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Leap Day Top Five – Top Five Batroc Covers!

Here’s your final Leap Day treat for the day! The top five covers to feature your favorite, and mine, Batroc ze Leaper!!!


5. Captain America #105


In the Name of Batroc…I think I saw that…didn’t that star Daniel Day Lewis?

A great Kirby cover.

4. Captain America and the Falcon #149


Action-packed Gil Kane cover!

3. Marvel Premiere #20


The always underrated Arvell Jones with the impressive job!!!

2. Tales of Suspense #76


His very first cover appearance, by the King!

1. Captain America #30


I couldn’t recall what book this was, and I actually thought maybe I had imagined it, but here it is, courtesy of the cover master, Dave Johnson!

Well, those are the top five!!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!!


That you had imagined it?!? Never have I been more fearful of one man’s dreams…

I gotta agree that Cap 303 should have been in there.

Zut alors! Zat ees not Arvell Jones on that covair, eet ees Geel Kane!

Jones did the interiors, IIRC.

Also, that last one really hurts my eyes. I bet they didn’t have any day-glo paint left for miles after they were done coloring that one…

I have no comment on the covers, Brian, but I wanted to commend you on some excellent posts today. Who would have thought Leap Day would be so much fun?

The coloring on Captain America #30 is rather hard on the eyes.

Nice catch on the Tumbler cover, GarBut, but I suspect that cover is a reference to the ToS 76 cover, essentially making Captain America #30 a Batroc cover based on a Tumbler cover which was in turn based on the very first Batroc cover.

My head hurts now.

Yep, Cap #303 is a fantastic cover in general, and a great Batroc cover specifically.

Of course, I think all covers with Batroc are great covers, but that’s beside the point.

I agree with Cap #303 as a classic Batroc cover. It’d probably be my #1. (But it was one of the first comics in my collection, too.)

I’m positive I’ve seen that cover to Cap #30 with normal colors before somewhere online. I mainly remember that because somebody commented that it looks like Bartoc is farting on the shield and blasting off.

Is the Kirkman listed on Cap #30 the same Robert Kirkman who does Walking Dead?

Sundown, yes it is. He wrote #29-#32 of that series (source).

Great idea, and good fun gazing at Batroc covers. But #1 is garish. He took some chances with color but it just didn’t work out. Terrible looking Cap too.

Fun idea, Brian. What are you going to do in four years’ time? Frogman?

Jeez, I forgot about the Tumbler. What, was Batroc ze Leapair unavailable that week? Couldn’t meet his price? Sheesh.

Oh, also, #5 got this stuck in my head, malhereusement:
In the naaaaaame of Batroc. Once more in the name of Batroc.

I blame society.

I love Batroc!

Batroc taught me about Savate, which I use to dispell the popular arguement in role playing game circles that all unarmed combat is oriental in origin.

I’ll never understand why otherwise intelligent people think that no other culture ever tried to punch or kick people.


Cap 303 is the best one…while the one that is listed as #1 is pretty much the worst.

To each their own, eh?

… “At the thank you of the bombastic brutality of Batroc”?

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