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Some Neat Posters

The good folks at the American Library Association sent us some sample comic book posters that they were hoping we would show you good folks, to see if you’d be interested in supporting the ALA by purchasing one of them.


Here is the link to the ALA store. Read on for some samples of the posters they sent us!

Here are three posters Alex Ross did for them of the DC “Big Three”…




Here’s one Gene Ha did featuring Barbara Gordon…


Finally, not a comic book one, but I can’t be the only one who remembers this Yoda one, can I?


A classic!


I hope wonder how long batman can read, hanging like that before he falls to his death.

And wouldn’t Superman’s book burn up on re-entry? Or does he leave it space and pick it up whenever he’s up there?

That is one peaceful looking Wonder Woman poster. I feel sleepy just looking at that fawn…

Our little podunk library has both the Neil Gaiman and Sandman posters in the Young Adults section. I just wonder who the Neil fan is at the library, cause they don’t have any of the other author or comic related posters.

Yeah…it’s a cute concept, but I’m not sure I buy the whole ‘pausing in the midst of saving the world to finish this chapter’ concept of the first two. The Wonder Woman and Batgirl ones are a little closer to the mark.

…and no, Brian, you aren’t the only one who remembers that Yoda poster. Quite possibly he most unbelievably cool movie tie-in ever except maybe battery-powered lightsabres.

These are just beautiful. I’d seen the Superman one before but not the Batman and Wonder Woman ones. Yes i do indeed remember the Yoda poster. I think our local library had that one up at least until around 1994.

..and yay for Barbara Gordon (the real) Batgirl! :D

Wow that Yoda poster brings bakc warm and fuzzy memories.

“Yeah…it’s a cute concept, but I’m not sure I buy the whole ‘pausing in the midst of saving the world to finish this chapter’ concept of the first two.”

Nah, they’re obviously reading these things.

Library posters and campaigns

I enjoy seeing the different ways that libraries use to promote reading – the recent NZ libraries ‘Inspire me!’ campaign using some well-known faces is a good example.
Here’s one from the American Library Association that uses Alex Ro…

Ah, so Batman reads trashy novels to pass the time during stakeouts.

Or maybe he’s reading “How to save yourself from plummeting off of a building to your doom.”

*sigh*…It’s a superbook, Conor…

My student teacher gave me the Batman poster at the end of the year. The kids all love it. It is one of the few things they actualy stop and look at. Gotta love 7th graders!

Maybe if they made some posters with Ranima 1/2 characters or InuYasha, or Dragon Ball, or Bleach or… you know, characters that kids actually read.

I still remember the Michael J. Fox poster. He was reading Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew. It was classic. He was in like a dungeon with cobwebs and skeletons. Of course it would have been more appropriate if he was reading a werewolf book.

My favorite of the comic-book “read” posters is this one, by Aeire. I’ve got one on my wall…

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It’s pretty damning of the Amazon Kindle that WW isn’t using one…

I wonder (heh) if parents would be mad walking in to a classroom and seeing the Wonder Woman poster? I might have to buy one; love Diana!

So what are the Big three reading?

I see Superman reading Oprah book, something about suffering people and how they cope with it. He hdies it from Lois.

Batman’s reading a technical manual on criminology statistics. I really can’t see him letting himself read for pleasure.

Wonder Woman, I have no idea. Maybe a self-help book about finding a career you can love.

As a library manager, the ALA posters are great tools and prizes for summer reading contests. However, the posters need to tie the characters to “real” books. Batman could read Poe; Diana could read The Golden Bough; Superman could read an old Doc Savage paperback.

I do think the choice of Babs “The REAL Batgirl” Gordon was an inspired choice though. Now to get trades and OGNs available for order through the vendors libraries actually use….


Does anyone know if you can still get these anywhere that batman one is pretty awesome. Always inspires me to get to work

Hi. I am looking to get all of these SuperHero posters. I have looked at the American Library Association website but they do not have these listed, and the link above does not work. Does anyone know where I can find them for sale? Thank you. PM me: https://www.facebook.com/lightcat13

Would really like to get a set of these for my school library. Can you help?

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