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Breaking down the Ultimate Universe

A. David Lewis, wildly famous writer of stuff, sent me a link to a post he did a week ago, and I just haven’t gotten around to putting it up here, because I’m lazy.  He looks at how long it will take for the Ultimate Universe to “catch up” to the Marvel Universe.  It’s actually pretty interesting.  Go check it out!


Yikes – I didn’t link to that already? Sorry, David!!

Nerd-fricken-tastic! I wonder about the results if you compared this method to story lines. Ultimate Clone is the only storyline I can think of that would make a good apples-to-apples comparison, but I don’t read many Ultimate titles other than Ultimates and some of the limited series Ultimate titles.

Does this mean we’ll see Ultimate OMD next year?

Funny – I thought the Ultimate Universe was ALREADY redundant.

Lewis is apparently unaware that “Secret Invasion” was already done in THE ULTIMATES. The Skrulls went by an alternate name of “Chitauri” in the storyline, and used the same strategy of impersonating humans. Since THE ULTIMATES was/is an alternate approach to doing an AVENGERS title, the similarities to “Secret Invasion” make the later storyline redundant, unless one is tremendously excited at the prospect of guessing correctly which heroes and villains are Skrulls. The Wikipedia entry on the Ultimates ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ultimates ) gives a good overview of the stylistic differences between the Ultimates universe and the mainline M.U.


You know, Steve’s got a solid point there. Of course, there have been plenty of “alien invasion” plots out there (“V” comes to mind, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” etc.), but, you’re right, in Marvel publications, it was the Ultimate U. first this time.

And no worries, Brian — It’s just my nerd-dom!

Well, actually the whole Skrull infiltration thing has been run through in the Marvel Universe once or twice before — kind of the whole point of the Skrulls. Of course, it’s hard to match FF #2 against the “Secret Invasion” bit — much easier when it comes to later riffs on this basic idea, though.

The Ultimate U. exists to make “refreshed” copies (some successful, some not) of mainstream Marvel storylines of years past, so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. But Secret Invasion isn’t exactly an innovation in the regular MU either.

Love the nerdiness, though! Excellent stuff.

Let’s not forget that a big part of the Kree-Skrull War involved a Skrull who’d made into the higher ranks of government. Or Roy Thomas’s 3-D Man, which used Skrull infiltrators — including a Nixon-Skrull! — as a manque Body Snatchers/Red Scare paranoia. Or that pre-Ultimates era Mark Waid story in Captain America about a Skrull who convinces the world that a Secret Invasion style plot has happened, and then lets humanity tear itself apart.

No, it didn’t happen in the UU first.

Wasn’t “aliens infiltrate Earth posing as humans” one of the major storylines in ROM, too?

about the article, i think this is why the writers should introduce a few new Ultimates Exclusive characters into the stories. Like Geldhoff, that kid wolverine killed, the wizard who joined the X-Men, etc… Those characters have, to my knowledge, never been part of the MU at all. So, these new concepts that are thrown in with the revamped modern refreshed copies of the old concepts add new flavor to everything. Maybe, it will even slow down the Ultimates universe going 83 years faster than the MU.

The author makes one error that I found striking:

Considering how quickly the Ultimate universe is burning through the 40-plus years of Marvel storylines, the following result shouldn’t be too surprising.

The introduction or use of characters bears absolutely no relation to storylines. The Ultimate things I’ve read have sometimes revamped original-universe stories, but that’s hardly been the case every time. The way I see it is that the Ultimate line is not trying to catch up with the original universe, so even if it began with ultimate analogues of every current original-universe creation, it’d still be its own game.

It seems a mistake to treat the Ultimate line as a simple redundancy. At least until it becomes one—which it doesn’t show too many signs of becoming.

I agree with The Dane.

It’s sort of a Mirror Mirror twisted Marvel U, but is that a bad thing ? I happen to love the Ultimate U and overall like it better than the 616. Is it going to retell every story ? No, but it will retell and possibly improve upon some aspects of some classic stories, as it already has. It also has the freedom to express itself in ways that the more merchandised mainstream 616 can’t, or won’t, do. It can even some new stuff not seen in the 616 * gasp * !

I’ve heard of the impending doom of the UU for a couple of years now. If anything, like DC’s Final Crisis, it will have some lapsing with the 616, or other versions there of, and I for one am not against it as long as it isn’t flogged to death.

Tell me a good story !

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