got an idea so your declaration made me flip through the said issues BUT i read inks by Morales & Sibal…

Altough, i was pleased & surprised to see that Marvel was abble to release so much issues in little time compared to Kitson regular absences in Legion.
No wonder when you see the poor quality of the last issues (3 & 4).

OOOOOOh, maybe you’re reffering to Issue 5 that was released today & that I don’t get yet… MY BAD!!

Still, i get this boook in the first time because of Kitson involvement, so if it’s Placebo Kitson, Fraction has to be in good shape to compensate or I’ll drop.

Aw man, now I have to buy this too! You pummeled my resistance with a simple declaration. Time to kill the wabbit…

You know, I saw those previews earlier (maybe last week?), noted the difference in art, but didn’t read the credits, and chocked (chalked?) the images up to Kitson changing his style a bit.

So, yeah, looks good. I like. Evans needs more work; The Order would be a good long-term fit, if Kitson can only do so many issues a year.

If this were an ongoing thing, I’d definitely be on board with it.

I don’t think the coloring works. It’s a little too computer-y for the linework, but that’s no fault of Evans’.

[…] 2. The folks over at CSBG dig Khari Evans pencilling over Barry Kitson layouts in this week’s issue of The Order, the best comic that Marvel is publishing right now that I can think of off the top of my head. I’m not sure I agree. I like Evans just fine, I hope he keeps getting work, and there’s nothing wrong with the art here on a purely technical level. But Kitson’s light, playfully retro style contrasted nicely with the grimmer or just generally more contemporary aspects of the setting. Imagine that DC and Marvel stop publishing superhero comics in the late 60s and then someone decides to experiment with the genre again in 2007 without the burden of Watchmen or The Dark Knight Returns or, hell, Identity Crisis: that’s what the first four issues of The Order looked like to me, and I mean that as high praise. […]

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