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2/11 – If Only…

Iron Man could support two ongoing titles.


But I’ll be damned if that isn’t an awesome creative team - Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca doing Iron Man? Very cool.


That seems to be the prevailing sentiment: Not really necessary, but that’s a helluva creative team.

The Knauf’s really good run continues, and we get Fraction too? Fantastic :D

Yeah. Unfortunately, even in the heady days of the early 90’s, Iron man was unable to support two titles (his own and Force Works). I would settle for one REALLY good Iron Man title. It seems like they cannot figure out what to do with him. the Extremis arc really painted them in to a corner. His armor is soooo powerful now that all the other “cool” stuff about him (the inventiveness, creativity, millionaire playboy) gets shoved by the wayside as writers try to figure out what to do with a character who is able to compute faster than the speed of thought, can control his armor remotely, download his consciousness into a new armor (thus saving his life), run an international spy agency, and a multi-billion dollar corporation, and an international altruistic endeavor, and organize the Avengers, and The Order, and the Initiative, and The Illuminati.

There is too much crap. The writers are starting to notice. Have you noticed that the most recent story line revolves around Stark being outside of SHIELD, without the Extremis, and running a slimmed down/classic armor?

We need a return to the basic premise. A guy who uses his wits, brains, and his armor to save the world. everything else just seems to get in the way of good storytelling. Bolting on another piece to an existing structure does not necessarily make it better. I think it is time to see what is necessary for Iron Man and focus on that. I’m not sure that bolting on a second title will do that.

But then again, I have been known to be wrong in the past.

This means I’m going to actually buy an Iron Man comic. Wow.

Just what we all need… another Iron Man book.


Not a Larocca fan, but I’ll give it a shot for Fraction.

Salvador Larocca has said one thing over and over again in interviews, almost to the point of sounding like a broken record: “I love the X-Men and I love drawing them. All I want to do with my career is draw X-Men comics.”

So…why keep taking him off them? He’s a guy who can hit deadlines consistently, and has at least three distinct styles that are all crowd-pleasing. Also, wasn’t he in the Amazing Spider-Man rotation? Who’s replacing him there?

That said, this book will be great and I can’t wait to read all eight or nine issues of it.

Oracle sure looks different.

Marvel.com’s got some beautiful preview pages – Larroca seems to be finding a decent middle ground between his old style and his Newuniversal-type photoreferencing. But – giant, stupid pet peeve here – I hate it when he’s drawn with just the moustache in modern times. Back in the 60’s, it evoked Hughes, but now it evokes Ted Turner. Draw a little chin-hair, Sal.

In any event, I’ll take a look hoping for the best. But Iron Man’s always been a character I like in books that I just can’t get jazzed about. It’s always good-ish. The Busiek run, the Knaufs, even the days of Michelinie and Layton. Great character, but the plots have never really been there. And while I loved the Ellis run (lateness and all), I have to agree that Extremis might be something that needs to be gotten rid of sooner rather than later.

Wait, wouldn’t this be his third, after Marvel Adventures Iron Man.

Also: Neat.

Garbonzo, we’ve all been wrong in the past. No need to discredit yourself when you’ve barely finished your point!

Is the first Iron Man title doing spectacularly? You can’t expect the Marvel Universe to be a franchise when you have a dozen other franchises running within. X-Men or Avengers—don’t expect me to buy both when they’re competing. Iron Man or X-Men or Avengers. Which franchise do you want me to buy?

Since Ed Brubaker came out and said Immortal Iron Fist is practically all Fraction now, I am really excited for this title. How sick would it be to have TWO good solo Marvel hero books?


February 11, 2008 at 11:52 pm

Didn’t they just feel the need to streamline the spidey books so that it wasn’t too confusing as to which one you ‘had’ to read?

Yes, but I think they are finding success by labeling books as being part of a franchise. For example: Avengers: The Initiative is doing fairly well for itself (enough to not get canceled) while The Order got cancelled/ended. the difference? One was labeled as an Avengers book. The otehr was not. They both had the same premise (more or less..new super teams formed becasue of the 50 state initiative) but one has the support of the flagship title. The other, not so much.

it’s frustrating! i’ve been collecting IRON MAN since warren ellis and adi granov’s limited run only to find the subsequent creative teams to be sub-par at best and now, rather than take this brilliant creative team and put them on a title that’s only maintained momentum by constantly referring to a story that took place twenty issues ago, they launch a NEW title?! jeez!

Interior art is a bit too Greg Land for my tastes but Fraction! Woohoo!

Big deal. I don’t really know if I like Fraction all that much without Brubaker co-writing.

PWJ is awful, The Order was strictly “meh”, Casanova is fine but all over the freakin’ place.

I like Fraction, but my feeling is he’s new enough not to know when to restrain himself and as a result a lot of his work comes off as self-indulgent and maybe a little smug, e.g. one-liners where one-liners aren’t really necessary or appropriate, and cleverness for its own sake. Part of me wants to ascribe this to his discipleship to Warren Ellis, whose own work often suffers from this same malady (especially these last few years). Just my brief, dimestore analysis of the style, though.

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