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Name Some I’ds of Your Own!

We’re halfway through, so please share some I’ds of your own!

Remember, just minor changes, nothing like “I’d have skipped the Clone Saga,” etc.

Also, let’s presume everyone would have done One More Day differently, and skip that one, too, okay? ;)

Otherwise, let me hear what you got!!


I’d have relaunched Wonder Woman with Gail Simone from the very beginning.

I’d have made Harry the father of Gwen’s magic superbabies instead of Norman.

I’d have given Aztek more to do during his time with the JLA.

Patrick Joseph

March 15, 2008 at 9:46 am

Ditto on Aztek.

I’d have not killed Bart Allen, and let Guggenhein continue weaving interesting stories about the character as Flash. The revision to Wally with kids did not work with me, in part because Bart’s death left such a bad taste in my mouth. Flash has always been my “happy book.”

I’d have made anyone other than the son of the man she was already sleeping with the father of Catwoman’s baby.

I’d have never changed Alias to The Pulse.

Derek J. Goodman

March 15, 2008 at 10:00 am

I’d have never gone with the reality show angle on the New Warriors, and then wouldn’t have used them as the group that started Civil War. I loved their book as a kid, and even though the stories come off as cheesy now when I reread them the Warriors were an idealistic group who really thought they were making the world a better place. Where they eventually went made no sense to me.

I’d never have brought Henry Bendix back from the dead.

I’d never have overpowered Jenny Quantum/Quarx

I’d have never killed Gert from Runaways

I’d have keep Deadpool in Cable/Deadpool more morally grey

I’d have Darwin not disapear for no reason after the latest Shi’ar arc in Uncanny X-Men

I’d have never revisted the Titans Tommrow stroyline

I’d have kept Rahne in X-Factor. She is a really bad fit for X-Force

I’d have kept Bart a teen-ager.

All X-men!

I’d have reworked Sunfire back into the early X-men way more than he was, maybe even as a team member.

I’d have said “You know what, take your time. We’ll wait” and let Frank Quitely draw all of Grant Morrison’s run on X-men.

I’d have developed the whole Mystique/Nightcrawler/Destiny thing (Scandalous!)

Bernard the Poet

March 15, 2008 at 10:08 am

I’d have left Jean Grey dead after the Dark Phoenix saga and left Cyclops happily married in Alaska to Madelyn Prior. If there had to be a X-Factor comic then I would have dropped the whole mutant-hunter/we-don’t-like-the-X-Men-anymore sub-plot and just set it outside of New York. If X-Factor had been called the ‘West Coast X-men’ or ‘X-men: European Branch’, I’m sure it would have sold twice as well.

I’d have never revisted the Titans Tommrow stroyline

I’d have merely given it a happy ending, as opposed to what actually happened. (And in particular I wouldn’t have used it to change Miss Martian’s status quo.)

I’d have released less 52/Countdown spinoffs. (Can’t really change Countdown too much and still have it be a minor change, unfortunately.)

I’d have tinkered with Superman’s origin much less after COIE/Zero Hour; he’d still be part of the Legion of Superheroes, for example.

I’d have told Grant Morrison to expand the “Darkseid Is” part of Rock of Ages into a slightly longer arc.

I’d have not retconned the Beyonder into a mutant Inhuman.

I’d have revealed that the man using Black Mask’s name during War Games was really The Joker, and that he tricked Stephanie into starting the whole mess.

I’d have released spin-off titles for Spider-Girl, eventually spinning 6-8 bi-monthly titles off into their own continuity called Marvel Legacy. I bet it would outlast Marvel 2099,


I’d have left Jean Grey dead after the Dark Phoenix saga and left Cyclops happily married in Alaska to Madelyn Prior

Awesome….thought the same for years.

I’d have kept Adam Warlock dead as well

I’d had tried to launch a new Shang-Chi series by now.

I’d had made Moon Knight more supernatural instead of a flamin’ whackjob.

I’d had gotten the Champions back together….with the original members plus Darkstar and Echo.

I’d had kept Dardevil single.

I’d had kept Johnny Storm married to Lyja.

I’d had kept Max Gargan as the Scorpion.

I’d had launched a Dr.Strange/Clea title.

I’d had just changed Superboy’s name instead of killing him off.

I’d had Raven and Beast Boy stay together.

I’d have made someone from the supporting cast in to Venom rather than introduce Eddie Brock out of nowhere.

I’d have had Joey Q turn the badness of One More Day into an interesting fan read by having a book of creators each do a page on how they would have fixed the Spider Marriage.

I’d have let Peter David really use Supergirl well…since everyone else forgot how.

I’d kept Aunt May dead and forced writers to be more creative with Spidey Ideas.

I’d have used a new X-Cutioner to wipe out bad X-characters in a sweeping mystery rather than just killing off or depowering mutants in a sweep.


I’d have Siryn change her codename to Banshee.

I’d have brought Inza Nelson back as Dr. Fate.

I’d have Robin join Batman on JLA missions.

I’d have kept the yellow oval on Batman’s chest.

I’d put Dazzler on New Avengers.

I’d have Jean Grey get romantically involved with Magneto.

I’d restore Metamorpho’s original appearance.

“I’d have used a new X-Cutioner to wipe out bad X-characters in a sweeping mystery rather than just killing off or depowering mutants in a sweep.”

I love it.

These threads are inspiring to me. Would anyone here be interested if I were to set up a Live Journal community where we could actually write out these hypothetical storylines and share them?


I’d have given Steve Gerber full ownership of Howard the Duck.

I’d have let Peyer and Morales create new issues of Hourman until they were good and ready to quit, regardless of how the sales charts read.

