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Judging (Marvel’s February) Books By Their Covers

Marvel’s February solicits have been up for so long that March is right around the bend, but now I’m finally going to make some prejudgments based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgments, don’t we?).

Let’s begin!

This is a really clever cover approach – Marko Djurdjevic painting over Oliivier Coipel’s pencils.

I am eagerly awaiting this issue to see if Marko can do as well as Jelena did on her interior work on Iron Fist Annual #1.

Nice, solid cover for Tony Harris’ new Spider-Man mini-series.

I like the use of floating heads to get across the plot of the book.

I can’t be the only one who saw this Karl Kesel cover and did a double-take, can I?

Kesel seems to be doing a total vibe on his former art partner, the late, great Mike Wieringo, to an extraordinary degree.

In any event, it is a nice cover.

Not a fan of this Greg Land cover – I understand that bullets are not supposed to hurt She-Hulk, but if Land’s intention is to show off how useless bullets are by not having She-Hulk even react to them, then

A. I think he’s overestimating her powers


B. I think he’s misjudging how such a scene appears – it doesn’t look as striking as he may have planned – it is way more static than I think was his intent (or rather, what one’s intent would be if he/she set up a cover in this manner).


This storyline has been going on for so long that it feels like the first part predated Del Shannon’s “Runaway.”

Nice Jo Chen cover.

It would be interesting to see Chen do some interiors.

Strong Oeming cover for this Powers Annual.



First off, Mike Deodato does a decent job with this Punisher vs. a whale cover…

but he is bested by John Watson, who bring a real classical feel to his cover…

This cover reminded me of some early American paintings, and how they basically had to GUESS what whales, sharks, etc. looked like, because no one ever got a good look at them.

There’s this one classic painting with a shark with a NOSE!

Nice Alex Maleev cover for an issue celebrating the victims of the Punisher…


Surprisingly drab Farel Dalrymple cover.

Not a lot going on here.

Nice layout by Nic Klein for this New Warriors cover.

By the by, might I add how absurd it is how long readers had to wait to find out who the characters in New Warriors WERE?

Why is Nova standing on a brain?

I kid, Nic Klein! I kid!

Still, the end result is a bit stiff – which is odd for Klein, who usually is as fluid as his cohort, Marko Djurdjevic.

Reasonable enough Doom cover by Mark Bagley.

Is this his last Marvel work for awhile?

Yet again, I do NOT want to know where Greg Horn got the photo reference for this cover.


Nice Rockwell homage by Arthur Suydam, but I don’t get the cover concept.


There really is a limit to what one can do with covers for Dorian Gray, so I will gladly cut Gerald Parel (who I love) some slack with the relative blandness of this cover.


Dave Wilkins’ Cap kicks so much ass that he is trying to kick through the cover!

That is pretty badass.

Nice Defenders reunion by Juan Santacruz for this cover.

I like the way writer Paul Benjamin has slowly introduced these characters before he made them as a group.

Nice energy on this Tom Grummett cover.

Definitely a cute idea.

Fairly blase cover by Leonard Kirk.

Most of them barely seem interested in the cover shot.

Standard enough cover by Kyle Hotz.



Gotta hand it to Fred Van Lente – the silver and crimson armor?


How long do you think Marvel thought they were going to have Iron Man have this color armor when the move was made?

Nice Francis Tsai cover.

I love when Dave Finch pulls back a bit with the rendering – he is quite a talented artist.


Man, I have no idea of what to say about this Clayton Crain X-Force cover.

Story continues below

It is just so scary.

Bad scary, like “I Love New York.”

Not a terrible Roger Cruz cover, but I miss the fancy covers from Djurdjevic and Nguyen!!


Very nice Glenn Fabry X-Factor cover.


Decent Jimmy Cheung cover, if a bit uninspired.


I love the cover idea and layout by Mike Choi.

The end result is a bit too artificial looking for my tastes (and what the heck is up with Emma Frost?!), but there is a lot to like here.

Decent enough Apocalypse by Salvador Larocca.


I love Stuart Immonen’s Magneto.

And the cover layout isn’t half bad, either.

Boy – one thing Joe Madureira certainly does not lack is dynamism.

That is one frenetic cover.

A bit TOO much, if you ask me, but still, it is definitely a cover that moves.

Another suitably bizarre Iron Man cover by Pasqual Ferry.


Very nice design by Cary Nord for this cover.

