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Ghost of Fred Van Lente Future: Wolverine First Class!!

Now, the biggest surprise of Fred Van Lente Day – our exclusive announcement of Fred Van Lente’s new book for Marvel Comics, debuting in March 2008.

Wolverine First Class!!!


(Click on the Salvador Espín cover to enlarge)

Read on to see a discussion between Fred and I about the comic.

1. Please pitch the new series to me. What’s the high concept?

This is why God gave us solicitation copy:

Return with us again to the early days of the X-Men for all-new adventures of Wolverine and Kitty Pryde! The next generation of students has arrived at Xavier’s School — Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, and the mysterious Wolverine — and with them new teaching methods. Professor X pairs up green recruit Kitty Pryde with the been-everywhere, done-everything Logan, and neither of them are all that happy about it. But unless they learn to work together, neither of them will come back from their first mission together alive!

2. These adventures of Wolverine and Kitty are going to be “in Marvel continuity,” right?

Yes, the first eight issues are set between X-MEN #139 and #150, so right after Jean Grey’s funeral at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga and right after Kitty Pryde shows up at Xavier’s school. Cyclops has struck out on his own after Jean’s death, leaving Storm the new leader.

3. How closely did you pay attention to the older issues of Uncanny that these stories are told “in between”? Is this similar to Untold Tales of Spider-Man, or is it a lot freer than that?

I think the average fan would be shocked to learn how much time and energy Marvel puts into getting continuity 100% right. Given the number of books and creators and the history involved perfection is never achieved, but when I started working here I was somewhat stunned at how seriously continuity is taken.

In fact, Marvel has a team of four or so crack X-Perts who pour over each Wolverine First Class script and make sure every iota slides neatly “into” the X-Men era mention above. You should see the memos I get! But it’s cool, it actually has enhanced the scripts and certainly hasn’t prevented me from telling any stories I want to tell.

And it means all our First Class tales are official parts of X-Men lore, in “616” continuity, as they say, which is really exciting.

4. Who came up with the idea for the project? Was it your pitch?

From Marvel I got the title and the mandate that it was to be set during the Claremont/Byrne era. The idea to pair Wolvie with Kitty was mine. I wanted a hook to get female readers interested in the series and furthermore I thought it was a proven concept that hadn’t been done in a while– not since the Kitty Pryde and Wolverine mini in the ’80s, I don’t think.

5. What can you tell us about the artist on the project?

Salvador Espín is our wonderful cover artist and Andrea Devito of Dan Slott’s Thing fame is handling interiors. I was absolutely blown away by Andrea’s work on Priest’s Captain America and the Falcon series and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with him for the first time.

6. Is this the first time you’ve written either Kitty Pryde or Wolverine in a comic?

It is, actually, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s fun to deal with Wolverine this early in his career — at least his publishing career, before he became such a Marvel mainstay. He’s still a “bad boy,” on the fringes of society, even on the fringes of the X-Men, uncomfortable being a team player — and now he’s stuck with a 13 year old girl partner, which makes for some pretty awesome scenes.

Dare I make a comparison to The Professional…?

7. How would you describe the tone of the book – is it lighter than standard X-Men fare?

The stories are very character-driven, about the growing relationship between Kitty and Logan, and that can be light or dark, depending on the circumstances. Tagging along with Wolverine can expose a 13 year old girl to a lot more than her maturity level should be able handle but by the same token Kitty’s presence prevents Wolverine from being grim-and-gritty 24/7.

Story continues below

The analogy I used in my pitch was that Kitty is to Logan what Robin is to Batman — a humanizing factor.

8. How much will the other X-Men characters have a role in the new series?

Very minimal. Almost none. The “high concept” of the book is that Professor X is sending Wolverine off on solo missions and making him take Kitty along for the ride, so she can learn how to be a hero from his wealth of experience. She’s like his intern. Which of course both Logan and Kitty think is completely insane.

But Professor Xavier is crazy like a fox. He has an ulterior motive for sticking them together…and therein lies our first story.

Oh, and Kitty’s growing feelings for Colossus play a pretty important sub-plot role too.

