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Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – C

Today’s feature is a comic book creator who did my favorite single issue of last year.

Cotter, Joshua

To get an idea of how good Skyscrapers of the Midwest is, just go to the website for AdHouse Books.

The front page is devoted solely to the upcoming collection of the mini-series (a collection I pimped heavily here), including a downloadable preview of one story from the collection.

Here is Cotter describing the series himself –

The winding tale of a young cat, his little brother, and the creeping shadow of imminent adolescence in the American heartland.

That’s a nice description of the series, but I’ll explain it a little more. Skyscrapers is the tale of a young kid in the Midwest during the 1980s, and all the various brutally mundane events that happens to kids while growing up. It is sometimes amusing and it is sometimes painful, but it is always compelling.

Here are a few pages from the first three issues – they’re really random, but the comic is all slice-of-life, anyways, so it really doesn’t matter where you pick the story up.






See how he captures everyday life, while stressing the awkward parts? It is more evident when you read a full story, but you can still see it in just the above single pages.

Cotter is an accomplished storyteller, and I eagerly await his next project.

In the meantime, check out his website, which also includes a number of comic strips he has done – all in the same biting fashion that makes Skyscrapers so great.


Hadn’t heard of this, but now I’ll keep my eye out for it. Thanks!

ps: Q is for Quasar!

Boy, those lifeless, puffy, pupil-less eyes would creep out Little Orphan Annie!

So what was that thing on Mom’s back, anyway?

It’s been awhile since that issue came out, so I honestly don’t recall for sure.

I THINK it was symbolizing a disease of some sort.

SotM deserves an Eisner nomination, far as I’m concerned. And if it can’t win in the traditional ‘alternative’ categories, then the board should create a “best value for money” prize because this edition is going to be exsquisite and it is CHEAP. 300pp (almost), Hardcover, $20. Good god!

I know! I mentioned that in my post telling folks to order it, and I’m still amazed. It has a TON of content, and for $20 bucks?!? Are they kidding us! That is so amazing!

C IS for Cotter.

Thanks for the wordage, Brian.

Oh… and sorry about the timing thing… but the main page of the AdSite just got change to promote the next issue of Superior Showcase. SKY is still there… just not all big and bold like it use to be.

No Jeff, Q is for Quantum & Woody.

Wow, I had (and still have) that “Going to Grandma’s” suitcase. Seeing that threw me there for a second.

You like these wandering around aimlessly, talking head kinda stories don’t you?

You like these wandering around aimlessly, talking head kinda stories don’t you?

Skyscrapers of the Midwest is about as far away from “wandering around aimlessly, talking head” as you can get.

Another interesting looking title I’ll have to check out…

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