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Cool Comic Cover Gallery 12/20

This week, the featured artist is Massimo Carnevale.

So enjoy ten cool comic covers by a cool comic cover artist, Massimo Carnevale!

His biggest American comic work has been on Y the Last Man, where he’s been doing the covers since JG Jones left the title.

Here are my two favorites, one showing his comedic side and one his dramatic side…



He’s also doing covers for Northlanders. I love his use of negative space…

Carnevale is a notable cover artist in Europe.

Here is the book he got started on, in the early 90s…


As well as Lanciostory…




Since then, Carnevale has done a number of covers for various comics…




Carnevale won an award for the following cover in 2006…


Which one is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite Massimo Carnevale cover that you think I should have put in the gallery instead of one of these ten? He has done a TON of covers in Europe, so I am sure you European readers out there have a favorite that I have missed. Let me know, and maybe I’ll do a follow-up – “European Readers Choice” or some such thing…

What artists would you like to see featured in the future?

Let me know!


Y – The Last Man, #57. It’s kinda corny, but I like it. :-)

What in God’s name is going on with that DAGO cover? I mean, aside from the fact that it’s a comic book called friggin’ DAGO in the first place.

I loved his covers on Y because he seemed to incorporate Y into his covers more than anyone else. Also corny, and now that I look back, probably not as true as I thought.

51 and 55 stick with me the most.

Has he done any interiors?

Yes, he has done interiors, too. Mainly serialized stories on the two magazines featured in the gallery above (Skorpio and Lanciostory), paired with writer Lorenzo Bartoli (the fat guy with the pipe on the last cover).

He has recently drawn an episode of popular italian series Dylan Dog, for a special extra issue (here’s a sample: http://tinyurl.com/2dhthv ), paired with writer Roberto Recchioni (the slim guy with the stick on the last cover).

aaaaah! Where you found the cover of lanciostory and skorpio?

the Lanciostory over cover it is before published here in Italy like professional.

thanks everyone!

Looks like Massimo Carnevale may improve his P.R. skills (painting skill is great already). :-)
He has written his website, but “hidden” as hyperlink in his name.
His blog (http://ildonodieric.blogspot.com/) is highly worth a visit, full as it is of previews of all his most recent works!

Okay, I’ve been a comic reader/collector for well over 20 years now. I’ve seen a lot of covers and I’d say I probably remember about 90% of them.

As I get older (and more jaded), my cover tastes, at least, run more towards the artsy and pop culture/homage referenced variety.

The name Massimo Carnevale is new to me but, WOW!, I’m completely blown away.

Of your 10 covers posted here, my fav is the “Shot by Cupid’s arrow” cover. HANDS DOWN!

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