Breaking through walls is a great cover idea.

What is your favorite “person breaking through a wall” cover?

I love the use of perspective by Nic Klein, but the main event is just not interesting enough, even with the great creation of depth.


Just last month, I praised Kaare Andrews for his great work with facial features – so he then does a cover where the face is obscured.

Damn you, Andrews!!

I loves me some Michael Golden, and the background of this cover is strong, but otherwise, that is a pretty garish cover.

I guess it DOES sorta pop, so that’s something, I suppose.

I just wanted to note how pleased I am that readers can finally get Man in the Iron Mask and other classic stories in a convenient book form.


David Nakayama had some big shoes to fill by following Patrick Scherberger as Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man’s cover artist, but Nakayama, at least on his first cover, acquitted himself quite well.

Very nice cover.

Oh sweet!

Proctor has returned!

Tommy Ohtsuka does a nice job on Proctor. I wonder when we will see the Gatherers.

I will admit that the Proctor joke was all I had – why did they have to do a variant cover?!?!

Is this a new character or is this some famous novel series I should have heard about?

Decent enough Tom Grummett cover, I suppose.

Kick-Ass looks interesting.

John Romita Jr. is always a good guy to get on your project.

I love how the solicits for Kick-Ass tell you basically nothing.

Okay, Paolo Rivera, I’m sure, knows more about perspective than I do – but man, that spear just looks weird to me.

Otherwise, fine cover.

Interesting Kaare Andrews cover.


Super cute Iron Man/Power Pack cover.

Any one see the Chris Giarrusso back-up strip with Iron Man giving the other Avengers armor?

Very funny stuff.

Another strong Eric Canete cover.


Gerald Parel evokes such interesting moods with his Iron Man covers.

Nicely done.

Is this going to be a reoccurring thing? Various characters all beat up Iron Man for kicks?

Nice Ed McGuinness cover, though.

A good design by Mike Perkins for this cover.

Hard to pull off the angles well on shots like these, and he does it quite well.

That is a really good drawing of Ghost Rider by Marko Djurdjevic.


Sweet Fantastic Four poster by Art Adams!

Kinda random timing, though, no?

Where is this Kirby piece from?

It is quite good.

I’m less impressed with the cover to Hitch’s first Fantastic Four.

Nicely drawn, but I think I’d like a little more zest for their first issue on the book.


Another spot on drawing by Marko Djurdjevic, this time of Howard the Duck.

He really cuts to the core of the character, doesn’t he?

Good to see Marvel getting older creators involved, like Frank Brunner here.

Good cover.

I think Kaare Andrews took the homage so far that it doesn’t even really work as an homage – it’s just a remake.

And not a particularly interesting one, at that.

I didn’t even know Mr. Fear’s mask WAS reflective!

Still, strong cover by Marko Djurdjevic. He has had a number of strong covers this month.


Nice moody piece by Sean Phillips.

Story continues below


Alan Davis gets his point across quite well on this first issue of Clan Destine.

The idea is that there is a lot of them – and this cover puts that point across nicely.

Standard enough of an idea, but still strong execution by Ed McGuinness.

And no, that was not a pun.

Decent, if a bit forgettable, cover by Steve Epting.


Is Juan Doe an actual propaganda poster maker?

Because a LOT of his covers are like that.

Anyhow, nicely done. That said, it is pretty amusing to see stuff like “Here is a glimpse of the future where Black Panther dominates the Marvel Universe.”

It’s like the time when Damage was the most important DC Universe hero – oh wait, I meant when Ray was the most important DC Universe hero – wait – maybe it was Captain Atom…

See what I mean?

It is always a bit precious when minor books do bits about how important their leads are.

I mean, come on “The Watcher showed up and he said our guy was the bestest!!” Too precious.

I’d go with Rage for the block.

Decent Stefano Caselli cover.

By the by – I read somewhere, I think it was Bendis in a letter column, about how amazing Caselli is as an artist.

I’m not seeing it. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s fine, but I don’t think he’s some major talent. Any Caselli fans out there?

Good Art Adams cover.


Nice angle work by Larocca for this cover.


Another strong cover concept by Ron Frenz.

Old fashioned, but right on the mark.

That is one bad ass game of Red Rover by Aleksi Briclot.


So what’s the deal – are those supposed to be berries in blood or something?

You’ve gone over my head, Brett Booth!!

Wow! A Ron Lim COVER!