I’d have kept Spider-Man married.

I’d have kept Batman a quadrapalegic after Knightfall and let Dick Grayson wear the Bat-suit.

I never would have killed Hal Jordan.

Having killed Hal Jordan and established Kyle Rayner as the Green Lantern with the following decade’s worth of stories, I never would have brought Hal back to life (much less made him GL again).

Can’t think of more off the top of my head. I’m sure I will, though.

I’d have stuck to my guns and let Monarch be Captain Atom way back when.

I’d have avoided turning John Jameson into the Man-Wolf in the first place.

I’d have cancelled the Authority when Ellis left.

I’d have let Robert Weinberg finish his Cable arcs as he initially planned them and let Counter-X Cable be delayed still further to do so.

I’d have followed up the Mrs. Rodman, overzealous substitute Aztek, and Patty Celeste subplots from Aztek in JLA at some point.

I’d have done Marvel vs. DC without the voting.

I’d have let Aunt May die of the sniper’s bullet. Peter will send MJ to hide under false ID, he will keep running until the heat calms down. Later they would reunite and have a kid or two.

I’d let JMS do another issue or two of Squadron Supreme to finish his story.

I’d have killed Nightwing in Infinite Crisis and see how it impacts Batman, Robin, Teen Titans and Outsiders.

I’d have let Peter and MJ build their relationship and not rush their marriage just because of a newspaper strip.

I’d have not cancelled Stormwatch: PHD.

I’d have pitched Scalped to HBO or Showtime.

I’d have used the current Multiverse nonsense to get rid of crybaby Superman and replace him with any other Elseworlds Superman (preferably Red Son).

This may sound entirely nuts, but I’d have followed up on developing the character of Jubilee more after her reintroduction to Uncanny X-Men a couple of years ago.

A character who shares a name with an apocryphal Old Testament book and a biblical festival is crucified and pronounced dead, then revived with the healing blood of someone called Archangel?

I don’t care how silly the character was before, that’s a gold mine of symbolism right there, and I can imagine any number of great stories to which it could’ve led. Instead, we got a short-lived series for little girls that may be the most embarassing title an X-(Wo)man ever appeared in.

I thought of another one:

I’d have revealed Cable to be the end-result of the Kinder-Gentler hero version of Magneto.


I wouldn’t have had Wildfire possess Sun Boy’s rotting corpse.

I’d have kept Wanda and Vision happily married with children. Poor girl has been much abused as of late and it all goes back to Byrne.

I’d have never killed Colossus.

I’d have canceled The Ultimates before letting Jeph Loeb write it.

I’d never have let Spider-Man unmask publicly.

I’d have let John Byrne’s Man Of Steel remain as Superman’s status quo.

I’d have never brought back Jason Todd.

I’d have left more than 198 mutants.

I’d let Aunt May die already.

I’d have never let Storm marry Black Panther

And some I agree with from other posts…

I never would have killed Hal Jordan.

I’d have kept Spider-Man married.

I’d have not retconned the Beyonder into a mutant Inhuman.

Tom Fitzpatrick

March 15, 2008 at 12:01 pm

“I’d have given Steve Gerber full ownership of Howard the Duck.”

I’d have given Steve Gerber another 2 NEVADA mini-series as it would have been a trilogy.

I’d have given Steve Gerber more issues of VOID INDIGO instead of cancelling it after 2 issues.

I’d have given John Byrne another 20 issues of JB’s NEXT MEN to complete the saga.

I’d have given William Messner-Loebs a job to complete JOURNEY: WARDRUMS mini-series.

I’d have given Jim Starlin a fortune to finish off his METAMORPHOSIS ODYSSEY epic.

I’d have given Warren Ellis & Daniel Zejjej (msp?) more issue to finish off DESOLATION JONES.

I’d have given John Cassaday a good swift kick in the ass to finish the last issue of Planetary years ago!!!!!

Bernard the Poet

March 15, 2008 at 12:02 pm

I’d bring back Batman’s Aunt Harriet. This would bring a touch of warmth and humour to the proceedings, and have the added benefit of re-introducing a character rarely seen in the Batman books anymore. A fellow called Bruce Wayne.

I’d have made Miss Tessmacher a recurring part of Lex’s entourage.

I’d have revealed that the Gwen that Norman slept with was a clone that he forced Warren to produce as a way to mess with Peter in the future. In fact, I would go so far as to make Norman so crazy that he had clones of May, Betty Brant, Gwen, Liz Allen and MJ (all big parts of Peters life) made so that he could violate them symbolically. Afterwards, he tortured and killed them. Except for Gwen. He used her to produce offspring that would carry on the legacy and then after giving birth to them, he killed the Gwen clone and found a way to manipulate the real Gwen into thinking she had actually done it. Not only does he mind F*** Pete, but the woman he loves also.

Then again, I’m no JMS or Joe Q.

I’d have Martian Manhunter remain the same Oreo loving, JLA supporting character we know and love

I’d have kept Wally West the Flash after Infinite Crisis

I’d have rejected Superman: For Tomorrow

I’d have made the ending to Sinestro Corps War a little more epic

I’d have kept Superman’s past as Superboy after Crisis on Infinite Earths

I’d have Jim Shooter refund everyone who bought Secret Wars II

I’d have made better use of Franklin Richards.

I’d release a value priced (24.99 cheap!) Absolute Ambush Bug and make it mandatory reading for all comics fans.

I’d have given Nightwing a solo series much earlier (and not had him be Batman Jr, as Chuck Dixon seemed determined to make him).

I’d have never killed Hal Jordan.

