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Disaster Mostly Averted!

Thanks so much to the voters – you folks really helped me out after the initial deletion. I lost about 200 or so ballots, but between Sunday night and tonight, I received, between re-votes and people voting for the first time, almost 300 ballots! And this time, I have transferred them to my hard drive, you know, just in case. ;)

But while 300 votes is awesome, I would love to have even more ballots! Preferably, I’d like to see us past the 660 (give or take a few) I received for the Top Character list! So please, keep voting! And if you voted before March 9th, and haven’t re-voted, please do so!

Here‘s the place to vote.

Thanks, everyone! It’ll be a lot of fun seeing how the lists shake out!


I re-posted my list now–it showed, but said that it was awaiting moderation. I put in the code I was supposed to–hopefully that’s good enough.

Yeah, it should say that – it means that I can see it, but no one else can! :)

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