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Eric Trautmann Deserves a Gig

So yeah, Eric Trautmann, despite doing some excellent work on Checkmate with Greg Rucka (possibly/probably my favorite issues of the series) and Crime Bible (also with Rucka), was passed over in favor of Bruce Jones (and do note, this is about Eric Trautmann, not about knocking Bruce Jones) as the writer to follow Rucka on Checkmate. That is unfortunate.

He mentioned over at his blog that he was kinda planning on being the new writer, so he is currently available for writing work. So comic editors – find some work for Eric Trautmann! The man deserves a gig!!!


Apparently Trautmann has a new agent…

This makes me very sad. Bruce Jones is either the luckiest man in the world, related to big wigs at Time-Warner, etc…

Checkmate is easily one of the top 3 books DC publishes right now and now it is effectively dead. Trautmann’s stories were gold, Jones’s ash.

Stupid stupid stupid DC….

Considering what Jones did to Warlord and Viglante, I am not optimistic about this


February 21, 2008 at 5:40 pm

Checkmate is easily one of the top 3 books DC publishes right now and now it is effectively dead. Trautmann’s stories were gold, Jones’s ash.

Stupid stupid stupid DC….

They had a big name in Rucka and the book wasn’t selling, so why would they let Trautmann do it solo?
His name brings nothing to the book, and his stories aren’t hitting a big enough audience, so editorial have decided to get someone else in.
I can get arguing the choice, up to personal taste, but I can’t understand people asking ‘why’ when a book that isn’t selling gets canceled or a new team.

I thin Eric needs a book that is character driven and maybe a smaller cast and a tighter focus. Flash after Waid is done? Hawkman (he doesn’t have a title and for some reason I think he would rock this)? GL Corps? Suicide Squad (thought this would just be Checkmate by a different name)? It’s a pity DC doesn’t do Elseworlds anymore. Maybe he should jump to Vertigo, do a mini, get indy cred and then go back to mainstream.

By the by, let me add that I am certainly not blaming the book’s editor (Joan Hilty, right?). The editor made a call looking out for the best scenario for the book, and as Funky mentions, you can easily make a good case that Trautmann might not have been the best bet, marketing-wise.

I’m just saying that the guy is definitely a talented writer, and editors (Marvel Comics Presents, perhaps?) should give him a shot with different titles. Fill-ins, etc.

Where was he in Rambo IV, anyway?

“Apparently Trautmann has a new agent…”

…apparently so.


(Also, in response to earlier comments—yeah, a tighter focus and smaller cast fits my personal preferences much, much better, though my “plan” for Checkmate was to alternate between small-focus stories (a la Carl’s tale in “Firewall” or the “La Vie En Sang” 2-parter) and the big all-hands-on-deck tales.)

Thanks for the post; it brightened my day. :D


Isn’t the point of having an understudy (very very tenuous metaphor, I realize) to have someone to fill in for the regular performer without a big disruption to play? I’m neutral on Bruce Jones taking up writing duties, but it would have been nice to see Trautmann continue the title for a few issues (even if he couldn’t increase sales) rather than have DC resort to stunt casting to try to get the numbers up.

Anyway, the move could be good, could be bad, but I’ll give Trautmann’s next project a more serious look.

As of now I completely agree with Cronin: I thought Checkmate really needed a tighter focus and smaller cast.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eric on a few projects lately (look for the first fruits of our labor in Image’s Popgun Vol. 2) and he is 100% awesome all the way.

He’ll have no problem continuing to make a name for himself. Glad to see there are plenty of folks out there rooting for him. :)

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