9. Are you going to be sticking to the X-Men brand of characters, or will you be using the Marvel Universe as a whole?

I actually am trying to avoid, avoid, avoid the usual X-gang so I can stick Logan and Kitty in interesting and different situations with characters you wouldn’t think of associating them with.

Nevertheless, we will see Mariko Yashida, Siryn, Dazzler, Alpha Flight (all stalwarts from this X-Era), and Sabretooth, because I think Sabretooth has a clause in his contract that mandates he must appear early on in any Wolverine title.

10. Can you tell us what villains they’ll be facing? How many of them will be new villains?

I mentioned Sabretooth. The High Evolutionary and his New Men pop up — and where they roam, can the fearsome Man-Beast be far behind?

Does anyone miss the Soviet Super-Soldiers? I know I do. Worst part of the Berlin Wall coming down, you ask me.

In addition, there will be new villains — at least two I can think of off the top of my head, including one introduced in our first issue.

But for more info, as my Herc homie Greg Pak likes to say, “All will be revealed in the fullness of time.”

11. Will the title be told in arcs, or is it more of a “series of done-in-ones”?


12. How far ahead have you planned the series?

I’ve already plotted out to #8.

That should about do it. Feel free to add any other info you want about the project!

#1 ships in March ’08! Woo-woo!


Ew. That cover disturbs me. Isn’t Kitty like 13 in that continuity? She’s rather more…um…”grown up” looking than the Kitty from the Claremont era I remember reading! I hope whoever drew that isn’t drawing the interiors.

A Kitty and Wolvie book? Quasi set in continuity? In the X-Men: First Class style?

I demand the arch enemy feud I wanted when I was 8 and got sick of Wolverine fighting guys with swords for hands and ninjas and not Stilt Man or Graviton. Wolverine vs Doc Ock.

This is the best holiday since … oh wait, we’re right in the middle of Hanukkah? Nevermind.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

December 6, 2007 at 3:19 pm

Uncanny – no pun intended. It’s almost like they reached into my mind and pulled out the very last comic book I would ever want to read.

Does anyone want to see this book? Am I that far out of step with my fellow comic fans?

Feel free to call me crummy names. I’m a grouchy old man.

I hate to break it to Mr. van Lente on his day, and as much as I love her, but Dazzler was not a “stalwart” during this era. She debuted in that issue of X-Men (what was it, #130?) and the went off on her own series for a long time. I think the next time she actually showed up in Uncanny was #214. So I like that he’s using her, but it’s not because she was a big deal in the X-Men, but because he likes her. And that’s cool. And Siryn? Did she even exist back then?

Siryn debuted a couple of months after Uncanny X-Men #139, but in her first appearance, she had already been active for awhile.

That is not a thirteen-year-old Kitty on the cover. The breast is wrong, very wrong.

One thing….

> In fact, Marvel has a team of four or so crack X-Perts who pour over each Wolverine First Class script and make sure every iota slides neatly “into” the X-Men era mention above. You should see the memos I get! But it’s cool, it actually has enhanced the scripts and certainly hasn’t prevented me from telling any stories I want to tell.

And yet, this meant to be set in the era of Wolverine’s brown’n’tan costume :p

Wolverine changes his costume mid-way through Uncanny X-men #139, right?

So so long as his costume is the brown-and-tan for the SECOND issue, they should be fine, continuity-wise.

Oh Lord yes. We’ve needed Classic Logan back for so long. Thank you thank you thank you.

I agree that the cover makes Kitty look like she’s in her early 20s or something. Whoops! Well, maybe they’ll fix that… and Logan’s costume.

Unless, of course, it’s just symbolic or something. I don’t agree that Marvel’s been very good about continuity the last few years, though. The stuff they’ve shoehorned into the past just doesn’t fit with the characters.

One desperate imploration to Fred: PLEASE don’t reference the recent spate of ghastly retcons, like Illuminati, or the depressing/crappy Wolverine Origins stuff, or Romulus, or whatever here. PLEASE keep Logan the honorable, good-man-who-struggles-with-his-dark-side, follows-Japanese-path-of-honor Logan from the actual period. I’ve missed him.


