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Top Five College Basketball Superhero Names

This top five is a bit different, as rather than quality, I’m just going by quantity – the top five superhero names that are also shared by the mascots of Division I NCAA Men’s Basketball teams!


3 (tie). Dolphin


Jacksonville Dolphins

Jacksonville Dolphins.gif

LeMoyne Dolphins

LeMoyne Dolphins.gif

3 (tie). Titans


Cal State Fullerton Titans

Cal State Fullerton Titans.gif

Detroit Titans

Detroit Titans.gif

3 (tie). Crusaders


Holy Cross Crusaders

Holy Cross Crusaders.gif

Valparaiso Crusaders

Valparaiso Crusaders.gif

3 (tie). Blue Devil


Central Connecticut State Blue Devils

Central Connecticut St Blue Devils.gif

Duke Blue Devils

Duke Blue Devils.gif

2. Hornet


Alabama State Hornets

Alabama St Hornets.gif

Delaware State Hornets

Delaware State Hornets.gif

Sacramento State Hornets

Sacramento State Hornets.gif

1. Wildcat


Arizona Wildcats

Arizona Wildcats.gif

Bethune Cookman Wildcats

Bethune Cookman Wildcats.gif

Davidson Wildcats

Davidson Wildcats.gif

Kansas State Wildcats

Kansas State Wildcats.gif

Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky Wildcats.gif

New Hampshire wildcats

new hampshire wildcats.gif

Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern Wildcats.gif

Villinova Wildcats

Villinova Wildcats.gif

Weber State Wildcats

Weber State Wildcats.gif

Ta da!!


Um, Arizona Wildcats? No love for the desert, I see how it is.

The drawback of that many teams to keep straight is that a few got lost in the shuffle! I had them all uploaded and everything!

But it is found now! :)

Being a Villanova graduate, and by default a Wildcat, this makes me think of that Simpsons episode where Flanders coaches the pee-wee football team. “Who are we? The Wildcats! Who are we going to beat? The Wildcats!”

My college was the Panthers; no mention if they were of the Wakandan variety or not, but I always suspected.

What, no honorable mention for Razorback?

Surely there’s some team somewhere out there called the She-Hulks. . .!

hey, guys !

4/6 are DC’s heroes.

how come there’s no Avengers, Fantastics, Wolverines, Daredevils or Defenders ??!

Yellow Jacket

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Since I’m sitting in my dormroon at the U of A right now, I gotta call foul with Michael on no love for Razorback.

Michigan Wolverines!

What about the Iowa HAWKEYES???!!!!???

Also, someone should create a superhero called the Demon Deacon.

As a Holy Cross grad, loved the high ranking for the Crusaders. Thanks, Brian.

how come there’s no Avengers

Because they don’t really count.

Aww Marvel was not as included…typically these blogs are so pro Marvel its replulsive for those of us who are not Marvel Zombies. Poor baby, go cry to mommy…or Moon Knight

There are the Los Angeles Avengers of the Arena Football League, if you want to start looking up pro teams.

The Rose-Hulman Fighting ENGINEERS!!!
(Gee, The Authority used to be a good comic…)

University of Texas at Arlington Mavericks? yes we do have a team

The ASU Sun Devils will save us all!

Also, both Elon and UW-Green Bay have Phoenix as a mascot, and both are 1A Basketball schools.

FYI, its the Jacksonville University Dolphins, not just Jacksonville Dolphins

Hey…and yes this occurred to a whole day after seeing this, but you left out Aztek (SDSU Aztecs)! He’s a beloved Morrison character, right? For shame, Mr. Cronin.

Go Valpo!

Funny story about the Valparaiso Crusaders. They changed their name back in 1941 from the “Uhlans.” The Uhlans were Prussian Cavalry, so you might understand why a university would change their name from that in 1941. They changed it to the Crusaders.

And now there’s talk of changing it from that, since that’s not a very PC name.

Aww Marvel was not as included…typically these blogs are so pro Marvel its replulsive for those of us who are not Marvel Zombies.

What’s sillier than you thinking that is that I bet you are not alone in thinking that.

There is no discrimination between the big two at this here blog!

Brian, that remark that I made was intended directly in response to Bat2supe, an obviously implied DC fan. I was not specifically directly stating that to you or anyone else at “this here blog”.

There are plenty of owls. Temple, Rice, Florida Atlantic and my Kennesaw State.

Everybody loves Nite-Owl and Owlman!

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