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Judging (Marvel’s May) Books By Their Covers

Marvel’s May solicits have been up for so long that June has been up for a week now, but we can still make some prejudgments based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgments, don’t we?).

Let’s begin!

Certainly not a bad cover by Tommy Lee Edwards, and it certainly captures the feel of the project well, but I think I’ve been spoiled a bit too much by his most recent covers, and in comparison, the figures don’t look nearly as sharp.


Ron Lim continues to amaze me with the way he manages to keep his work looking like Brett Booth’s. It’s rare to see an artist put that much effort into keeping such a continuity of style.

Patrick Zircher on Cable and Deadpool leaps out to me as a prominent recent example.

Do note that I am not a fan of Booth’s Anita Blake covers, so I am not necessarily saying it is a GOOD thing for Lim to keep a continuity of style, just noting my amazement over it.

I think this is a suitable first issue cover for the American Dream by Ron Frenz.

The character has been around for awhile now, but I think it is fair to note that a young woman dressed as Captain America is still a bit of a surprising visual, so giving her a pose cover like this is probably a smart choice.

I’m torn on this Pollina cover.

First off, generally, I like it, as I’m a fan of Pollina’s art.

However, I am unsure if I should be giving him the credit for the ornate nature of the cover when, to be honest, a lot of the ornate aspects seem pretty rudimentary.

It’s not exactly like he’s come up with some brilliant design elements here or anything like that, so I don’t think it is impressive enough to lift up what is a fairly bland main image of Angel.

The solicits say Ed McGuinness drew this cover, and while I can believe it is him, I could also believe it was someone else.

Anyhow, either way, it is a fun looking cover.

The placement of the new character is in a good spot on the cover, and the facial work is stunning – she is oozing personality – and that’s with half of her head obscured!!

I have no problem with having a female character built really muscular – that’s fine by me.

I just don’t think that’s how May Parker has been depicted throughout her comics (including comics by the guy who drew this cover, Ron Frenz), so this cover with May as a cheerleader is a bit off-putting to me.

Otherwise, I do enjoy the cover layout a lot – very old school coolness – I presume the arrow will have some text on it.

Steve Uy does do a suitable job of depicting this motley crew as, well, a motley crew.


This Avengers/Invaders cover is one of the better Alex Ross covers I’ve seen lately.

I especially dig the look on Cage’s face – that’s priceless.


This Black Panther cover is like an interior panel to a much lesser extent than the next cover, as this match-up between Killmonger and Black Panther could possibly be notable enough to feature on a cover, it’s just that Davis makes the fight seem a little too laid back and unassuming.

Part of the point of covers is to draw the reader’s attention, which is a problem I have with interior panel covers, which seem to be concerned more with just drawing, say, a fight scene or whatever – but not as much time is spent on making the cover “pop” or drawing the reader’s eye to what you want them to see. In this Panther cover, what exactly is the reader meant to be drawn to? Killmonger is at the center of the actual cover, but he doesn’t seem to be the center of the piece, does he?

It just seems like Davis is drawing a fight.

It’s a nice looking fight, though! I especially dig the animals.

Story continues below

Davis’ cover here, though, looks like it literally IS an interior panel.

The cropping of the visual seems almost haphazard.

Is there some cultural precedence for drawing an infant this small?

Like, is there some famous old comic series or cartoon that had babies drawn this small?

Because while I will give Ariel Olivetti the presumption that this is an artistic choice, it’s a really weird artistic choice, unless there’s some precedence for it that I do not know.

Decent Bryan Hitch cover for the new Captain Britain series.

I love the featuring of John the Skrull.

I don’t think this Trevor Hairsine cover worked out the way Hairsine intended for it to work.

That’s SUPPOSED to look like a bullet flattening against Colossus’ skin, right?

Jae Lee sure does a lot of nice pin-up covers for the Dark Tower series of books.

I’d prefer more story-oriented stuff, but at least his pin-ups ARE nice to look at.

Kaare Andrews finally livens up the Dead of Night covers a little bit.

Still, the main feature of the cover appears to be that it looks like an old EC comic – which really isn’t much of a gimmick, is it?

Let me take this moment to point out my agreement with, I believe, Greg Burgas (it might have been someone else) – the perfect world, and it’s policed by giant Captain America robots?

And Mr. Fantastic didn’t automatically think, “Seriously?”

Anyhow, surprisingly flat Hitch cover.