I’d have cancelled Exiles after Tony Bedard’s World Tour run.

I’d never have let Proteus possess Morph – the ending to that situation still pisses me off because it’s been left in limbo and Proteus should have been dealt with once and for all.

I’d had kept Ben Reily alive..(glad to have seen this brought up elsewhere)

I’d have let Aunt May die…back in Amazing Spider-Man # 400

I’d would have kept both Norman and Harry Osborn dead….sorry I had to add a couple more.

I’d have kept Chuck Austen far away from any X-Men book

I’d make sure a proper explanation for Pete and MJ’s baby was written

I’d have kept Skin alive from Generation X. (Killing Synch was depressing enough)

I’d put a stop to all gratuitous X-Men/junior X-Men members’ deaths

I’d have ended Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends with an animated movie that was serious in tone. ( :) Hey all the other toons in the 80’s seemed to get those)

I’d have replentished Spider-Man’s supporting cast by taking a cue from Animal Man and making him a small family character with neighbors. Animal Man’s family were as much characters in the book as Animal Man was. The same could have been done for Spider-Man.

I’d have made IDENTITY CRISIS an Elseworlds story.

In fact, I already did. That’s how I process it when I think about “my” DCU. I neither loved nor hated the story, mind, though I suppose overall I enjoyed it enough to not want to see it banished in a we-shall-never-speak-of-this-again capacity. So, in my head, it’s an Elseworlds.

Hmm. Hope I wasn’t mindwiped…

I’d have put Priest on one of the X-Men books after Morrison left instead of Claremont and Austen.

I’d have found a way to not kill Genis-Vell in Thunderbolts #100; perhaps something that would drastically de-power him and cut off Cosmic Awareness, but only on Earth. So he could be a useful not-godlike member of the T-bolts and slowly reclaim his soul and sanity, but be available for cosmic events like Annihilation with the knowledge that staying out in space too long would make him crazy and perhaps destroy the universe.

Ohjeez, here’s a big one. I would NOT bring back the old X-Men costumes after Morrison left. I would NOT bring back Magneto after Morrison left and his story had been played out every which way. If the audience hasn’t already read it… the audience has already seen it in theaters, and you’re not going to get new readers by rehashing the movies.

I’d put someone, ANYONE, other than Greg Land on Uncanny X-Men with Matt Fraction.

I’d ask Cameron Stewart to draw Spiderman.

And Chris Sprouse to draw Fantastic Four.

I’d NEVER kill Hawkeye.

I’d make Omega Flight an ongoing.

And definitely bring back Nextwave.

I’d Let Aunt May die a loooong time ago.
And Little May would be alive and well.

I’d keep the Beast with the Avengers, quoting Shakespeare while hanging from the ceiling, and get rid of that stupid cat-like appearance.

I’d bring Ben Reilly back.

I’d ask Moore to come back and write Twilight of the Gods.

I’d reunite Busiek and Perez on the Avengers.

I’d fire Dan Didio.

I’d bring back the swashbuckling, daring hero that Nightcrawler was during Excalibur.

I would have sent Sue to the secret war, the pregnancy would have shown the new readers how the soap oprea that is so important to Marvel worked well in any plot, and she would have been a better damsel in destress then the worse wasp i have ever seen.

I would have kept Magneto a good guy following new mutants, no villan of his standing has ever reformed for so long it was a brave move

I would have been clear that there was a miscarriage of the parker baby rather then a bait and switch that was never going be addressed

I would have made Maddy Pryor a reborn Jean so that cyclops would not leave his son

I would make Logan remember he killed his one true love only a few year ago His time so he did not crack on to everywoman in spandex.

I would kept Jaris and May together

I would bring Nightwing (in place of bruce)in the JLA with Wally, and Roy, it would really so the legacy idea in full effect.

I would reveal the skrull agents are the original secret warriors. The beyonder as of SW3 (I have not seen the inhuman story) was a cosmic cube, the skrulls have a link to sentiant cubes through the shaper of worlds, they could have manipulated to take 30 of earths most powerfull and replaced them with agents who would all tell the same tale of where they had been, throw in enough changes all backed up by each other to back up the story including dealying then things return. It would be the perfect revenge for a race who had just allowed your planet by saving Galactus and would give Marvel the reboot crisis they want but pretend they don’t.

I would have never made Captain Atom Monarch after the battle of Bludhaven. Since Hawk had already been declared Monarch.

I would have never retconed Hal so that he wasn’t actually responsible for the atrocities he commited.

I would have never let Kurt Busiek get ahold of the Squadron Supreme in avengers.

I would have never made the 2099 revamp a few years ago, but instead, a sequel to the old 2099.

I would have never done the revisiting of the Age of Apocalypse. period.

I would have made Nunzio Deflipis and Christina Weir stay on New X-Men for another three years.

Damn, I think you people have covered every “I’d” I can think of. I agree most with the ideas that I’d:

– keep redeemed Magneto; failing that, I’d not bring him back after Grant Morrison (and if I’m forced to, I’d have an explanation that doesn’t require a doctorate and/or an altered state of consciousness to understand)

– keep Gert alive, though that’s really just sentimentality on my part

– keep Aunt May dead when she dies; the BS they come up with to keep on bringing her back is out of control. Really, I’d enforce “dead is dead” across the board

-give you all more Nextwave, somehow

Additionally, I’d:

– smack DC around until they let Bendis (and Maleev, I think) do that Batman/Daredevil book, and KNOCK IT OFF with the fill-in Batman/Detective Comics issues

– not have killed off the original Alpha Flight off-panel for cheap shock value

– offer a dump truck full of money to BKV to continue Runaways and revisit Dr. Strange! If he passed, I’d end Runaways without him

– publish Frank Cho’s “unrated” Shanna collection; supposedly this is happening, but not soon enough

– keep Kitty Pryde alive, apparently :(

I’d have actually put out that Showcase Presents: Suicide Squad TPB that was solicited.

