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The I’ds of March!

Here is a shtick I did at Snark Free Waters a couple of years ago (and I’ll admit, I’m gonna re-use a couple of the ones I did then)!

The concept is this – I tell you things that I’d have done in certain comics!!

But don’t worry, I’m not talking about simple 20/20 hindsight things like pick a famous bad storyline and just say, “I wouldn’t have done that.”

No, I mean more like tweaks and nudges, stuff like that.

You’ll see what I mean in a sec….

Here are the fifteen! Click on each one for more info!

I’d Have Made Black Thorn Part of the Bat Books

I’d Give Banshee’s Death Some More Meaning

I’d Keep the Titans Childless

I’d Bring Crystal Back to the Forefront of the Marvel Universe

I’d Have Kept Hardback Bock in the Bat-Books

I’d Have Kept Happy Hogan Alive

I’d Have Kept D-Man Sane

I’d Have Kept Ben Reilly Alive

I’d Pick Some Other Character to be the Evil Head of Checkmate

I’d Bring Conner Kent Back

I’d Bring Wolverine Back to His Old Power Levels

I’d Make Bishop a Little Less of a Bad Guy

I’d Give the Post-Byrne Superman Supporting Cast Some Plots

I’d Give Captain Marvel Black Widow’s Role in Harras’ Avengers

I’d Make Storm an Avenger

I’d hope you enjoyed it! See you next year!


I like it a lot.


I’m interested, please continue

Ben Reilly.

I’ve always wished they’d bitten the bullet and stuck with the original plan for Ben Reilly. Let’s face it, it actually would have been a better character reset than BND was.

Thanks for putting the ID’s in one post, Brian :)

Oops. Stupid apostrophe >:(

My March of I’ds is a three-year tradition for me. Here is my latest:

The topic is cancer, mostly, but previous I’ds have been about AIDS.


Paul Serchia

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