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2/22 – Curious Cat Asks…

If only one Green Lantern could be on the Justice League, which one would you pick?




End of discussion.


End of discussion.

I’d say John Stewart. He is a character that to me works best as a team. Hal can carry his own solo book and I’ve always felt that Guy makes the most sense in a comedic setting or as a foil to the straight-laced gaurdians. I’ve never really warmed up to Kyle, so that leaves John.

Plus, his personality lends that to a strategist, which works well within the ranks of the JLA (which is one of the many reasons that he worked so well on the Justice League Unlimited TV show).


End of discussion.

(Or the beginning!)

Sorry, avengers63, but…

I’d like a ring to be given to Ostrander’s ‘The Writer’, who would then be placed on permanent monitor duty (plus, minutes-taker at all meetings). The title should of course be relaunched immediately and written by New York Times #1 bestseller Martin Amis.



More level headed than Guy, more mature than Kyle, less glory hound than Hal.

Arkiss Chummuck. But that’s just how I roll.


If the League’s HQ looks like the Hall of Justice, than they need a Wonderdog in it.

End of line.


Dammit, you took my ironic answer! My whitness has been diminished!

I’ll choose Nova.


Yes, they’ll need a bigger HQ.

Mogo (wait, I thought we were now just naming which Lantern we liked best.)

For in the Justice League: Guy, because it would be the most interesting to read about.

Question: is the comic book John Stewart a Marine?

Guy adds the most interesting dynamic.

Actually if it’s stupid, reckless Hal, that works too.

Or 20-something creative upstart Kyle.

Or.. uh crap what does sensitive artist who has strangely been retconned into a military sharpshooter John have to offer?

Can we go with Alan Scott? That’d be fresh at least.


End of discussion.

Kyle. Being an artist, his mental constructs were just more interesting, and provided a nice light touch to the superpower of Superman and the darkness of Batman.

I am against John Stewart in the Justice League for one reason. He’s named John. You should not have two characters with the same first name. (And J’Onn may be spelled different, but it’s John Jones for all that…).

If he was Jack Stewart, James Stewart, Bob Stewart…


“Kyle=Best” – Dream of the Endless

John Stewart. The other guys get their own books and guest appearances all the time. John needs more time on the frontlines!

Kyle. It was Grant Morrison’s JLA (and successors) that made the character work best and made me actually come to care about the Kyle Rayner character to the point where I now resent them bringing back Hal Jordan– a position I never thought I would ever hold previously. Plus the lightness of the character was a nice contrast with the seriousness of Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman.


Grant Morrison got me to care about him in his JLA run, so much so, that i cannot think of anyone else deserving a place amongst the greatest heroes of all time.

Guy. Most interesting of the 4, plus he’d be with Batman and you could have his dates with Ice for more comic relief.

Hal and then when he becomes a bad guy again, how about John for his replacement and/or guy to rein the Evil Hal back to the good side.

Guy! The old Giffen/DeMattis era of Justice League is my personal favorite (Remeber reading it in grade school and being blown away) so this was a no brainer. Screw the boy scout and artist, give me the moronic idiot any day.


Hal works great on his own, Guy’s too busy with the Corps, and as much as I like Kyle he’s more suited to being out in space having his own adventures. That leaves John who needs something to do, and the Justice League needs a Green Lantern, so they might as well let him hang out with them.

Hmm, since someone already said Ch’p, I’ll have to say Hal.

Although really, Sinestro could be interesting for a while . . .

For me this is a very tough call between Guy and Kyle. Kyle’s a great GL who works great with the League and, from a publishing standpoint, it would be a great place to focus on him since he got kicked out of his own comic.

Guy, on the other hand, always makes for great interpersonal conflict when he’s on a team. He was a blast back in the JLI days, and would be a blast to have on the team again. At the same time, though, he’s doing fine as the main star of GLC and if we get any member of the JLI back on the current League, I’d prefer it to be Fire (it just hasn’t quite felt like the Justice League without Fire – she was such a central figure for the majority of volume 2).

Really, I’d be happy with either one. Just not Hal or John. Hal is already hogging the spotlight in his own book and John is just boring as hell.


Or Natu.

Like Pablo–Gnort

or else Driq.


He’s the best on a team.

Guy. None of the others are as fun to read about as Guy.

Kyle. By far. Hal is boring.

Ambush Bug…if he was willing.

Dkrtzy Rrrr. Or Leezle Pon.

C’mon, you know you’d read it.

Kilowog. End of discussion.

Hal Jordan, who is still really THE main Green Lantern.

A ressurected Medphyll.

I agree with Matthew E. Ch’p!

I think the JLA should be all GL’s!

Wait, what’s that? What the heck’s a corP?

I liked Kyle, but that could have been on account of the writer(s) during JLA. His constructs were usually fun, and when he wasn’t completely hampered by his lack of experience, his youth could be used as a good foil to the more experienced members of the team.


