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YouTube Can Be Good – 2/28

Here are some more comic book related clips via YouTube!


Here is a fascinating piece on a comic from 1964 about the first black President, which the comic predicted could happen in 1976!!

Please excuse the cheesy music.

I don’t normally enjoy making fun of old cartoons, because it seems kinda mean, as you can’t really hold them to the same standards of today.

That said, since the following was intentional, it’s okay to laugh at it…

In an attempt to put out an oil fire (I presume it is an oil fire), Aquaman floods all the coasts in the Western Hemisphere!! It’s all a plot by the Legion of Doom, but the idea that they knew Aquaman would be dumb enough to fall for it…well, that speaks volumes about Aquaman’s capabilities (or lack thereof).

Finally, here is a video clip from Showtime’s This American Life (the TV version of the acclaimed radio program).

I reviewed the episode here, and I mentioned how awesome the Chris Ware feature was.

Well, here is that feature!!

There ya go!

Hope you enjoyed it!

If anyone else has any good comic-related YouTube suggestions, let me know!


Have you posted “I’m the juggernaut, bitch!” yet? ;)

Wouldn’t water do nothing at all to stop an oil fire?

Anyone notice that the back of Black Manta’s head looks just like a great big ass?

Aquaman *would* drown millions to save the day. That makes sense.

But why’s he on a jetski?

I love that Chris Ware animation. Really great stuff.

I’m glad that Aquaman monogramed his jet ski.

“He’s gaining on me! Oh, no! I’ve gotta jump for it!”

Because heaven forbid you need to swim away from something. You know, because it’s not like that’s what you do . . . Always . . .


“Black Manta is trying to RAM me!”

Also, it’s not like Aquaman could, oh I dunno, TURN TO THE RIGHT.

Why would you try to outrun anything on a jet ski?

That black president story was drawn by Joe Sinnott.

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