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Top Five Bill Sienkiewicz Dazzler Covers

Today’s top five was originally going to be just the top five Dazzler covers, but then I realized that it is basically the same thing, so here you go! The top five Bill Sienkiewicz covers for Dazzler!


5. 2596_4_34.jpg

This one is a bit of a cliche, but Sienkiewicz pulls it off beautifully.

4. 2596_4_29.jpg

Here is a more unique idea, but also one more drab in appearance.

3. 2596_4_32.jpg

I love it when Sienkiewicz plays with perspective and generally accepted cover layouts – he’s a wonder, even when (like this cover) he is working extremely controlled.

2. 2596_4_33.jpg

Classic 80s pop culture parody/reference.

1. 2596_4_28.jpg

As good as the others are, none of them touch this one, which was one of his first covers, where he expertly captures the beauty and contemporary feel of Dazzler.

Okay, that’s the top five!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

Happy Birthday, Ben!


i just wish that the interiors were by Sienkiewicz. :(

Seconded! My favorite is the “Dazzler: Sounds of Light and Fury” one. Doesn’t have much in terms of background, but the record cover is spot on.

Love the “Chiller” one as well.

This post requires a NEW MUTANTS sequel!

Nice one! Of course, you have to add in the “Dazzler: The Movie” DN cover too. Here’s a link:


Some of the Chadwick covers at the end were pretty nice. Nothing like Sienkiewicz’s, but still.

These covers are like those epic movie posters we used to get back in the day. They give me that feeling of when I used to ride the subway just waiting to pass by the next station and catch a glimpse of the new posters. Sienkiewicz is awesome. Glad I can appreciate his art now because I hated it when I was a kid.

I definitely second the New Mutants request. BS had some great covers during his run.

Does anybody know *why* Marvel put one of their top notch, hot artists on the covers of a title they otherwise didn’t seem to give a damn about?

I third the New Mutants suggestion and trump with a Moon Knight request. Now THOSE were some awesome covers by Bill.

Pound for pound, I think NEW MUTANTS were the better covers (by comparison to MOON KNIGHT and DAZZLER), though it’s possible one of the others would win for best single cover. I know my opinion is 100% free of bias because those NEW MUTANTS comics, proper, were average-at-best storywise (BS interiors notwithstanding). The fact that I can still love the cover speaks to their accomplishment.

I wish we still got Sienkiewicz covers on random superhero comics.


I’m not sure if you just made my day…or ruined it. A damn fine idea, as well as a wish that will never come true.

Yay, Ben!

I really love the “Chiller” cover. SO dated, but I love it.

As is the case when Bill S-Man (I know I’ll misspell it anyway) gets brought up here, I’m throwing in another vote for more coverage. More New Mutants, more Moon Knight… more anything of his!

New Mutants Classic V3 on the runway for 23rd April 2008 featuring NM 18-25 and Annual 1 for some classic Bill S stuff.


I thought BS still did the random cover. Didn’t he just do a (not so great) Flash cover recently?

Oh, yay!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, BC!

Aw, the rest of my comment was cut off! In short: LOVE Dazzler 28, and also love Sienkiewicz’s non-painted Dazz covers too (from earlier in the run).

Dazz #27 is another fave. The only one I disliked was Dazz #30… LOL @ Ralph Maccio on a cover. SAN DIEGO.

Nice. I don’t think I’ve seen all of these.


You probably didn’t know this about Bill S, but he was one of the biggest Dazzler fans at Marvel at the time it was published. In fact, he drew a page in Dazzler 30, the fug cover with Ralph Macchio’s mug. I suspect the covers were just assignments to keep Bill happy since he was their biggest artist at the time over there.

Well, I’ll disagree with the “average-at-best” assessment of Claremont’ & Sienkiewicz’s New Mutants stories. “Demon Bear” and the Legion story are among my favorite comics ever. The Cloak & Dagger story and mutant gladiators business were fairly standard, I’ll grant you, although rendered gorgeously.

Thank you for posting these, Brian! I’m a huge Sienkiewicz fan, but haven’t seen most of these covers.

Sienkiewicz is a master, but I can’t help but laugh at how the horrible logo distracts from his gorgeous artwork. Ah, the eighties…

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