I’d have made sure Matt Fraction didn’t become the writer for Punisher War Journal. (I know this one might not be popular, but as a long time fan of the character it’s like pulling teeth)

I’d have convinced Vertigo to put out a second Mobfire mini series. Seriously, I loved that book.

I’d have given Giffen at least another 6 issues of The Heckler.

I’d have green lit that Bob & Freddy’s House of Fun one shot that was supposed to spin off of Preacher.

I’d have made it so that the cover of Spider-man #400 didn’t look like complete ass.

I’d have cleared up the rights on Miracleman so I could actually read what all the fuss was about.

I’d have kept Genis Vell as Captain Marvel. (Granted I have a pretty good idea on how to do this…I hope I’ll get the chance.)

Instead of claiming that Ben Reilly was the real Peter Parker, I’d let Peter pull one of his attempts at “retiring” as Spider-Man, leaving Ben the reins in New York and THEN he and MJ move off to Portland to start their new life. As far as who was real and who was the clone, I’d have them destroy the results and drop the question, and have one say to the other: “You are my brother, and that is all that matters.” That one thing would’ve taken the stink RIGHT off of the “Clone Saga.”

I’d have left Jean Grey dead after the Dark Phoenix Saga, and let the resurfaced Jean Grey turn out to be a second clone created by Mr. Sinister to screw with Scott’s mind. Next, I would’ve kept him relatively single until Emma came along in “New X-Men.” Think of how much more power the climax of “Messiah CompleX” would’ve had, especially with the implications of the new mutant birth.

I’d have kept Archangel’s skin blue, and if at all possible, his glowing “truth wings” that contained the last remnants of Apocalypse’s power from the metal transformation.

I’d have kept Bendis on street level/fringe heroes, and nowhere NEAR the major Marvel players. Mark Millar would never leave the Ultimate Universe. Ever.

I’d have left Scott Lobdell finish his run on Heroes Return: Fantastic Four, just so he could finish his plans with the Crucible character.

I’d have taken the re-imagined origins of the Fantastic Four and Iron Man from “Heroes Reborn” and integrated them into the proper Marvel canon.

I’d have instituted a 3:10 ratio of Marvel time progression (3 years’ Marvel time to every 10 years’ real time), and let the characters age.

I would have not killed all the interesting Green Lanterns(Flodo Span, Driq, and Xax are the ones that spring to mind – even though they died in good stories).

I’m interested that so many of these seem to be Marvel-centric.

I was thinking about a few things…

I’d have put the Wildstorm universe through a fan-driven purge rather than a reboot.

I’d have brought back Dr. Fate as someone other than…a dumb version of Kent Nelson. I’d have preferred a Dr. Fate where previous incarnations are constantly battling for dominance of the host.

I’d have kept publishing Chase and Chronos! Seriously if a DC writer reads this, bring back Chronos. Gail-help a boy out!

I’d have done a miniseries about the Justice Experience super team (from Chase/Martian Manhunter).

I’d have had Aztek reappear as the shadow villain he wanted to stop.

I’d have Connor Hawk be gay. (Winick would not have shot him then…)

I’d have someone acknowledged the JLA between Superman’s Death and the Morrison JLA.

I’d have the Guardians still ask that Green Lanterns be honest and fearless again. Seriously, dropping the honest requirement kind of necessitated the Alpha Lanterns.

I’d have made the Bulleteer the ultimate badluck superhero. In fact, I’d have done more stories with her 52 JLA with that Apache Chief guy.

I’d also have made Relative Heroes a bigger part of the DCU. Devin Grayson’s series was pretty cool. They could have ended up as Titans.

I’d have made the Jurgens Teen Titans the children of *specific* famous DC Aliens rather than random ones.

So, so many I could list. But discounting the obvious (just about every gratuitous death in the last twenty years)…

I’d have left Alicia married to Johnny. The retcon was full of holes, and since Ben had already moved on and “the original Alicia” hadn’t, the retcon basically left Alicia unusable as a member of the FF’s supporting cast for fifteen years (and counting; apparently everyone’s ignoring the Dan Slott-written stories where the two of them got back together.) It was a move solely made to appease nostalgic fanboys/piss off John Byrne. :)

I’d have shot down the whole idea of an “Illuminati” series. It’s continuity porn, and worse, it’s continuity porn that continually makes huge continuity mistakes that will give you an aneurysm if you try to reconcile them with every other Marvel comic in existence. Gigantic, ham-fisted retcons=bad.

I’d up the release rate of Marvel’s Essentials series so that it’s always two a month, instead of “two some months, one some months.” At the very least, I’d make sure that the Official Handbook Master Edition wasn’t the only release in the month.

I’d let the Sentry sink into quiet obscurity instead of cramming him down the readers’ throats at every opportunity.

I’d make Iron Man less of a douchebag.

I’d sit behind Brian Bendis and Ed Brubaker with a cattle prod, and every time they turn in two issues of script, I’d force them to distill them down to one pacier script, all the while cackling madly and screaming, “Strunk and White say ‘Omit Needless Words’, b****es!” as I zap them in very uncomfortable places. (I have the feeling this one won’t get much support, but it’s a dream of mine.)

I’d have kept Metropolis full of B-13 tech.

I’d have put Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and Steel in said B-13 tech Metropolis as a supporting cast.