The last few years, it seems like DC and Marvel have been treating him as a dirty little secret, only springing him on people in the interior pages.



First off, we have this emotionally charged New Avengers cover…

Next, we have this striking Thunderbolts one…

Both fine works in a fine month by Djurdjevic.

A very strong Tan Eng Huat cover.


“I keep trying to get out… but they keep pulling me back in!”


This is a really clever cover motif by Jimmy Cheung.



5. I can’t recall the last time I saw such a funny cover by John Romita, Jr.

Humor does not seem to be his “thing,” yet this cover is quite humorous.

4. A very strong Art Adams cover made all that much stronger by the excellent facial expressions he gives the background characters.


3. This IS Bachalo, right?

Great cover.

The hammer use alone is striking.

2. An excellent send-off for this title with another excellent Skottie Young cover.

I can’t wait for his next cover assignment.

1. Another excellent send-off, this time to the Whedon/Cassaday run of 1984-2008.


I especially dig the Spidey shot.

You can click on this cover to enlarge it (as it is a gatefold one, so I figured it best to do it that way so folks can see the cover clearer).

Well, that’s it for me this month! Feel free to share YOUR prejudices (and your Top Fives)!


john cassaday better have another project lined up…

Mike Choi, I give you extreme kudos. You are the first person ever to draw an Emma Frost who’s facial features make her look British.
Somebody get that man working on Excalibur!

“Another excellent send-off, this time to the Whedon/Cassaday run of 1984-2008″

Is that a joke?

“Stupid drug-peddling, family-killing whale!”

Marko Djurdjevic

December 18, 2007 at 5:23 am

“3. This IS Bachalo, right?

Great cover.”

That would be me, with Danny Miki inking over my pencils.
Thanks anyway ;)



“Mike Choi, I give you extreme kudos. You are the first person ever to draw an Emma Frost who’s facial features make her look British.
Somebody get that man working on Excalibur!”

Huh? How exactly does someone “look British?”

And I don’t know why that would be a good thing seeing as though she’s from Boston.

Is the floating head on the bottom of the Harris Spider-Man cover Bradbury from Ex Machina?

I love how the solicits for Kick-Ass tell you basically nothing.

It’s called Kick-Ass and if John Romita Jr is the interior artist too that’s enough for me!

That Enter The Mandarin cover deserves at least an honourable mention IMO, very dynamic angle and lighting.

1984-2008 is probably joking, I think, the Whedon-Cassaday run was 2004-08.

However, I am so hoping that Cassaday’s very next project is to finish the long-waited final issue of PLANETARY!!!!

There are some great covers here – I really liked the colours on Annihilation: Conquest #4.

Most disappointing cover was the FF. A real let down for me. Perhaps Marvel was more interested in the new trade dress to accompany it?

Patient Boy made the Bradbury joke before I could. Darn …

What I don’t like about Greg Land’s She-Hulk cover is that he chose an inappropriate model to trace. Jen is supposed to be muscular! I can’t believe there aren’t more female body builders he can use, because she just looks like a green underwear model. The girl looks like she needs a decent meal!

Ditto Tom. I was going to say the same thing.

I hate to say it, but it looks like both Kremlin and Bradbury on Harris’ Spider-Man cover.

Emma Frost was British in the Fox Gen-X show, wasn’t she? ;)

I love that we have so many Art Adams covers right now.

There is something off about Cyclops on the Cassady cover that spoils it for me. He looks like Homer Simpson with super powers. I know it’s a perspective trick but still….

As good as the Spidey Larroca cover is, having the moon that large just makes me think “that glider is really powerful to achieve escape velocity…”.

Love that Silver Centurion Iron Man cover on Marvel adventures.

And it is way cool that Kesel seems to have morphed into Ringo. Not enough of that style out there. I like Casselli too. It’s not over rendered or trying for photo realism. It feels like comic book art should.

Thor: I really like the new look of Thor. I’m not so much gor the “hat covering the eyebrows” thing (looks dumb in real life, looks dumb here), but the overall look is great. The broad face, granite jaw, high cheekbones, and cold stare is a great “power look”. The altering of the costume to functional battle armor is nice as well.

SM Family 7: Is this the introduction of Kryptonite in the Marvel U?

She-Hulk 26: She looks more like a green bodybuilder here. She has ALWAYS been… well endowed. Even more so than most chicks in comics. I have no issue with the clothing change, but not the basic form. Also, I agree with the “stand there and take it” aspect of getting shot at. It doesn’t work.