This looks more akin to the book I wanted Wolverine: Origins to be. With Fred Van Lente writing it, and assuming he stays far away from…ohhhh I’d say everything they’ve tried to retcon into Wolverine’s past in the last twenty years, it should be groovy. I’d like to give it a shot.

Wow! This looks awesome! Count me in.

I think it’s creepier that you guys are checking out a 13 year old’s boobs so closely!


I would almost be interested in this if it was Kitty Pryde and…anyone else really. I like Kitty Pryde but marvel Wolverine’d me to death in the 90s. I’m just bored with him.


haha. great catch on that costume. yeah marvel doesn’t let a thing slip. he wore brown from the beginning of #139. if marvel has four “x-perts” who make sure everything fits with continuity, they’re all doing a terrible job, and this costume thing is a glaring example.

also, having just read 139-150, the entire idea of this series seems entirely at odds with anything the professor would have done. all that, plus it looks like exactly the type of stories marvel shouldn’t be telling. and the kind quesada supposedly put a stop to years ago.

also, why on earth would they have a cover artist so far inferior to the guy doing the interiors? this boggles the mind from top to bottom.

Wow, I didn’t think this was possible- a Wolverine comic I am looking forward to. I always enjoyed his father/big brother type relationship with Kitty and their relationship was one of my favorite aspects of the Claremont-era X-Men. This should be worth it just for the trip down memory lane, if nothing else…

About Wolvie’s costume:

My bad, I contradicted myself in the interview. I said both that the series takes place between #139 and #150 _and_ that it takes place between Jean Grey’s funeral and Cyclops’ return, which are not the same thing.

The latter statement is the more accurate one.

Jean’s funeral and Kitty’s arrival at the school both occur in #138 and Wolvie, as Brian pointed out, doesn’t get the brown costume until #139.

Wolverine First Class #1 takes place between #138 and #139, so our cover has got the right costume for him.

Like I said: we’re trying our darnedest to get the continuity right on this one.

he wore brown from the beginning of #139.

He debuts his brown costume in #139, yes, but that does not mean that the first issue of First Class is not set before he debuts the costume.

All the #139-150 thing means is that the issues are done in the time when Cyclops was not with the team, that’s all.

If Wolverine is not soon in the brown costume, then yes, it is a continuity snafu.

Hate it. Hate the idea, hate filling in gaps that don’t need filled in (or aren’t there).

A Wolvie-Nightcrawler book would be a heckuva lot better, and wouldn’t need to be set in the past either. NOT that I want another Wolvie book…

And where’d Kitty get that rack??? Is this the storyline where she gets a massive boob-job and ends with Wolvie cutting them back off…?

Yeah, that is a good point about Kitty Pryde’s breasts.

(Do you ever say something so nerdy you make yourself depressed?)

But it IS a good point.

I guess Kitty’s breasts are ‘off-model’, so to speak, but I think the more interesting thing to take out of this story is THE WRITER OF ACTION PHILOSOPHERS AND THE ARTIST OF THE THING TEAMING UP FOR AN ONGOING SERIES SET DURING THE X-MEN’S GLORY YEARS! WOOOOOOO!

Ahem. Just looks like a good series, is all.

how much could you sell those for?

I think it’s creepier that you guys are checking out a 13 year old’s boobs so closely!

You really don’t have to look very closely.

I’m surprised by the negativity, this sounds vastly more interesting than Wolverine and Wolverine Origins.

Why does anybody ever draw Wolverine’s claws longer than his forearm?

Fred, I hope you’re not planning to sleep much in 2008.

Why does anybody ever draw Wolverine’s claws longer than his forearm?

Dang yo, that’s like my biggest pet peeve.

The implication in #139 is that he’s had the new costume for a short while at that point – long enough for Kurt’s curiousity as to the reason for it to have become an “I’ve been meaning to ask…”

The obvious implication is that he torched the yellow suit after Phoenix died and got a new one that wouldn’t remind him of her.

I included a panel in that, but it’s been stripped out, so here’s the link: http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s160/antmanvillains/WBnT139.jpg

I gotcha, Somebody.

You’re right, except Fred has already explained he mistakenly said “139” when he meant “138.”