“The Writer” isn’t so much an Ostrander creation, but is Grant Morrison from Animal Man. From the Encyclopedia Galactica, er, Wikipedia: “…a Morrison-resembling character called “The Writer” appeared in issue 58 of the DC Comics title Suicide Squad (written by John Ostrander).[7] This issue was part of the War of the Gods storyline. He was seen protesting that other “writers” had taken control of his fate now that he was part of “the continuity”. He demonstrated his skills by writing down dialogue onto a laptop. This text was attributed to specific, gathered, super-hero allies. Moments later, the allies then said those very words. He then participated in the attack on the stronghold of Circe. He eliminated a few enemies by writing of their deaths, which then happened. Writer’s block then hit and he was killed by a bestial humanoid.”

It is interesting to think that perhaps The Writer is the most powerful person in the DCU. He “writes” it, it happens. But it’s a little too metatextual for me. It makes my head hurt.

@ Bryan:

I did know that. I was going for metatextual myself, I suppose. The idea of mentioning a Morrison avatar and Green Lantern and Martin Amis made me fairly pee myself with pride. Oh well!


Touche. If we can figure out a way to work in E.E. Smith, we may just have a winner.


I like my JLA classic.


By process of elimination:

1) Not Hal. Some characters update well as the years go on and other don’t. Chris Reeve gave us a baby boomer version of Clark Kent and Tom Welling gave us a Gen Y version of the same guy. Same deal with Batman moving from Pop Art character to a Bryonic figure as the culture changed. Other characters don’t.

Hal has always seemed to be of the Korean War era. That was awesome when Denny O’Neil paired him with Oliver Queen, but now he just seems old. He looks young for whatever reason, but when he opens his mouth it sounds like your Grandpa. Seeing him on the JLA is like listening to Hugh Hefner talk about Viagra.

2) Not Kyle. Like everyone else, I thought the Morrison run on JLA was awesome. Kyle was his GL, so that matters. However, he never was as interesting as Wally West when struggling with the mantle of being a DCU legacy character. Nor did he really connect with another member of the team in a really interesting way.

The best part about him was his dating history. I really liked his relationship with Jade …

That leaves Guy and John. Both have their strengths. Guy had a really interesting dynamic with Batman in the JLI days. Knowing we’d get a Batman-Guy conflict got me excited about multiple issues back in the day. He is also the most interesting interpretation of ‘the most strong-willed man on Earth’, which GL is. Guy would generate the most interesting stories.

On the other hand, John is really likable. He was one of the best characters on the animated series. He has never really gotten his due in the comics, so seeing him on the JLA would be well-deserved. It would be fun to see him bounce off the Big Guns in the DCU for a change.

I am going to vote with my heart over my head: John Stewart.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

February 22, 2008 at 6:04 pm


And John when Hal can’t make a meeting.

But mostly Hal.


I can see why there’s a strong argument to be made for John (he doesn’t have much else to do, basically, and kids know him from JLU), but I’ve never really warmed to him as a character. On the other hand, a well-written Hal Jordan is Han Solo with super-powers. And that’s awesome.

Toss-up between Hal (who is the only iconic GL other than Alan) and John (who is a bit more of a plot oportunity).

None of the others are really on the run. Unless you count this new Ion, I guess.

Jon Stewart.

Satirical talk show host-by-night, spacecop by day, Colbert as ideal sidekick.

Kyle. Although Guy adds interesting dynamic too. Hal Jordan is boring, and John is rarely, if ever anything but token black lantern.

Guy Gardner. He’s a fun read.

Kyle would be second.

John… has never spoken to me as a character.

Hal… I just don’t like.

Jon Stewart.

Satirical talk show host-by-night, spacecop by day, Colbert as ideal sidekick.

But if Conan O’Brien attacks, they’ll turn on each other.

Depends on who the Flash on the team is.

Since it’s Wally, I’ll go with Kyle. Their banter’s fun.

Daffy Duck!!!

“In blackest day or brightest night,
Watermelon, cantaloupe, yadda-e-yadda,
erm… superstitious and cowardly lot,
with Liberty and Justice for All!”


So…. is comic-book John Stewart a U.S. Marine? He was in the episode of JLU where they go back to WWII. That’s what made me like his character so much.

Either John Stewart of Kyle Rayner. They’re my favorite GLs and since Hal has the main book, why not have one of them featured in Justice League?

Have a good day.
John Cage

Rot Lop Fan.

Alan Scott, a self-made man operating businesses and defending his community and the world. Probably retired to several boards of directors by now, and certainly no spring chicken, he has the grit and creativity to not only pull his own weight, but lead by example. He has the wit and humility to laugh at his own foibles, and is not so full of himself that he doesn’t manage to squeeze some fun out of the daring do.

Like many of us (including Bruce) he would have little use for Gardner’s garbage. The magic based ring throws Sinestro, Manhunters, and other Oa-oriented villains for a loop. And Doiby Dickles is long overdue to compare notes with Snapper Carr.

