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Snark Blocker – Leap Day Edition – Cool Quantum Leap Covers!!

Happy Leap Day, everyone!

To celebrate, check out these awesome Quantum Leap covers by C. Winston Taylor! Talk about a premise that is tailor-made for comic books!!










Hope you dug these groovy covers!

What else has Taylor done since then? A lot of these covers are really quite excellent.

More Leap Day coolness later on today! Including ze one guy I know you all are looking forward to!!!


QL was a fun series to watch.

I thought there was going to be a TV movie special (or a screen release movie) after the series ended?

Along with the Death of Superman event, the “Quantum Leap” comics were what originally got me into comic books. I think I originally learned about them in a magazine, and thus found myself trying to track down back issues before I even knew what ‘back issues’ were.

In a file cabinet somewhere is an unpublished Quantum Leap mini-series by William Messner-Loebs and Javier Saltares. I still wish somebody would dig it out and send it to the printers.

I’m curious as to how being on Wheel of Fortune (or a reasonable facsimilie of) would benefit mankind..

I never managed to find ANY of these comics, non distributed over here in the UK perhaps. Who did the interiors? Some of those covers are nice, some seem a little off in their focus (the santa one for example). I like the fact that Al is semi-transparent tho.


Mike Deodato Sr. did the interiors for several issues, but I don’t remember any other artists. Although I do seem to recall that the art for #7 above was pretty bad.

It’s good to know they had the obligatory “Sam’s a girl” issue.

At the risk of the snark this sort of entry is supposed to block, I was a huge fan of the Quantum Leap TV series (it’s still one of my very favourite American shows) and found the comic terribly banal and disappointing. But I agree the covers were all great (see, I can get with the program).

I’m surprised the most obvious leap day thing for comics fans hasn’t been posted yet: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPERMAN!

I’m curious as to how being on Wheel of Fortune (or a reasonable facsimilie of) would benefit mankind..

The game show was rigged, and Sam has to get the true winner to win, who was going to donate his winnings to MIT, which would allow a scholarship which would get a scientist into school who would invent some microchip.

Oh I miss that show.

The Mad Monkey

March 1, 2008 at 12:09 am

I watched Quantum Leap fairly regularly…but not religiously.
All I really remember was the season where Sam leaps into the body of Lee Harvey Oswald just before the JFK assassination. Oswald’s spirit finds it’s way back to inhabit Sam and keeps popping up throughout the rest of the season, taking over Sam at times.
I remember thinking how cool a twist that was on a show that was quickly running out of ideas.

I don’t think Mad Monkey is remembering quite right. AIR, in the 2-hour season premiere of what turned out to be the last season Sam leaped into LHO at many times throughout LHO’s life; eventually LHO’s mind took over Sam’s so even though Sam was leaping about he was acting like LHO and not the other way around. Won’t spoil the end. But I’m pretty sure that once that ep was over Sam didn’t ‘become’ LHO any more.

Also AIR I read that Sam was going to leap into a cartoon character; then they cancelled QL so it never happened.

I think I’ve got all but one or two of the QL books – found them a few years ago at one of my LCSs for $1 each.

How do I contact C. Winston Taylor?

Jon Spence
Oklahoma City, OK

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