As you know, there was an extended time gap between #138 and #139, and that appears to be where Van Lente is basing his first story.

If Wolverine does not change his costume after a few issues, then yeah, it is most likely a continuity error. But that will not be the case, I am sure, as Fred himself notes.


Oh, you can put Wolverine in neon pink and green and if he’s classic heroic Wolvie I’ll buy it, Fred. :) (That costume would burn my eyes out, but I’d get someone to read me the stories…)

Just please get him back to the “heroic path of honor/struggles with his rage/fights to embrace his humanity” Logan I remember…


Wouldn’t this be better if it was out of continuity like the all star series so we don’t have to worry about continuity or anything and just tell the story?

Sadly, me, being “in continuity” is a huge marketing draw.

Most fans want to know that the story “counts.” I know that sounds absurd (heck, it IS absurd), but that’s the fact of the matter, and it is why Marvel has to stress that these stories “really happened.”

Yeah but regardless of these stories being in continuity, they won’t and can’t really have any impact as any long-term implications would have already been seen or felt in the main books in the years since these new stories are set. What a massive waste of time! I give it 12 issues tops!

The only reason X-Men:First Class works is because it’s currently the only place where you can read about the original 5 X-Men. Why do we need another book showcasing Wolverine with Kitty when we can get that in Astonishing X-Men?

Why do we need another book showcasing Wolverine with Kitty when we can get that in Astonishing X-Men?

Hehe…come back to me after Giant-Sized Astonishing X-Men #1. ;)

So what happens after #8?

Assuming we get to that point.

Too many nay sayers out there!

This book has the makings to be great!! I’ve been hoping for a Marvel Adventures: X-Men book and this sounds pretty darn close.

I’ve read some of the MA stuff that Fred Van Lente wrote and thoroughly enjoyed it. Furthermore, his Super Villain Team Up: MODOK’s 11 was one of the best limited series released this year! Top that off with Andrea Devito’s beautiful artwork, and you’ve got a winning combination!

My son loves comics and loves the MA titles and X-Men First Class. I know that he will love this one as well, considering how much he loves Wolvie and Kitty. I see this comic as something fun for adult fans to get into, telling incontinuity stories from a modern classic era, and a great way for younger fans of X-Men to get into a comic of them without it being too heavy or confusing to them.

Good job, Fred…keep it coming. I can guarantee you I will be buying two copies every month (for me and my son).

Wasn’t Xavier’s whole point to Wolverine joining the X-Men rather than stay with Alpha Flight was that he could come and go as he pleased, that Xavier wouldn’t be sending him on missions all the time?

Why can’t this creative team be working on Wolverine NOW so maybe we can get some decent story arcs for a change?

Looks like it’ll be fun. Van Lente’s Marvel Adventures stuff is great, and a straight-up superhero comic starring Wolverine that’s aimed at an all-ages audience is a no-brainer.

Whoever said X-Men First Class only works because it’s the only place to read about the original X-Men is wrong. It also works because it’s the only current X-Title that you can hand to any kid and they can immediately follow what’s going on, and there’s nothing in there that’s inappropriate for them.

I’ve always loved the Kitty/Wolverine mentor/student relationship.

Sign me up!

Do we really need another Wolverine book? I mean we’ve got 2 solo series, New Avengers, most of the current X books, X-Force coming up, not to mention more that I probably haven’t remembered. I used to like the character but over exposure is a killer and he’s just about dead.

I have no interest in this book. It was awful the first time around. I read it when I was twenty and I thought Kitty was annoying.

If you really want to hook in female readers, pair up Wolverine with Nightcrawler! That is the best and the most underused friendship in the Marvel Universe!

Oh yes! I forgot to mention. I am a female reader.

Not gonna say this can’t be good, but like neling, I had really been hoping for this kind of focus on the Wolverine/Nightcrawler connection instead, after all this time. As neling said, it’s way more underused and, to me, far more interesting, more multi-faceted and complicated. I was never particularly interested in the dynamic between Logan and his young girls. As soon as you put a father figure and a young girl together, the roles are so…set.

I’ll give it a look, though.