I’d have used the Blue Beetle Scarab as a story hook to explore the magic of the DCU in the mainstream comics.

I’d have merged the whole story line of Underworld Unleashed AND No Man’s Land into one story, set it in Hub City, and used it as a way to spring board b,c and d list characters into the spot light.

I’d have given John Rogers Teen Titans to write.

I’d have given Jeph Loeb All Star Batman instead of Miller.

I’d have released Planetary as fully completed arcs in trades only after Ellis had actually finished the damn things.

I’d have prevented Ellis from killing off Stormwatch in such as lame ass way.

I’d have used the Wildstorm universe as a natural darker counterpoint to the DCU.

I’d have given Veitch and Edwards Question revamp another mini.

I’d have let Veitch finish his Swamp thing meets Jesus story.

I’d have Neil Gaiman write his “vegetable” story in Swamp thing.

I’d collect all the Hitman series in trades.

I’d make Prometheus a legit A list villain.

I’d have kept Bart alive, and brought Wally and his family back as supporting cast. Imagine the family dynamic now that Bart and Wally are both more mature than they used to be, with Bart in the limelight. Or consider: now that Flash really can be in two places at once, not just simulate it!

Or I’d have brought both Wally and Barry back during The Lightning Saga.

I’d pick a direction for the Flash and stick with it long enough for it to get some traction, instead of tearing off somewhere new every time people on the Internet get annoyed.

I’d release the rest of DC’s run of Fallen Angel in a trade.

Bernard the Poet

March 16, 2008 at 1:01 am

I’d bring back the green and purple power-suited Lex Luther. The one with the naughty glint in his eye and a grudge against Superman/boy for making him bald. If anyone could have survived the complete refashioning of existence that concluded Crisis, then it would have been Luther, that fellow could have escaped from anything.

There would be no need to get rid of the fat, grim Luther who is currently in continuity, we could have the added spice of a paradox.

A few more…

I’d have kept Baby May and let new, interesting stories spring from the fact that Peter Parker is now a father, embarking on the Next Great Step of Life.

I like Thenodrin’s idea of “Marvel Legacy.” I’d do that too and bring an end to the Ultimate imprint. Bring all these “celebrity” writers in and let them collaborate on all-new characters instead of a pointless retread of old ones.

I’d have kept Priest on Black Panther.

I’d have found a way to keep the Milestone imprint alive. Static, Icon, Hardware…c’mon, now.

I’d have allowed Mark Waid and Ron Garney to stay on Captain America much, much longer.

I’d have kept Iron Man’s S.K.I.N. armor just a little while longer. I liked that design.

I’d find more use of Tiberius Stone in the Iron Man comics.

I’d BEG BKV to keep writing Dr. Strange.

If there HAD to be a Marvel Civil War, I’d have re-drawn the lines of opposition. “Established” heroes (Avengers, FF, etc.) vs. “New Generation” heroes (New Warriors, Young Avengers, etc.) vs. “Street Level” heroes (Spider-Man, Daredevil, Heroes for Hire, etc.) with Captain America and a small band of followers frantically trying to find a way to keep it all together. Spider-Man does NOT unmask, and the assassination of Cap gets a little added meaning.

I’d have Bullseye throw Sally Floyd off the top of the Daily Bugle building.

I’d have released “The Essential Spider-Ham” YESTERDAY. And I’d have had a Captain Carrot/Spider-Ham crossover just for fun on top of that!

I’d have an Elseworlds Looney Tunes murder mystery where Bugs Bunny is the victim, Daffy Duck is the prime suspect/protagonist, and Porky Pig is the murderer. I have the scene in my head where Porky comes clean and confesses to Daffy…he completely drops the stutter. Chilling.

I’d let Darwyn Cooke do whatever the hell he pleases with The Spirit.

I’d put Geoff Johns and Ed McGuiness together on The Avengers.

I’d like to see a “Gotham by Gaslight” type imagining of the rest of the DC universe. I’m just a huge fan of the Victorian period, and would love to see that take on Superman, the Flash, Robin, etc.

Oh a coupla more:

I’d have post-Obsidian Age Aquaman rewritten more like a Return of the King style sword and sorcery epic.

I’d have Arthur Curry Aquaman have more evil tech and corporations (I wanted aqua shadowrun!) mixed in with the fantasy.

I’d have a Hellboy Indiana Jones crossover.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

March 16, 2008 at 8:15 am

This is fun …

I’d publish The Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #64.

I’d let Helfer and Baker finish their Shadow story and Conde Nast be damned.

I’d have let Strazewski and Parobeck continue on Justice Society.

I’d insist that the 7 founding members of the JLA, as depicted in their origin in Justice League of America #9, be an inviolate piece of DC continuity. The new team can feature anyone they want but the identity of the founders cannot be retroactively altered.

As a corollary, I’d have used Hal Jordan and Aquaman in the Justice League cartoon in place of John Stewart and Hawkgirl. Umm … some of the storylines would have had to be changed …

I’d create one personality for John Stewart and insist that writers use it.

I’d have made Hawkworld the untold origin of the Silver Age Hawkman rather than the starting point of a brand new character.

Ditto, the first story arc of the Perez Wonder Woman.

I’d pay Grant and Breyfogle obscene amounts of money to come back to Batman or Detective.

I’d bring back the classic “Aparo” Aquaman. I’d reveal that that wasn’t really Quisp in Morrison’s JLA.

I’d have prevented Justice League International from devolving into silliness. G’nort? No thank you, no thank you …

I’d publish a Global Guardians comic.

I’d return Billy Batson to his role as Captain Marvel. And I’d return Shazam to life.

