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Hopes Raised…then Dashed

The other day, in Cheers and Jeers, I noted how I was quite confused by the ending of Strange Cases #3. It really just seemed to trail off rather than have a solid “this is why we are ending here” moment, I thought.

So then I happened upon CBR’s front page, and saw that Augie DiBlieck was doing a commentary track edition with the writer and artist of Strange Cases #3 ABOUT Strange Cases #3!!!

The piece is here. Awesome, right?

Right…until we get to the part where they don’t even discuss the ending.

My hopes were raised only to be dashed…poor Brian…


But– but– we had all that production art to show off!

Seriously, we had that Commentary Track in the can last weekend. If I had seen your question before the Track had been finished, I would have asked for you. Maybe we can throw it in a Pipeline in the future. . .

Hehe…fair point, Augie, I should have mentioned that it IS a really neat feature.

I just was surprised that they did not even mention the ending. I mean, you read the book, right? Did you get the point of the ending?

I mean, I get “she is distraught by all the killing in front of her face,” but, well, DUH – that’s obvious – it’s not something you end on, is it?

There has got to be something more to it than just that!

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