Do we really need another Wolverine book? I mean we’ve got 2 solo series, New Avengers, most of the current X books, X-Force coming up, not to mention more that I probably haven’t remembered. I used to like the character but over exposure is a killer and he’s just about dead.

He’s not overexposed to me. Those books suck and I don’t read them.

If you really want to hook in female readers, pair up Wolverine with Nightcrawler! That is the best and the most underused friendship in the Marvel Universe!

Although I’m not female, I certainly wouldn’t say “no” to that book!

[quote]I’m surprised by the negativity, this sounds vastly more interesting than Wolverine and Wolverine Origins [\quote]

But it sounds less interesting than Wolverine Origins sounded before it came out.

I’ve not been interested in First Class at all, partly because I’m not part of the hip young audience the book was supposedly aimed at, and partly because I didn’t like the books aimed at the hip young audience when I was in it.

And seriously, that’s an inappropriate rendering of Kitty Pryde, period. I think even now that she’s gone through puberty, she’s still not that chesty. Let’s hope Wolverine and her have a heart-to-heart about wearing the proper support when in uniform…

And I think the problem with Wolverine’s claws being longer than his forearms is just because of the perspective in the picture, and I second not including any retcons from Origins.

That is all I have to say about that.

I can’t believe everyone believe’s this comic is real. It’s just a what if fan picture. right? Seriously.

What a glorious Van Lente Day! I’m amazed to be eagerly anticipating a Wolverine title, but I am!

I don’t understand why Mr. Van Lente thinks this will draw in female readers. This kind of story has never drawn me in. Here I am, a loyal female reader of many years, reading all the little scraps of Nightcrawler I can get, hoping for a Wolverine/Nightcrawler mini-series that would focus on their friendship, and what do I get?

A rehash of a story I disliked twenty years ago.

Eric Oliphant!

You think this is just a joke? I hope to goodness you are correct!

If that`s the idea that Marvel comes up with to attract female readers,than they are very far off base.As an adult female reader of many Wolverine comics I cannot see another Logan and Kitty comic as anything but pandering to the young male readers myself.

I would much rather see the long term friendship of Logan and Kurt explored,and not another questionable older man-young hottie tale.Marvel has long ignored friendship in thier comics,and the comics have suffered for it.

This is not what female readers want,as far as I can tell by talking to many of them.We want deep,meaningful ADULT relationships that focus on canon,continuity and character development.And yes,friendship between male characters.It can be done Marvel.

I’ve got to say, yeah, I can’t imagine even many little girls wanting to read a comic book about Wolverine’s cute teen sidekick. A book where Wolverine tried to work out a relationship with an adult woman, or about Wolverine hanging around with another hot slashable guy (like Nightcrawler) is going to generate way more interest.

This said, I’m pretty interested in this simply because I loved some of Van Lente’s other books, and I adored Andrea DiVito’s artwork on the Thing comics. I’ll probably read it in the same headspace where I enjoy stuff like Marvel Adventures Avengers, with a taste for light and kid-friendly action.

Fred: “I was absolutely blown away by Andrea’s work on Priest’s Captain America and the Falcon series and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with him for the first time.”

It’s odd to reference that series, as Andrea only did one issue. But Andrea is a fantastic artist.

Around the same time, Andrea Devito (or Divito) was doing a great job handling the Avengers Disassembled arc of Thor written by Michael Avon Oeming. To me, that was more noteworthy and impressive.

Regardless, he’s a great artist. No slight against Salvador Espin but too bad they aren’t letting Andrea do the covers, too.

Man, who knew the female readers wanted some X-Men yaoi pr0n? :P

As for attracting female readers, I don’t know about that, but I say it’s a better effort than DC’s sad campaign to market Paris Hilt…er, I mean Supergirl as their “female reader friendly” heroine…

And I hope and pray that the blogosphere’s guesses about who buys it in Giant Size X-Men #1 turns out to just be conjecture, because if she buys it, I give up comics. Seriously…

I have to agree w/Bug’s comment…. as much as I do enjoy the two current Wolverine books we don’t need a 3rd. That’s total overkill!