Powers Annual 1: Nice Frazetta homage.

Mighty Avengers 9: Is that a cover swipe? It looks REAL familiar.

MCP 6: FINALLY! A non-Ultimate Cap that presents him as a soldier. I’ve hated the goody-goody persona he’s had for a LONG time. He’s a soldier, but he refused to act like one. Hand grenades & machine guns… yea.

X-M Legacy 208: Hold up. Here, you’re telling us that you LIKE this level of rendering. A couple days ago, you were complaining about this level when Gary Frank did it. Either you like it or you don’t. Pick one. Personally, I think this is a mid-point between Frank & early Image rendering. It’s “Imagey” with the expressions & Prof’s face & head. Given the choice, I’d take Frank.

MA-SM 36: That IS a really nice cover. I like the webbing frame. Good portrait work.

Kick-Ass 1: That is one dynamic punch. It’s just as dynamic as Steranko punches, but in a different way. Dude’s gonna be eating through a straw for months.

Enter the Mandarin: I’ve LOVED these art-deco covers. Extremely stylized & very creative. Realy nice work.

Hulk 2: “Is this going to be a reoccurring thing? Various characters all beat up Iron Man for kicks?” Man, I sure hope so. If anyone has needed a good ghetto beat-down from everyone available, it’s Stark.

FF Poster, Avengers Classic 9, Herc 109: MORE ART ADAMS!!!!!!! Put his ass to work as the INTERIOR artist on something!

Aftersmash 2: Heh.. Fluppy. Cool stuff. (See the Marvel blogs)

Thor 7: Lucas used this well in the opening of every Star Wars film, but with the ship going away from the viewer. Effective imagry of strength & power.

Patient Boy made the Bradbury joke before I could. Darn …

beat me to it, too!

but hey… i can still wonder why Mitch Hundred’s mom is on the cover of a Spider-Man comic…

Huh? How exactly does someone “look British?”

they look like British singer Joss Stone, who seems to have been used as photo reference.

I don’t like how small the Thing is on that Hitch cover. I mean, I know he’s the farthest from the viewer, so there’s perspective and junk, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

You shouldn’t have Gambled on only one Proctor joke. (Mwahahahah!)

Marko Djurdjevic is doing what feels like 100 covers a month at this point, and he’s still maintaining excellent quality. Awesome.

Huh? How exactly does someone “look British?” And I don’t know why that would be a good thing seeing as though she’s from Boston.

Well, Boston is a city in New England, so I guess that would be close enough :)

Gotta say, I am, as always, soooooo tired of seeing so many damn pin-up type covers. Hardly any of these tell you anything about the story or make you want to pick up the book. Exceptions to this…

Mighty Avengers – I’m really gonna miss Bagley at Marvel.

X-Men: First Class – Jean Grey, Scarlet Witch, and Black Widow all together? My interest is definitely piqued.

Punisher: Force of Nature – Frank Castle vs Moby Dick is one fight I never expected to see.

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four – That’s really dramatic and exciting. Torch & Thing vs Rhino & Abomination (I think) is an interesting match.

Kick-Ass – So bizarre and violent it makes you want to open the book to see what the hell it’s all about.

Young Avengers Presents – Seeing all those snippets of old art featuring Mar-Vell is cool, and it tells you that the story is going to delve into Hulkling and his unique heritage.

Amazing Spider-Girl – Hey, practically all of Frenz’s covers for ASG are, well, amazing.

1) Shulkie’s upper torso is about a foot closer to the camera than her lower torso and legs. Which are, in any case, much skinnier than usual.

2) Punisher vs Moby Dick may not have quite the same intrinsic level of awesome as Batman vs Predator, but it’s definitely in the same league.

3) Speaking of which, X-Force remains intrinsically lame. Dressing everyone in black and grey and giving them shiny red contact lenses will not change this.

4) Someone needs to take Ultimate Magneto to one side and explain to him that there’s a time and place for everything, except leather trousers with a double-width leather belt. That just makes you look like a wanker.

Juan Doe’s Black Panther cover isn’t even an honorable mention?


That would be me, with Danny Miki inking over my pencils.
Thanks anyway ;)

Thanks for the correction!

Who’s sig is that, then? Is that Miki’s sig first?


