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Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires Archive

Here’s an archive of the cool comic book stuff I featured in the Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires!!

A is for Alex Elder

B is for Batman

C is for Cassidy

D is for Dracula

E is for Eric Brooks

F is for Frost, Deacon

G is for Greenberg the Vampire

H is for Heller, Adam

I is for I…Vampire

J is for John Falsworth (Baron Blood)

K is for King, Hannibal

L is for Little Vampire

M is for Morbius

N is for Nightrider

O is for Olemaun, Eben and Stella

P is for Pryemaul

Q is for Queen of the Damned

R is for Risa Del Toro

S is for Storm

T is for Tepes, Niccolai

U is for Underworld

V is for Vampirella

W is for Whipsnake of the Vamps

X is for X-Vampires

Y is for Yui, Vampire

Z is for Zero Kiryu


Hola, Brian!

Enjoying all your lists.

Just a note to tell you that the link to Morbius’ entry is wrong. Wrong month in the web address, as it turns out.

I’m a “list-phile” myself. (Is there an actual word for someone with a predilection for lists?) I’m always making lists for my own amusement – useful and useless.

Unfortunately, I tend to waste too much of my time on the useless lists, which I end up eventually trashing. (Even more unfortunate, I sometimes end up remaking those useless lists again. *sigh*)


Thanks, Christopher. It’s corrected!

And yes, list-making can be quite addictive!!

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