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Snark Blocker – Comic Book Alphabet!

Enjoy this utter silliness, devoid of any intellectual merit!



























Thanks for the suggestions for better O, P R and S!!! Much better!!

I really like the current list now! Thanks, folks!


Francisco Germiniani

February 18, 2008 at 3:53 am

I…Vampire! That’s a classic.

Man of Steel #1 for S.

Sebastian O, of course, for O!

Wikipedia has a cover image and everything.

D.P. 7 (New Universe title) might make a better “P” entry.

Or maybe something by P. Craig Russell? http://www.comics.org/coverview.lasso?id=231479&zoom=4

No V for Vendetta? Although that’s just nit-picking, as the current V is good.

For I: There’s a Showcase Presents I Spy that works well.

O, P, and to some extent R should be improvable. I’m surprised there’s not a Metal Man cover with Platinum as a P.

You worked very hard. I am very impressed.

A and S just made my day.

On a kind of related note, if you like puzzles you may want to check out one I created for this year’s MIT Mystery Hunt. Solving the puzzle will yield a one-word answer: http://web.mit.edu/puzzle/www/08/confession/

I seem to recall an issue of Wizard Mag from the good old days where they riffed on that Superman “Mr. Z” cover to the point where I was damn near pissing my pants from laughing so hard…

Oh, Jim Lee’s c-23. You wanted to be so much more than you really were.

D should have been DNAgents.

DC also did a tie-in comic with the TV series V.

Took me ages to recognize the R in the Quicksilver-Scarlet Witch cover.

But very cute idea. I’m suprised you found that many, frankly.

J2: the son of the ORIGINAL Juggernaut. That’s fantastic. Thank you for that reminder.

Didn’t Puck have a big ‘P’ on his costume? I think there is an issue during the Byrne Alpha Flight run that wouls be perfect for the ‘P’ spot.

Surely the Alphabet Supes ought to be a coda here….

This maybe stupid, but what’s R in that Wanda Pietro cover? The background? If so, why?

@ Cass

In the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes series, each of the 8 issues had a letter each, spelling A V E N G E R S, on the cover.

A better entry for “P” might be PT-109, Gold Key’s adaptation of the movie based on JFK’s WW2 experience http://www.comics.org/series.lasso?SeriesID=1655

Thanks, folks!

I put in the new O, P and S!

It’s a lot cooler looking now!

Here’s a link to the I Spy cover I mentioned. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y104/CSBG/1194_4_50.jpg

The link comes from one of Brian’s Urban Legends posts.

Why are there two C’s and no D’s?! You just didn’t want to use a cover. Like, oh, DAZZLER the MOVIE. You break my heart sometimes, BC!

I used D-Man, Ben!!

Is that REALLY the best D-Man cover?

Poor guy.

They look much better now. “R” could still use an improvement, though.

Wouldn’t a good Robin cover work for R?

not that it would be a big change, but I actually prefer the Y on the final issue of Y: The Last Man to the one on the first issue.

(I just wanted to comment because I thought it was cute that there were 26 replies to the alphabet topic)

Wouldn’t a good Robin cover work for R?

Yeah, that was my first thought, too, but I wasn’t able to find a cover where the “R” in Robin was significant enough.

For “R,” how about this or this?

Assuming I got the html right, which is a crapshoot.

You know what, ZZZ, you’ve convinced me!

I’ll use the latter one! Thanks!

Alberta Bangworthy

February 19, 2008 at 4:32 am

God, aren’t you glad you weren’t alive when that ‘F-Troop’ comic was published?

I’m pretty sure that if I had walked into the corner store and saw that fuckin’ shit-smear staring back at me from the spinner-rack, I would have pulled out a knife and slashed my own throat right then and there. Bleeding to death on the shopfloor, I would have joyfully gone to meet my maker knowing that I didn’t have to spend another second in the company of such hideous cuntery.

Christ, they used to publish some fucked-up, retarded shit, didn’t they?

Excellent edits. This is a much more satisfying set than the one I first saw here. And I knew that somehow, somewhere, there would be a reason (excuse) for the existence(fictional) of Puck. God I hate that little spinning freak.

I think the weakest cover remaining is the “M”. How about
for an alternative?

Wouldn’t a House of M cover have worked better for “M’.

I like M!

If you can find a better cover featuring M, though…

I agree with MWGallaher above. The “M” on the Generation X cover doesn’t really pop, since there’s so much other type there (Similar problem with the D-Man Captain America cover – The D is lost in all the other cover elements). The M cover he suggests is much better.

I think that this would be better for V, though. I tried to find a good image for DC’ s V tie-in comic, but it’s almost impossible to search for a series where the title is just a single letter.

Damn it, that was supposed to link to a V for Vendetta cover image. Argh.

Here’s the V comic I was trying to get a decent image of:


Yeah, I’ll take that V over V Battalion, but I love M too much! If you can find a better M cover, though…;)

Is it just me or does Captain N look stoned?

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