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Comic Anthology Launch Party

TAKE TWO!!! It was originally February 22nd, before inclement weather canceled it, and now it is tonight!

Check out the launch party for Fantagraphics’ new HOTWIRE II anthology, featuring (among others): Jonathon Rosen, Glenn Head, Sam Henderson, Danny Hellman, Mark Newgarden, David Sandlin, Chadwick Whitehead, Craig Yoe, R. Sikoryak, Doug Allen and Marc Dean Vega.


Check out Rocketship for more info (like how to get there).


Put in links to some of their stuff! At the VERY least, everyone would probably get a kick out o R. Sikoryak’s work.

Shame the weather’s going to kick the crap out of New York tomorrow. I’d probably make the trip otherwise.

Man! I wish I was going to be at this show!


Postponed due to weather, folks.

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