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12/23 – If Only…

the Flash didn’t put so much pressure on me…



If only Barry wasn’t wearing lipstick and rouge under his mask in that picture…

Comics should do this kinda thing more often. Buying this particular issue of Flash was a moral imperative!

Way to bring the guilt, Barry!

So, my not being alive when that issue came out led directly to Barry’s death in COIE?

Way to bring the guilt, jerk.

Hmmm, I think this issue was published in the ’60’s (maybe the ’50’s), I kinda doubt that this has anything to do with COIE. So don’t feel guilty about anything! ;-)

I’m a huge Infantino fan, I think he’s up there with Kirby and Ditko when it comes to revolutionizing superhero comics in the 50s and 60s (his long, sleek panel shapes were awesome too). That being said, that is one awful drawn palm on the Flash there.

Every book on the verge of cancellation in today’s market should run a cover like that.

I think this issue was published in the ’60’s (maybe the ’50’s)

Flash #163, cover-dated August 1966.

No Flash, save your own life. I’m not going to do your job for you.

Me: Normal guy
You: Fastest man alive

Therefore: You do it.

Bully said:
“Flash #163, cover-dated August 1966.”

Good catch. The checker panel on the top should have been a give away that is was from 1966, because I think was the only year they used that design on their covers.

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