I’d bring back the super-hero version of El Diablo.

I’d work out the rights to use Fu Manchu so we can see an Essential Shang Chi collection or five.

I’d reveal that the reason Hank Pym has had so many psychological problems over the years is because he was replaced by a ‘deep cover’ Skrull three identities ago. Might as well put this Secret Invasion nonsense to good use.

I’d have insisted that Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor always remain the core of the Avengers line-up and veto any storyline that caused a serious enough rift between them that they could not continue avenging together.

I’d stop having everyone and their mother get the best of Iron Man. How’d he win the freaking war? He loses every battle that doesn’t take place in his own comic!

I’d cancel all The Punsiher books and return him to his proper place as a Spidey-villain. A sympathetic Spidey-villain, sure. But a Spidey-villain, nontheless.

I’d keep Wolverine in ONE X-Men book and ONE Wolvie solo book and stop pimping him around the Marvel Universe.

I’d have offed Kitty Pryde years ago. And I’d have made Loki the culprit. And I’d fire anyone who even suggests bringing Kitty back.

I’d have let Byrne continue X-Men: The Hidden Years for as long he wanted.

Like about a hundred other folks, I’d have kept Jean Grey dead and I’d have never had Black Panther marry Storm.

I’d put a one year moratorium on “events” and insist that all continuing series at DC and Marvel run a series of “Done-in-One” and “Thru-in-Two” stories.

So, basically, I want to go back in time. :-)


March 16, 2008 at 8:32 am

I’d have followed up on the “WAR of the SEVEN SPHERES”.

It was (mostly) in DOCTOR STRANGE’s title (and touched upon in others, like AVENGERS).

Part of Doctor Strange’s involvement was that he was fighting on the side of the Vishanti for THOUSANDS of YEARS (even though a follow-up writer pulled the cop-out of: long-time in THAT dimension, short-time in THIS one).

SO, in essence, there should STILL be a “Doctor Strange” alive and fighting in a cosmic war in another dimension at the same time that he’s here in ours.

But, he was using a different power structure at the time (Earth magic from his own power-forge).

SO… I’d have explored that.


Master of Soup

March 16, 2008 at 8:46 am

I’d make comics a buck a piece again and they would still be in every drug and grocery store, and on a spinner rack at every news stand where they belong!!

I’d also bring back Joey Q’ Ash book so he would have something to do and leave Marvel alone

Wow, no one else suggested it, so I will:

I would have never killed off Cypher in The New Mutants (or Warlock, for that matter, but he’s returned from the dead). Doug Ramsey had too much potential, both as a “reader identification” character and someone with an unusual power that could have been developed. Cypher could have become something of a human computer (which, interestingly, is what Chris Claremont did with another X character, Sage). And Cypher’s friendship with Warlock and the risk of being infected with the Technarch virus just added more potential.

I would have kept the X-Men in Australia, with the world believing them to be dead, for a longer period of time. It was an interesting idea, but Claremont didn’t keep them underground in the outback for very long (maybe a year or slightly more, real time, and much of that period of Uncanny was taken up with the Inferno crossover, which took place in New York, anyway).

I would have allowed Peter David to develop any story he wanted in X-Factor (the first run) and exempt X-Factor from the crossovers.

Also, I’ll chime in and agree that I would not have killed Gert in Runaways. She looked more like a real teenager than Nico or Karolina, to say the least, and she was a terrific character.

I’d have let Peter David do what he wanted in Hulk, and not insisted on the “Hulk Smash!” version. He and Adam Kubert (inked perfectly by Mark Farmer) were doing very good work before their collaboration was ended.

I’d have had more Warren Ellis Hellstorm, Druid, & Dr. Strange comics.

I’d have Hawkworld be the post-crisis Hawkman continuity, and I’d never have killed Hawkwoman (the model for the JLU Hawkgirl, I’m sure).

I’d have never brought back Krypto or the current Supergirl.


March 16, 2008 at 2:17 pm

I’d have paid whoever owns the rights these days (Hasbro?) so that Marvel could use & reference ROM : SPACEKNIGHT & all the DIRE WRAITH stuff in continuity again.

AND, thusly be able to publish ESSENTIAL ROM & be able to include ROM guest-appearance issues in other ESSENTIAL volumes (Two-in-One, Power-Man / Iron Fist, Hulk).



Oh, this is going to be fun.

-I’d give the comics Supergirl the Superman: The Animated Series origin, where she’s from Argo, a neighboring planet of Krypton thrown out of orbit by the explosion. That way she’s figuratively Superman’s cousin, but he’s still The Last Son Krypton.

-I’d have kept Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman as founding members of the JLA.

-I’d keep the post-Crisis Wonder Woman & Hawkman as contemporaries of the JLA, instead of debuting years later.

-I’d have kept the post-Crisis JSA as semi-retired elder statesmen, rather than stunting them off to limbo for years.

-I’d have kept half of Infinity Inc. from turning into bad guys.

-I’d put James Robinson & Paul Smith’s THE GOLDEN AGE into continuity.

-I’d have left Jean Grey, Elektra, Norman Osborn & Terra DEAD.

-I’d have taken Jim Starlin off the Batbooks before he made Jason Todd such a thoroughly unlikeable character that the fans demanded he get killed off.

-I’d have made Oliver Queen the son or grandson of the Golden Age Green Arrow, so that the Seven Soldiers of Victory could remain intact.

-I’d have fired anyone who ever suggested that Gwen Stacy had secret children with Norman Osborn.

-I’d have kept Nightwing’s general status quo as protector of Bludhaven, with Blockbuster as his major archenemy.

