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2/26 – If Only…

All of Shane Davis’ art was this charming, and filled with personality.



Why only give the joke characters personalities?



I don’t know who I like better: Lil’ Batman or Lil’ Red Arrow.

Heh, the “Superman-high-on-magic-kryptonite” issue. It was hilarious. One of my favourite things is that in Superman’s drugged-up vision, Bat’s little bat-chest has googly eyes!

I love that Red Tornado is a lego man.

“Why only give the joke characters personalities?”

Because only big names are allowed to have any sort of fun with major characters at the Big Two. Anyone else trying it would be ‘disrespectful’.

But Shane Davis was marketed for Superman/Batman as “superstar artist Shane Davis,” so certainly a “superstar” should be able to have more fun with his comics than to draw them mostly in a faux-Jim Lee/Mike Turner style.

And this is from what book? Please?

It’s from Superman/Batman 46, it came out last week. Supes and Bats are still collecting all the kryptonite that lies around, they find a magic variant of kryptonite…and Supes gets HIIIIGH, complete with munchies and ADD. Those bits are hilarious.

Batman is not a joke character.

Reddy as a Lego is awesome. Love the “googly-eyed” bat symbol as well.

And now I want to buy Superman/Batman.

That’s new.

I don’t want to see Shane Davis start working solely in this style, but I’d love to see him loosen up his regular style more. The best thing here is that this shows he’s playing with some diversity in his art. Keep an eye on him.


My son, who is almost 6 yrs old, just walked by
as I was looking at this.
He asked how old they are.
I told him that Superman was hallucinating, and that he imagined
that they were all kids.

“Cool” he said.

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