I’m tempted to wish the book were NOT in continuity, or rather were in Marvel Adventures continuity, or such, but for the OPPOSITE reason many people feel — I dislike the current Marvel Universe so much that I’d like to see this book and X-Men First Class be part of a kind of “new Marvel Universe” which doesn’t have the last several years of Big Depressing Events (which form the backdrop to everything in it) — a more heroic place than the current 616 universe has become.

If Marvel would combine the Marvel Adventures line, X-Men First Class, this wonderful new series I am eager for, and possibly the new Power Pack books, all into one new universe with its own continuity, and with endless new possibilities for how things might develop (for instance, the Jean in X-Men First Class might never be destined to become Phoenix, or die — the Scarlet Witch we saw there might never lead to Disassembled — and so on), I would buy every book in the line. Kind of like the opposite of the “mature but really dark” Ultimate line. It could be friendly to kids AND enjoyable by adults who like this sort of thing, with more continuity than the Marvel Adventures line has. (I’ve noticed a lot of adult readers love MA, and I have become one of them — but one criticism some have is that all stories are “done in one” and that there isn’t any clear continuity there. What I think we all love is the heroism which is lacking in the present 616 MU, and the comparatively more upbeat world — but really it’s just a step away from what “mainstream Marvel” used to be in the 1970s and 1980s, and perhaps two steps away from some books from just a few years ago.)

Regardless, I am eager for this series. :)

“I have to agree w/Bug’s comment…. as much as I do enjoy the two current Wolverine books we don’t need a 3rd. That’s total overkill!”

See, I need a third because I don’t enjoy, and therefore am not buying, the other Wolverine books. :)

This sounds fun, and I like how Van Lente is focusing on some of the more peripheral elements of the mutant mythos, rather than simply “Claremont Revisited.”

C’mon — RollerDisco Sprite with RollerDisco Dazzler and Wolverine? The SOVIET SUPER-SOLDIERS?! Oh, Darkstar, My Darkstar!

I think it’ll be a great way to get to the basics of Wolverine and Kitty, while touching on a lot of Characters and stories CC himself didn’t really touch upon. No Brood, no Storm drama, and not too much of the X-Men themselves from that period.

I think it’s a fantastic angle, and will hopefully make for some great stories! Count me in, for sure!

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

December 7, 2007 at 1:25 pm

“I have no interest in this book. It was awful the first time around. I read it when I was twenty and I thought Kitty was annoying.” – neling

Oh, thank God. I thought I was alone.

Female reader ahoy!

I will give this book a shot, but I can’t say I have high hopes of 13-year-old Kitty being written as anything other than 20-year-old Kitty who’s a little more whiney and sniffley.

And also, I think it’s REALLY REALLY STRANGE to say “oh, part of reason why I picked Wolverine and Kitty was to attract female readers!” Dude, I never ever liked Wolverine until I started reading X-men for OTHER characters. There are definitely girls who love him! And now I do like him as well. But I remember utterly despising him before I got into other characters. He’s not easily accessible for girls, especially younger female readers. Kitty, though one can argue for her mary-sue-ness, is a good hook for girls, but seriously – pairing her up with a more accessible man would make loads more sense.

I also think the premise of the book would work better if it were Wolverine and Jubilee. Sure Kitty was his first X-daughter, but Kitty was never, ever as dependent on Wolverine the way Jubilee was. Plus, the rest of the team was like Kitty’s family also, especially Ororo. Jubilee was exclusively Wolvie’s girl!

And also as a fangirl, I’d take my hat off for a Wolverine/Nightcrawler series, especially if it took place in that age.

But what I’d REALLY like to see would be a “first class” like book for the Second Genesis team. That would rock! You’ve picked an age of gold – why on earth would you focus on only two characters?? It was the entire team that gave it that awesome dynamic. It’s time they had some respect.

Razor Claw Nelson

December 8, 2007 at 2:21 am

The title makes me really want to hate and avoid it, but after reading the whole thing here, it sounds kinda clever. ALTHOUGH….Wolverine paired up with Kitty? What kind of teacher would pair up a 13 year old girl with a guy that looks or acts like Wolverine? It also seems to go against the Xavier of that era.

