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2/13 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

There is only one “n” in Winick.



No nicks shall be won.

How “Nth” of him.

no waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii1!!!!!!!!!!1

And no ‘rarebit’ in ‘rabbit’. Fiend.

There’s also an “e” in Kelley Puckett, 3…

Duly noted! Thanks!

One “n”.

So true. Well said. I appreciate your honesty.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no ‘win’ in ‘winick’

It is “Why Nick?” not “Win Nick!”

There’s also only one “n” in both inept and hackneyed.

Are we talking about the same Winick? I thought we were talking about David Winnick, the MP from Walsall North.


But there are still two D’s in JuDD, right?

But – I’m never quite sure where to put the ‘E’ in Owsley/Owsely


Still doesn’t make him a good writer.

5 “d”s in Judd the Dudd.

Also? Charles Schulz. Not “Schultz.” How famous does he have to get for more people to get it right?

Still doesn’t make him a good writer.

Even changing his name to Priest couldn’t do that ;)

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