So…. is comic-book John Stewart a U.S. Marine? He was in the episode of JLU where they go back to WWII. That’s what made me like his character so much.

I believe they recently established that yes, John was a marine.

You’d think it’d have come up before, true, but oh well. ;)

I’d have to go with Arisia.
On the “pig” side, you can never have enough hotties in the JLA.
On the “serious” side, it would even up the men:women ratio that much more.

She’s got her stones as a GLC member, plus the added benefit of learning from Hal, Kilowog, and Salakk directly.

My second choice (were I to have one) would be for Natu, only because we can’t have Katma (sadly).

I could make strong arguments as a writer for Guy, Kyle, and John. So I will. :)

John: On the plus side, he’s a character who does add a little diversity to the relatively white-bread “classic” JLA. (Anyone who doesn’t think this is important should go read some essays on what it’s like having your culture marginalized.) Also, he’s readily recognizable to casual readers from the “JLU” comic. On the downside, he’s been kind of poorly handled for the last, oh…twenty years or so (pretty much ever since they decided to give him “depth” by making him a whiny loser responsible for the death of a planet.) Which makes him kind of difficult to work with.

Kyle: He fills a valuable role for any writer, that of the “New Kid”. It’s nice to have someone who can ask the same questions the reader’s probably asking, like “Who’s the giant starfish and why is he swearing revenge on the Justice League?” He’s a very humanizing presence in the JLA, someone who is just as in awe of the characters and the situations as we are.

Guy: Provides much-needed conflict for the book. Guy doesn’t take orders well, goes off on his own, does things his own way, all things that can spark nice stories and help complicate (or at times, resolve) stories. The only problem is, Guy’s enough of a loose cannon that you have to walk a tightrope with him; if you’re not careful, you’ll write yourself into a situation where either he has to quit, or the rest of the team has to kick him out in order to keep everyone’s characterization believable.

Ultimately, it depends a bit on who the other characters are. If you’ve got someone else filling the “New Kid” role (like, say, a Bart Allen Flash or a Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle…and yes, I know both of those two would probably wind up as Teen Titans. Hypothetical examples…) …then I’d go with Guy. If you don’t, I’d go with Kyle. If you’re a good writer enough to actually redeem John Stewart’s character, I’d go with John. :)

Tomar-Re. Is he dead stil? He and Superman could have some fun:

“Hey, Superman, Krypton was on my beat!”
“Yeah, great job, Tomar-Re.”

Anyhow, I want a cool alien GL in the JLA.

Thanks, Brian. Now you know why the retconned it in though: people like me.

When Sinestro Corps War comes out in a collection I’ll be reading my first Green Lantern comic.


Or Jade. I miss her.

red-Ricky: I am so mad at myself for not thinking of that automatically. Kudos.

I have yet to see anyone mention this one, so I’ll be the first (I think):

what about the planet GL that Alan Moore wrote about?
I forgot the name, but that planet GL would be the greatest GL of all time.

If not, then Scooby-Doo should the the GL!!!

Jack Black

Whichever one would make James Meeley the most angry.

Flodo span! Woooo!

John Seavey said this all pretty beautifully already, but here’s my take:

Hal: THE iconic GL, having a great comeback & good for all the Silver & Bronze Age fans.

John: Adds diversity, kids know him from JLU, got some cool characterization from that show, freshest in terms of not having worked with the comics JLA as much.

Guy: Adds instant conflict, but as John said, probably works best as a limited run GL.

Kyle: Great reader POV character. Never liked him until Morrison got his hands on him.

So… I might go with Hal out of nostalgia’s sake, but right now… John. He has the most untapped potential.

BTW, Jim Starlin orignally planned on using Guy Gardner for the whole Cockiness-Leads-To-Planet-Blowing-Up bit in Cosmic Odyssey. I can TOTALLY see Guy doing that, but for John, it was way out of character. A classic example of changing the character to fit your plot, instead of the other way around.

Tom Fitzpatrick: The Planet GL is named Mogo.

Guy, by a nose.

As much as I love Kyle or John, I think Guy would be the most interesting choice story-wise to be on the League.

Alan Scott

1.) He’s basically mainlining Starheart power at this point, making him ungoldy powerful.

2.) The. Greatest. Generation.

3.) Golden Age Costume > Anything ever.


If not guy, anyone but Hal. Hal is boring.

Depends if Green Arrow is on the team or not. Hal is usually boring without Ollie.

If Ollie is nowhere to be found…Kyle.

Animated John Stewart.

Or Jordana Gardner from the LSH in the 31st Century book.

It really depends on the other team members, for me. Different GL’s are appropriate for different group dynamics. So it totally depends.

Preferably Guy or Kilowog.

Failing that anyone will do as long as it’s not Hal or John Stewart

I’m going to have to go with Wally.

He’s done it before.

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