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Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – B

Today’s feature is about possibly the coolest prefix in comics.


There may be a bit of a backlash against the Bat prefix, especially after the campy Batman TV series of the 60s, which took the concept to absurdest heights, but I think it is still pretty darn cool for Batman to have this many neat stuff, all named Bat-something.

The Batarang showed up mere MONTHS after Batman first debuted!


The Batmobile soon followed…


With it soon taking on the form more known to fans…


Just checking out the Batcave, you can see all the cool Bat-related paraphernalia Batman has in his possession.



Is it sometimes a bit too silly?

Perhaps, but really no sillier than a grown man swinging around rooftops dressed as a bat, right?

So if you’re going to embrace THAT concept, I say, why not embrace the Bat- prefix as a whole?

Am I missing a particularly cool bat- prefix? Does Ace the Bat-Hound count?

Feel free to also point out the silliest bat-prefixed item you can think of from the comics!

Thanks to Scott Tipton for the awesome scans!


So the Whirlybat gets away on a technicality. Fiendishly clever, the Whirlybat.

There was a wonderful Hembeck strip for (I believe ) Direct Currents in the 80s, where Bat-Man says to Robin, “Come see my new Bat-mobile.” Next panel, the reveal: it’s a mobile, of paper bats. Robin is not impressed.

Loves me a good visual word gag.

Crap. It’s spelled Whirly-Bat.

I lose my nerd license.

Also Ha! I remember the Bat-mobile.

The Batplane was ever featured in the comics?

Edit: Checked Google and Wikipedia, says it did.

I’ll add Batcycle too.

“Am I missing a particularly cool bat- prefix?”

Well, if you want to count the Adam West version, there’s the infamous Bat-Shark Repellent!

Found the “Bat-mobile” (Hembeck):


The “Bat-bat” (ditto):

I love the “Tubes that eject smoke” to cover up the Batplane’s takeoff. Because smoke coming off a mountain side isn’t conspicuous at all… :P

Wait, shouldn’t the cut-away read Bat Lab, Bat Repair Shop, Bat Garage, Bat Workshop, Bat Trophy Room, etc….

Somebody goofed!

My favourites from the Adam West show was bat-teries, small cylanders that provided energy for one of his other devices.

I think that the silliest that I saw in the comics was a bat-cable, which wasn’t a cross-company fiasco but instead could also have just been called “rope”.


Couple more Batstuff and this could be a match with the Smurfs.

I like how the original Batmobile is just the car Batman drives. It’s kinda like how any flying craft the President is on is Air Force One.

I again will vocally pre-complain if Quasar is not the Q. You better not give it to John de Lance or the Question or anyone like that.

I liked “batarang” when it’s spelled “baterang”. I don’t know what a bate-rang would be, but it sure sounds funny.

In the very same two part story that the “baterang” appeared, the first Batman aircraft debuted. It was not a plane or a helicopter, but an autogyro.

In the ’60’s, Batman had a miniature helicopter that looked like a chair.

when was the last time Batman actually used the batarang as a boomerang, and not as a shuriken?

I was always very disappointed that Bat-Lash has nothing to do with Batman.



Batpole is up there with Giant Size Man-Thing.

Speaking of which, I can’t believe anyone ever wrote, on a page, Giant Size Man-Thing and thought “Yeah, that won’t have any sort of subtle hidden meaning.”

I never thought about “Giant-Size Man-Thing” like that, but now that I have I am giggling like a little kid.

So much so that I had to look up the covers and I was delighted to find in issue 1 “The Glob Strikes Again!” They didn’t even wait to cover (Giant-Size) Man-Thing in goo.

I feel 12 years old again. :)

I thought I read once that Giant Size Man Thing was an intentional double entendre that Gerber slid under the radar.

Nifty find. Where does he get those wonderful toys?!?

I always thought Bat-Shark Repellant would be particularly ineffective, given that there are no Bat-Sharks.

There’s also the Bat-puter. And Bat-Thermal Long Underwear (although it might not have been prefixed).

I like how in the top scan he has the preparedness to carry a specialized boomerang, but not a pocket knife to cut the rope.

I always thought Bat-Shark Repellant would be particularly ineffective, given that there are no Bat-Sharks.

Ah, but it’s not Bat-shark Repellent. It’s Shark Repellent Bat-Spray so it’s all good. Mind you – who’d have thought it would work against robot sharks?

i hope christian bale christens ‘the tumbler’ in the new movie. that’d be cool.

BRUCE: I need a bike, I blew up the Bat-mobile.
SIR MICHAEL CAINE as ALFRED: You blew up the bloody WHAT, sir?

It’s Shark Repellent Bat-Spray

Oohh, it’s for spraying shark repellent bats. But that raises a new question – is it for spraying on shark repellent bats, or does spraying it cause shark repellent bats to come out of the nozzle? (Good thing for me this isn’t Snark-Free Corner!)

I don’t know if they ever used this, but if Batman had a life size mannequin it could be a Bat-Man.

I like how Golden Age Batman caught that broken glass flying through the air. That’s hardcore.

The Giant-Size Man-Thing laff riot dates back to at least a Fred Hembeck strip from the earliest ’80s. It’s the gag that keeps on giving.

Who built all this? Who tunneled out the shaft for the elevator?

Just to let you know, I’ve referred to your article here in my my blog about Batarangs: http://kevinpsbroden.blogspot.com/



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