-I’d have left Coast City, Fawcett City, Bludhaven and Topeka, Kansas unnuked.

-I’d have kept Billy Batson as Captain Marvel.

-While I’m at it, I’d make it so that DC could use CAPTAIN MARVEL as the title for his comic book.

-I’d have left the Silver Age version of Hawkman intact & kept Hawkworld as an Elseworlds version.

-I’d keep the pre-Crisis, pre-5YL Legion of Super Heroes as the Legion of the DCU.

-I’d have never made Hal Jordan a drunk driver.

-I’d have Guy Gardner be the GL whose arrogance led to a planet blowing up in COSMIC ODYSSEY, so that storyline could actually be in character.

-I’d have never done the whole Guy Gardner, Warrior thing.

-I’d have had Mike W. Barr & Alan Davis stay on DETECTIVE COMICS. Or have them do ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN instead of Miller & Lee.

-I’d have Brian K. Vaughn & Marcos Martin do a DR. STRANGE ongoing.

-I’d drop the whole CIVIL WAR/registration storyline.

-I’d stop writing Iron Man as a fascist asshole.

-I’d have the balls to publish the original, MAX version of Frank Cho’s SHANNA.

-I’d pay Sax Rohmer’s estate whatever I had to in order to publish an ESSENTIAL SHANG CHI, MASTER OF KUNG FU.

Free Rom ! Free Rom !! Free Rom !!!

Stephane Savoie

March 16, 2008 at 6:04 pm

I was going to pass on this… but what the hell:
I would have:
-kept Tom Defalco away from Thor and FF. He did a great throwback to Lee/Kirby, but just couldn’t follow Simonson on either book.
-Speaking of which: I’ld have kept Johnny Storm in a relationship to Alicia Masters. It was organic, and pleasant. That being said I wouldn’t have married them. It came too fast.
-I would have let Roger Stern reveal who Hobgoblin was.
-I ALSO would have kept Ben Reilly alive. It was an innovative, if badly executed idea.
-I would have kept Giffen and the Bierbaums on a tighter reign on LSH. That said, I would have allowed them to go as planned (ie: let descendants be as planned, and let the SW6 be the origin Legion. It would prevented 2 reboots)
-I would never have introed Cable. I might have read X-books through the 90s if not for what followed.
-Speaking of Leifeld: I would have printed the remaining issues of Youngblood and Supreme by Alan Moore. I hate you Liefeld. It’s like a philistine boarding up the Cistine Chapel. (Ditto for Glory, but I don’t know whose fault that is).
-I would have kept Bendis on fascinating, but marginal books.
-I would have shot Jeph Loeb in the head after Challengers of the Unknown. No, before.
-Ditto for Scott Lobdell, the Jeph Loeb of the 90s.
-I would have kept Judd Winick on Barry Ween, and nothing else.
ok, I’m getting a bit abusive… lemme be more constructive:
-I would have kept Guy Gardner a Green Lantern. Alien DNA?
-I would have let Kirby do the 4th world as he intended. Hell, I would have let him change Superman as he intended.
-I would have let Shooter have continued with New Universe.
-I would let Keith Giffen bring back !mpact comics.
-I would have let Morrison continue to write X-Men during his exclusive contract with DC.

Ok, I’m tired now. It’s harder being constructive than being critical. Lesson learned.

“Remember, just minor changes, nothing like “I’d have skipped the Clone Saga,” etc.”

But what if I would have skipped it?

I’d have not justified all of this fanboy embarrassment.
seriously, this is why I have a hard time telling most of my friends that I read comics.

I’d have not justified all of this fanboy embarrassment.
seriously, this is why I have a hard time telling most of my friends that I read comics.

If only your silence would extend to us, as well.

I would put revolving creative teams on All Star Batman. With story arcs produced by the likes of Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams, Mike W. Barr and Alan Davis, Doug Moench and Kelley Jones, and Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle, All Star Batman would TRULY be all star. Instead… it is what it is.

I’d have written three years worth of actual Spider-Man stories rather than the endless crossover fodder, and misplaced retconning that has gone on since, Avengers Disassembled. Its like my fav character is stuck in a limbo servicing story lines that don’t belong to him. Or worse yet its as though everything has become a prelude to a What If that never ends. Nothing seems reliable in his title anymore, least of all the Spider-Man character in it.

I’d slow down the Ultimate line a lot. Far to many characters are being reintroduced far to trivially. The Ultimate X-Men have been horrible about this, as have the Ult FF. Part of the joy of the Ultimate Universe was that it was free of all of the time travel and extra dimensional obfuscation of the main continuity. Stories had more depth and the introduction of “new” heroes, villains, or supporting cast members were a treat. You felt the writers were taking their time unraveling overly elongated and obscure story arcs from the primary continuity. That they were condensing, from all of that fat, a sweet stock for a fine new soup. Not so much anymore, the characters are now treading the same paths without the refreshing tweaks, and all of the problems that come from that are beginning to show. The Vision and Silver Surfer stuff just grates on my nerves. Not to mention the introduction of a future history in the X-Men title. Then there’s the horrible Ultimate vs. Supreme crossover. It hurts, and I’d stop that hurting.

I’d have Warren Ellis write a Gumby story illustrated by Art Adams. That would make me laugh. Gumby with a cell phone…..

I’d make Alias reemerge as a title again. It desrves to come back.

I’d bring Dan Slott back to She Hulk. It deserves to be good again. David just isn’t that guy.

