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3/7 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

DC should make more New Frontier specials. Maybe four a year (at least). Cooke doesn’t even have to draw any of them! He can just write them.



I’d rather he drew them than write them, because he’s a better artist than writer.

And then they’ll make it part of the multiverse, and then they’ll start crossing over from the regular DCU, and then all the charm and freshness will be gone. I think they should do New Frontier very infrequently, and keep it special.

Yeah at most I’d say an annual special (umm…that would be an annual then). Be a shame to see such a cool little world hes created get complicated and watered down.
Oh, and he absolutely has to draw them.

You know who I’d like to see? Paul Smith. Can’t think of anyone else right now, though it makes me sad to think about how great it would’ve been to see Mike Parobeck do something in New Frontier.

I’ll just say that David Bullock did a *great* job drawing that Robin story in the special.

I’ll disagree with you in part. Cooke needs to do the art as well. That’s part of what makes them so great. But, I do agree that we need more.

DC should let Cooke do the King Faraday “Agent of SHIELD” type series he wanted to do after New Frontier finished originally. Now, THAT would be awesome.

Still, 4 New Frontier specials a year would do just fine :)

An annual side trip into the world of New Frontier would be a fine thing. Just don’t do anything like that third story again – the writing was painful and the artwork by Bone was terrible. Clearly Cooke thought it was cute and funny, but it just came off as awful.

Um, Bill, they already made New Frontier a part of the multiverse in 52 and crossed it over in Countdown Arena, so I don’t see how additional specials are going to change that.

OK, I didn’t know that, but there’s a cumulative effect. The more its just another universe, the less interesting it will be.

I’d settle for once a year as long as Cooke does the art and has good stories to tell.

Me being me, I’d rather see Cooke do his own thing than work with previously established properties.

But, y’know, I’d totally be game for a Paul Smith drawn DCU project.

Can’t believe I didnt notice that Cooke didn’t pencil the Robin/Kid Flash story. Bullock did a fantastic job.

J Bone’s depiction of WOnder Woman was god-awful.

I love New Frontier, and the first thought I had after looking through the special was how much I’d like to see more on a frequent basis. That would probably kill it though. I wouldn’t mind a well-written sequel mini.

Tom Fitzpatrick

March 7, 2008 at 10:35 am

If DC can’t get Paul Smith to do the art, they should get Jeff Smith to do it if Cooke can’t do it.

I’d rather see four James Robinson “Times Past” specials a year.

Dan (other Dan)

March 7, 2008 at 12:20 pm

DC greenlighting more of these probably depends in part on how well the New Frontier DVD sells. Wasn’t this basically a movie tie-in to get people thinking about New Frontier again? The more successful this comic and the DVD are, the more likely we are to see another.

Honestly, after the Countdown to the Infinite, Final Crisis, I would be ok with DC throwing their entire regular universe and its 52 subsidiaries away to start fresh. Picking up from the end of “New Frontier” would be a perfect way to do that in my opinion.

They already made the New Frontier reality part of the 52? Oh for God’s sake.

Ahem, anyway, I was actually thinking the other day that I’d love to see Cooke drawing (maybe writing, or not) a major DC book, as though he’s any other artist instead of a “cartoonish” one who can only do certain kinds of projects. He draws such a perfect Superman, I’d be more than happy to see him on Action Comics or Superman–we know from New Frontier that he can handle serious subjects in his art style, so why the hell not?

I know it won’t happen, but I can dream.

No I don’t think so, I found the non-Cooke art pretty jarring

All Cooke all the time

New Frontier is MY DCU from now on.

I’ll just sit here in my dark corner and wait for another issue…

I’m saying this anywhere people might be stupid enough to listen – I’d love love love there to be a ‘New Frontier: Teen Titans’ mini written in the Haneytastic beat style Cooke uses for that Robin drag racer story. That would be great.

I think that would be a very bad idea. Darwyn Cooke’s art is what drew me into New Frontier in the first place and remains one of it’s biggest attractions to me. Furthermore, even though it’s a very good story in an interesting world I’m afraid milking it for what it’s worth would eventually start to put a strain on it. They should only do more if Darwyn Cooke has a good idea for it and feels like it, luckily he doesn’t seem like the type of guy to milk his creations.

NF is an absolute beauty of a comic, no need to add or mess with it. Let it be, let it be, let it be.

But aren’t you upset that your Absolute New Frontier is now no longer Absolute?

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