But I’m not really all that bothered. I just kinda wonder why everyone thinks that cover shows how the duo will be shown through the series. And how someone could possibly make a book similar to First Class, but include characters like Sabretooth.

Oh whatever next? Wolverine meets the Easter Bunny? Wolverine and Witchblade? oh wait..they did the last one.

Wolverine and Nightcrawler?

Oh well…what does Marvel care about readers who have been loyally reading this stuff for twenty years or more?

I’ll just re-read Dave Cockrum’s Nightcrawler mini-series and save that $2.99.

Oh well…what does Marvel care about readers who have been loyally reading this stuff for twenty years or more?

I think they care, in the sense that those types are most likely to buy the books, regardless of quality of style.

Is there really a big call out there for a Wolverine and Nightcrawler series? What’s that about? I mean, they’re both great characters when done right, and I’d probably buy it, but I didn’t know there was such a groundswell of support for it. Is this like some internet phenomenon I’ve missed out on? I’m genuinely curious.

I think it’s just that female X-Men fans tend to really, really love Nightcrawler, and not a whole lot has been done with him in the past ten years or so. Ultimate Nightcrawler in particular displeased a lot of the female fanbase, since he’s perceived as being a jerk. The Nightcrawler from the X-Men: Evolution cartoon and the movies went over well, though.

Oh, cool. Is there a particular reason they want a Wolverine/Nightcrawler series, or is it just that some female readers want to read a Nightcrawler series and don’t care who co-stars?

Ultimate Nightcrawler displeased me as well. That was the last straw with that title for me. You know who wouldn’t have written a story like that annual where Nightcrawler goes crazy? Fred Van Lente! And now we get to see him write Wolverine and Kitty at the height of their respective popularity! WOOOOOO!

I think it’s just that female X-Men fans tend to really, really love Nightcrawler, and not a whole lot has been done with him in the past ten years or so.

Bingo. Really, not much else goin’ on if you’re a female X-fan…Wolverine has too much chest hair, Cyclops is a stick (until he’s in a relationship, at which point he becomes a really creepy stick) and Beast, while entirely romantic in theory, is too much of a stretch in reality.

So it’s Nightcrawler…or Gambit. They’re both all sensitive and have exotic accents and stuff, but liking Nightcrawler means you can respect yourself in the morning.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand: I like the idea a lot, on condition that Wolverine is not limited to constantly being the fall guy for precocious sitcom kid antics. If it’s possible to use the word ‘sensitive’ in this context, the relationship could be a lot of unexpected fun.

I’m a Nightcrawler fan, but I’m not wishing for a Wolverine/Nightcrawler mini/arc for the sake of further development for Nightcrawler – I think a story focusing solely on him would be better for that. I just really enjoy the connection between those two. They’re perfect foils for each other, they have a lot of history together and their friendship is at once odd and perfectly logical – I think it says more about Logan’s willingness to be a better man than any other of his relationship, the ones between him and his surrogate daughters included.

It also brings up some interesting questions – like why Nightcrawler would want to be best friends with Logan, of all people?
Over the years, he has never even wavered in his devotion, while Logan, quite frankly, has a pretty pitiful track record of returning the favor (I think he’s been there for most other X-men more than he has for Kurt).
I’m not willing to chalk it up to “Well, Kurt’s just that swell of a guy”, because that’s just lazy. I want to know WHY Kurt likes Logan so much when he’s surrounded by people who could probably do a better job in the friendship department, clash less ideologically and without the risk of getting him killed to boot.
So what is that connection that keeps Kurt coming back? What does he see in Logan? Does he know/guess just how violent Logan can be and, if not, would knowing change matters? In Wolverine #140, he told Logan that he sometimes felt as if he didn’t even know him. In Rucka’s Wolverine #6, he promised, that if Logan went mad, he’d die trying to stop him. (This was, of course, later conveniently ignored by Millar – when Logan was brainwashed by Hydra and attacked the X-mansion, Kurt was nowhere to be seen!)