X-M Legacy 208: Hold up. Here, you’re telling us that you LIKE this level of rendering. A couple days ago, you were complaining about this level when Gary Frank did it. Either you like it or you don’t. Pick one. Personally, I think this is a mid-point between Frank & early Image rendering. It’s “Imagey” with the expressions & Prof’s face & head. Given the choice, I’d take Frank.

This is a LOT less rendered than Finch usually is.

Just check out some of his past covers.

So I’m using positive reinforcement. :)

I really think the Punisher cover is just miles better than the rather static-looking Moby Dick cover (and not just because it features The Punisher), but to each his own…

And surely that’s not an actual Kirby drawing? It looks more like someone doing a Kirby pastiche. A good one, but still a pastiche. I guess it might depend on who the inker is.

Hitch’s FF cover looks insanely bad. From Reed wanting to give a retarded “shocker” hand gesture to Sue Storm being a cross-eyed old bag (I mean, seriously, take a good look at her face – it’s HIDEOUS), I think he must have drawn the thing while sitting on the toilet.

Jo Chen has a book coming out this week from Tokyopop called The Other Side of the Mirror. I think she both writes and draws it.

I just hope that Punisher vs. Moby Dick has Frank Castle proclaiming, “From hell’s heart I open fire with a rhidiculously huge large-caliber automatic weapon at thee!” :)

CRONIN: Fair enough. It just seemed like conflicting statements, so I had the need to call you on it. I’ll take your word for it on the level of rendering.

I know – to each their own – but I like Gary Frank. Yes, he’s pretty stiff. BUT I think the art is well defined without being busy. His rendering adds to the level of detail rather than just being a bunch of cross-hatching.

Ya know, nobody complains about the level of rendering that Art Adams does. If Frank became more fluid, like Adams, I don’t think you’d have the issue with him that you do. Seriously… take a look at them side by side.

If Frank became more fluid, like Adams,

Frank WAS more fluid. Then he started adding tons of cross hatches and MADE it stiff.

Hence my problem with his current work.

Finch’s stuff has been similarly stiff in the past from over rendering, so it’s good to see him loosen up a bit.

Like Frank, Finch is a great artist who far too often buries his art with cross hatches, so I was tossing out some praise to Finch for loosening up a bit this month (and on some of his more recent covers, too, actually).

One of the things I love about the X-Factor cover is that it’s the reverse of th classic “lone hero walks away from a group, signaling their departure from the team” cover image (Uncanny 138, for (the first?) example).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done before where we see the lone hero walking AWAY from us, instead of toward us. A neat way to play with that image.

The Indestructible Man

December 18, 2007 at 5:31 pm

I for one hope Cassaday’s next project is the long-delayed PLANETARY #27…

And the Proctor joke made me smile.

Thanks for this Brian!

Hitch’s faces are always a bit off – lumpy, inconsistent and generally ugly.

My pet peeve with his art is characters speaking while drawn with firmly shut mouths – gah!

Finch has never been one of my faves, and in his rendering style, I see a lot more of Silvestri-touches, whereas Gary Frank’s more recent work seems like it’s going for a European flavour, Moebius-esque if you will.

Is it just me or does Art Adams’ work here look different to his usual output? Less of the little tick-lines that usually border his shadows and blacks.

What the F is up with Shulkie?

That X-Men: Legacy cover is giving me flashbacks to Professor X and the X-Men. (Hope that link works.)

Man, that series was lousy.


December 18, 2007 at 10:17 pm

Man do Marvel have boring covers.

All really generic.
Even the Art Adams ones!

There’s this one classic painting with a shark with a NOSE!

Where’s a link?

“the Whedon/Cassaday run of 1984-2008″
Harr, funny.

Absolutely love Art Adams’ Herc cover. Would have been my pick for the no 1 spot.

And I definitely enjoy Caselli’s art on Avengers Initiative. Very dynamic, great at action pieces, good facial expressions. Really like it!

Re House of M: Avengers #5….


Please, please, PLEASE, for the love of God…. if you simply HAVE to draw Hawkeye doing that damn horizontal bow nonsense, could you at least put the damn string UNDER the arm??? It’s impossible to shoot a bow with the string pulled up over the shoulder like that.

And hot damn – Ron Lim is emulating Brett Booth a lot in that Anita Blake cover!

“Mighty Avengers 9: Is that a cover swipe? It looks REAL familiar.