I’d give Adam Strange his own on going series. With out any of the GL stuff getting in its way. But maybe I’d allow the Omega Men to show up once in awhile. Just imagine a pure science fictional title, with the briefest amounts of soap opera, and only a whiff of super heroics, daring to chart new and crazy realms, never before seen in the DCU. Plus, their are jet packs and pistols that seem oddly useful.

I’d end the whole Disassembled/House of M/civil war/skrull nonsense, with Galactus discovering the nutritional value of fruit pies.

I’d spend more time wondering why, MJ Loves Spider-Man hasn’t reappeared yet.

I’d work hard at making myself a better editor. This means you big Two.

I’d see far less of Wolverine than I do. This means you Wolverine, and X-Force with all you Wolverine lites over there.

I’d generally stop pandering to the almighty buck and figure out how to make a great product. More wonder, more fascination is hugely in lack. We need characters that can be married and not be slaughtered for it. We need a science friendly continuity full of fat round planets with brave new species and rocket ships to the moon. Isn’t funny that the only people to visit the blue area of the moon are super-heroes? We need bite and blitz and pizazz. We need cheap, on the fly daring do. We need it weekly and we need it now. I’d try and figure that out before I started the next infinitely civil crisis/war.

I’d have let Priest write Black Panther, without interference, for as long as he wanted. I liked Kaspar, and I enjoyed those stories, but the derailment of that title (and its subsequent cancellation and way-too-soon relaunch as an entirely different book) STILL bothers me.

I’d have continued with the Abnett/lanning legion line-up and not relaunched with Waid/kitson.
I’d have saved Gene Day from the heart attack that killed him so we could have had a Moench/Day Batman
I’d have let Superman stay dead rather than return.
I’d have kept Chuck Austen/Beckum off the X-men
I’d have kept every single comic i ever bought rather than throw some of them away at various points so I didn’t feel guilty when buying reprint collections of the stuff I read as a kid.
i’d have never allowed Chris Claremont to write more than 1 mutant title at once- the minute New Mutants was released his abilities dissipated into the ether.

I’d have kept April O’Neil as the regular human of the TMNT books, not some ‘living drawing’

Ooh, non-big two reference.

I would never have given Leslie Thompkins such shoddy treatment as she was given in the end of War Crimes.

To make the woman who comforted a young Bruce Wayne after his parents were murdered into a murderer herself by refusing to medically treat Stephanie Brown and save her life was just wrong on so many levels. Seriously, who was the idiot who okayed this? Dan DiDio, I’m looking at you!

Oooh, I forgot the Leslie Thompkins thing! I second Dale’s suggestion!

I would never have killed off Aquababy.

I’d have Kept Commisioner Atkins in the Bat books as commissioner.

I would of never passed on Darwyn Cookes proposal to do run on Detective comics where he introduced new Villains.

I’d never have messed with Cassandra Cain

I’d have never mind wiped anyone

I’d have never changed Azraels Costume from its original design.

I’d read more iceman and spiderman team up books

I’d give the Riddler an on-going series

I’d also build a time machine so I could force DC to pay Bill Finger royalties and maybe punch Bob Kane in the face.


March 17, 2008 at 11:38 am

I’d have continued to give work to many of the older creators.

If they can keep up good quality and meet deadlines, there are titles that they could get work on, even if it’s a larger (think trade size), quarterly anthology title of “throw-back” characters/properties.

I’d have:
– a sci-fi/space opera anthology book.
– a monster/horror anthology book.
– a superhero (perhaps silver/golden age type stuff) book.

And I’d let rotating creative teams handle the workload so no one gets burned out or ignored.
(and maybe some of the older guard can even EDIT the work and show these new guys how to BE editors.)

That would give them;
a) the time needed to do quality work.
b) a fairly steady supplemental income.
c) residual checks from royalties if they sell well.
d) recognition as being the old guard of the genre who can still go toe to toe in the marketplace.
e) respect that they deserve.

I just do not believe that no one would buy this stuff.


Many of what I’d suggest has already been suggested here, but just to reinforce it:

– I’d keep Bendis writing street level heroes like Daredevil and Luke Cage that he does so well, and would never let him anywhere close to the Avengers.

– I’d not have Spider-Man unmask to the world, but I would keep his secret known to family and other superheroes. I can’t stand to see Peter treating May as an invalid again.

– I’d keep the John Byrne versions of Superman and Lex Luthor. All-Star and Elseworlds books should be enough for the fans of the Silver Age versions.

– I’d keep the grim, dark Truman/Ostrander version of Hawkman in existence as an independent hero. The “Egyptian prince” version would also exist as JSA/JLA hero.

– I’d have Wanda and Vision adopt children instead of the silly magical kids that led to so much trouble later.

tom fitzpatrick

March 18, 2008 at 5:16 am

Wow! Lots of I’ds here.

I’ve got a few more that nobody (or even I) have touched upon:

1) I’d kept Warren Ellis on HELLBLAZER and published the “SHOOT” one-shot story that was pulped by the villainous Paul Levitz.

2) I’d given a fortune to Alan Moore and (even) Bill Sienkiewicz to complete the BIG NUMBERS series.

3) I’d publish that Swamp Thing meets Jesus story that DC canned and Rick Veitch quit over it.

4) I’d given Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons their rightful share of overseas royalty on the WATCHMEN, therefore smoothing things over with Moore.

“- I’d not have Spider-Man unmask to the world, but I would keep his secret known to family and other superheroes. I can’t stand to see Peter treating May as an invalid again.”

I’d have it that they already know.

I’d have kept Harry Osborn dead. Spectacular Spider-man 200 was a perfect sendoff.

I’d have kept Mark Bagley at Marvel.

I’d have released Bill Mantlo Visionaries Hardcover.

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