Just saying – Nightcrawler fan or not – there’s story material there and given how much we see of Logan, it’s absolutely ridiculous how neglected this friendship has been. I don’t need a mini or ongoing with the two, per se – I just want the relationship to be used. Be it in Uncanny or the Wolverine title or anywhere else.

1. Perhaps it will turn out that Kitty stuck “falsies” in her bra to attract Piotr.

2. I was going to complain that the list of team 2 left out Banshee, but I checked and he left the X-Men with #129.

3. Speaking of crappy retcons, I’m glad that the solicitation copy was written as if the execrable “Deadly Genesis” retcon never existed.

4. Vincent Paul Bartilucci — I’m 53 years old. If you’re another fan young enough to be my kid who is complaining about being old, don’t expect any sympathy from me. ;-)

5. I love “X-Men: First Class”. Not only are our heroes allowed to be heroes, but it’s funny. (Pity the Scott who successfully took on a Sentinel even without his powers in XMFC #6 grew up to be the twit who expected the New X-Men to follow his order after he blasted Rockslide and is sending a squad to kill a person — if necessary — when he can’t be sure that person is guilty.) Sure, he and his teammates tended to obey their teacher when they were teans, but Xavier had their love, trust, and respect. I don’t think the current students feel any of those things for Scott. Yes, David, I agree that it would be nice to have the Marvel Adventure books, Power Pack mini-series, and XMFC in a separate continuity readers may enjoy without being depressed about the present-day stories.

6. Aside from Prof. X, Nightcrawler is the only reason this female fan still reads “Uncanny”. I thought Beast was cute (my first “X-Men” v.1 was #47 and my last, until 2003, was #138), until that dreadful story that made him blue and furry. Perhaps we’ll get to see some good Logan-Kurt scenes in this book. I’m not a fan of Logan or Kitty, but I am a fan of stories that don’t turn heroes into villians in all but name or are crossovers that derail stories & relationships I’m already interested in.

I suppose Kitty is in this to attract teen female readers.
Well, “Cable & Deadpool” and “X-Factor” v.3 became two of my favorite comics even though I didn’t care about any of the characters when I first started reading them. I guess I’ll give this one a try.

[…] * El murciano Salva Espín es uno del os más recientes fichajes españoles de Marvel, que se encargará de dibujar la miniserie World War Hulk Aftermash: Damage Crontrol (tres números con guión de Dwayne McDuffie). Y de momento se lleva piropos, como los del guionista Greg Pak, que dice que su trabajo " is simply gorgeous", y parece que en Marvel están contentos con su trabajo, porque también le han encargado las portadas de la miniserie Wolverine: first class. Enlaces: Galería de Salva Espín en MurciaCómic y en Ui ar de japis. […]

[…] En Marzo del año que viene se estrenará una nueva serie de Lobezno, Wolverine First Class. Al igual que su serie madre (X-Men First Class) ésta estará situada en los viejos tiempos de la Patrulla-X, los 8 números (podrían continuarse o no) más concretamente entre el Uncanny X-Men #139 y #150. Es decir, estaremos presentes en los primeros días de Kitty Pride en la mansión (que también será una parte importante de la serie) y de la ausencia de Jean Grey, tras su muerte en la saga de Fénix Oscura. El equipo creativo está compuesto por Fred Van Lente (guión) y Andrea DiVito (dibujo), Salvador Espín se encargará de las portadas. Como no, si son historias contadas en un ambiente clásico, los supervillanos que aparezcan también deber ser clásicos: Dientes de Sable, Alto Evolucionador y los Supersoldados soviéticos. Fuente: Comic Book Resources Origins 23 Y, por últimooooo: Cita: […]

I just picked up XMFC number 9 today.

And the cover got changed.
Kitty looks better, less of a chest.

Personaly…I say **** the continuatiy.
I care about the comics being fun and entertaining.
If I want a huge series, I will go read the Star Wars comics,books, and games.

This looks like it will be fun. ^.^

i prefer the newer generation Wolverine, so this is good news to me

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[…] pointless Wolverine title (Wolverine: Origins) apparently wasn’t enough, it looks like Marvel will shortly be launching a second come March ’08. Apparently in the spirit of the surprisingly good X-Men: First Class, the new […]

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