Doom’s pose is called the Byrne-choke after the Mighty John Byrne used it on so many of his X-men covers.

Its just before Byrne Steal in the fanboys lexicon!

Annihilation: Conquest #4: Did DC’s Lightning Saga suck so bad that they traded Lightning Lad to Marvel? If so, who did they get in return?

STEVO: Thanks! Now that you point it out, I can remember a bunch of Byrne covers with this basic layout.

CRONIN: I totally agree tha Frank used to be more fluid. Honestly, though, I don’t think it’s the rendering that’s making his stuff stiff now. I think it’s the static posing and facial expressions. Even without the detail, the figures would still be boards. But at least we’re in agreement: Finch & Frank are both good artists who could be a LOT better with a little tweaking.

But do you notice how many of the covers are just… generic?

Thor with his hammer. Group shots. The hero looking blandly heroic?

Give me the old-fashioned “I can’t wait to see what happens” kind of covers. Spidey’s suit in the trash can, Jimmy Olsen with a bomb behind his back, that kind of thing.

Intrigue me, someone!

I don’t like how small the Thing is on that Hitch cover. I mean, I know he’s the farthest from the viewer, so there’s perspective and junk, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

The Thing used to be shorter than Reed back in the day, so this is a welcome change and is very Kirbyish. Honestly, artists today have so little subtlety that they overdo everything. A woman is supposed to be pretty? Draw her as a sexpot with huge boobs on every page. A character’s supposed to be old? Make them look decrepit, raisinlike and near death. And of course, if a character is a strongman character, you draw them the size of a house, which is the problem with the Thing lately. Modern artists make him huger and huger, almost to Hulk size. I’m glad Hitch is going against the grain here by sticking to Kirby’s size scale, and I hope it’s a regular thing. (no pun intended)

The Spider-man family story is, in fact, a tribute to Mike Weiringo. So that explains that. :)

I love Jimmy Cheung like no other, but Im rather underwhelmed by his Young Avengers Presents… covers so far, especially this month’s. I feel like I’ve seen that rendition of Hulkling by him numerous times before.

I definitely agree with you about Caselli–he’s a perfectly acceptable artist, but not one that really makes me take notice. The muted colors and inks really make the art dependent on his pencils on The Initiative and it leaves me rather uninspired.

All of Djurdjevic’s covers look amazing and Wilkin’s MCP is an attention grabber. I’ve seen the Choi Uncanny cover for a while now, but I’m really just now getting into the detail of the cover and what it says throughout. I’m also really glad to see more Juan Doe covers. They were amazing during the X-Men: 198 miniseries and his level of excellence hasn’t faltered at all.

Great stuff.

Hi. See the ‘generic’ comments but it’s not too bad a month, imo.

Honourable mentions

Ms Marvel 24 – Okay, maybe there is an intended perviness with the long tail thing but this is still a strong rendering of Ms Binary

The Illiad 3 – really liked the horse though Brian’s put me off now that he has mentioned that teeny weeny spear (which is an interesting contrast with the Ms Marvel cover…:) )

Hulk 2 – always nice to see Stark getting grief but it’s the fear in the eye that nails it for me

Incredible Hercules 114 – very effective use of the old coming through a wall cliche – I think it’s the fact that he seems to have a whole gang coming behind that puts this into the above average category

Black Panther Annual 1 – gorgeous work, just missed out on my top five

Top Five

5 Marvel Adventures Iron Man 10 – I’m loving Francis Tsai – hoping to see a lot more of this fella, let me tell ya (and it isn’t often that the amazing Gerard Parel doesn’t get best Iron Man cover of the month)

4 Marvel Comic Presents 6 – love the wear and tear and those boots! They’re ready for some action…

3 Annihilation: Conquest 4 – Red Rover? Maybe. It’s a lovely composition. There was a similar-ish angle to a splendid Djurdevic Thunderbolts cover a few months back, so maybe I’m just a sucker for this kind of thing.

2 The Twelve 2 – Loving Mr Andrews. Moody, mysterious, beautiful work.

1 Uncanny X-Men 495 – I saw all the comments about Emma looking British etc. (based on Joss Stone? Really?) This conveys a sense of change, loss and disorder and I love the title crumbling from the wall. Haven’t seen much of Choi’s work but what I have seen, I like.

PS I like Stefano Casselli very much. He grows on you.

PPS My money’s on Moby Dick to kick Frank’s ass.

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