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Cool Comic Cover Gallery 12/13

This week, the featured artist is Jock.

So enjoy ten cool comic covers by a cool comic cover artist, Jock!








Please note that part of this bit is that I try to be as diverse as possible with the different titles. Otherwise, I would probably just use all Losers covers, as Jock is so awesome on them.

Still, I couldn’t pick JUST one, so instead, enjoy this tasty twosome – the covers of the first AND the last issue of Losers.



Cool, huh?

Which one is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite Jock cover that you think I should have put in the gallery instead of one of these ten?

What artists would you like to see featured in the future?

Let me know!


The Scalped and 2000AD ones are my LEAST favourite. Picking the best of the lot is harder though…

Possibly a toss-up between the Catwoman and Nighwing ones – brilliant stuff.

(Psst – any “Judging Books by their Covers” coming up?)

The Nightwing one is awesome. More artists should play with space like that.

The Green Arrow Year One cover. It’s a thing of beauty. You can just feel the salty sea and GA’s reflection on the water surface creates an arrow, brilliant use of foreboding.

My mistake. The shadow creates the number 1 actually. I always thought it looked like an arrow.

It bears repeating: that Nightwing cover is awesome.

I did not use it, because it was too similar to the Nightwing and the Catwoman cover, but if you like those two (as well you should), then you’ll most likely dig this Batman cover Jock did…


Oh yeah – nice!

Yeah, the space covers are great: Catwoman, Nightwing and the added Batman.

Green Arrow is nice too.

The Nightwing cover is great. Too bad that people enticed by it would be reading pure crap.

Still, pretty cover. :)

The Nightwing one is utterly beautiful. I think I own it, (much to my shame, the story was craptacular).

Loved the Batman cover you posted above. That’s Batman!

And the title always gives me chills.

Great use of nagative space. Also like his Scalped cover. The thing is, he is great at ineriors as well!

Gonna have to go with (unposted) FAKER #2 on this one:

Otherwise, GA:Y1, for sure.

Yeah, when they each came out, GarBut, that Faker cover was the highest ranked one in my Judging Books By Their Covers.

I dunno why it didn’t strike me as much this time around.

The cover to Batman #648 used to be my desktop background. It looks so good without the trade dress and extra crap obscuring it.

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