Lan Medina’s Foolkiller covers have all been striking in their lack of fluidity.

A lot of stiff poses.

Cute homage for this new series featuring the children of the X-Men.

Hopefully this’ll be Patrick Scherberger’s coming out party, even though he didn’t even do the covers (Doug Alexander did), which is odd, as Scherberger is a fine cover artist.

Nice Gary Frank cover – I see it is marked 05 – has this image been shown before?


I loves me some John Romita Jr. crazy helmets – he’s almost as good as Kirby in that respect!


Even as far as pin-ups go, this Adi Granov one is ab it lackluster.


His cover for this mini-series, while more than a bit on the tawdry side, at least fits the topic of the series.


It’s a pretty big letdown to go from Kaare Andrew’s super stylized covers to this fairly routine Khari Evans cover.


Not the actual cover, right?

Moving on…

Disappointing, Frank Cho!

You managed to get She-Hulk’s ass front and center, but only the side of ONE breast?!?

Better luck next time…

I love the shadows on this Risso cover, but the rest of it looks kinda silly.

What is going on exactly on this cover?

I should ask the same thing for this Tommy Ohtsuka cover.

Is she hurt? Is she hiding? What’s the deal?

Cute Dennis Calero cover.


Sean Murphy is still drawing the Hulk way too thin for my tastes.

Gotta love that thock, though!

Pretty good Graham Nolan cover, if a bit on the “interior panel” side, as well.


Good Paolo Rivera cover.


The stiffness on this John Watson cover strips it of the entire intention of the cover.


This Gerald Parel cover is a BIT hard to follow, but I am impressed with the stylization of it all, with the painting in the background.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this McNiven cover was literally just a pin-up he drew of the Hulk.

Nice pin-up, though!

Skrull homages.



Is this Arthur Suydam cover actually an original piece?!?!?!

Could it be?

Is it homaging some cover I just don’t recognize (like some of Suydam’s recent Moon Knight covers)?

If it is an original, well done – the eerie mixture of the brightness of Iron Man with the dark Moon Knight results in an off-putting, yet intriguing cover.

I think Greg Horn’s Ms. Marvel covers are better the less he shows of Ms. Marvel.


Can Morph fly?

Whether he can or not, this Alan Davis cover is intriguing – and doesn’t seem like an interior panel!!

Strong Brandon Peterson cover.


I basically enjoy the manic nature of this Nic Klein cover, but boy are the New Warriors’ costumes fugly.

Story continues below


Imposing Tim Bradstreet cover for the Punisher.


Disturbingly impressive Alex Maleev cover for Punisher War Journal.


Mike Deodato is still doing a nice job on the She-Hulk logos, at least!!


Boy, that’s way too much areola showing on this Alessandro Barbuci cover.

Besides that, it’s a nice cover.

Decent Tony Harris cover, but it seems a bit too similar to past covers of this series.


Good Djurdjevic cover.


This is an attractive cover courtesy of Coipel.

Impressive to see him still on this title. I can’t be the only one who figured he’d be gone by now, can I?

This looks like it could be a good first part of a quadtych courtesy of Billy Tan.


Decent Ferry cover.


Oh man! Are they going to do the Ultimate version of the time Colossus cured the Legacy virus?

Maybe they can then do a spin-off! Ultimate Astonishing X-Men!!!

Pretty blah looking Tan cover for Uncanny.

#500 can’t come soon enough.

Striking Wolverine First Class cover.

I notice that Salvador Espin has also thoughtfully reduced the size of Kitty’s breasts.

Nicely done, Espin!

This Ron Garney cover is also a striking one.

I’m impressed with how the cover manages to get in a decent amount of action without actually getting to the real fight.


Not as impressed with this Bianchi cover.

Looks like leftover artwork.

“What? You need a Wolverine cover? I think I have some sketches around here somewhere I can paint.”

While not the most original of cover concepts, cliches are sometimes cliches because they work, and this Glenn Fabry cover works.


Nice cover by an artist I am unfamiliar with – Boo Cook.

What are Cook’s credits?

Wow! If it were not for the signature, I would seriously be doubting that this was actually Carlo Pagulayan.

This is some strong artwork – look at the personality work! Look at the fluidity! Neither are things I normally associate with Carlo Pagulayan (who is a fair enough artist, just using a different style).

If the cover layout was a bit more clever (floating camera notwithstanding), this would be definitely in contention for the top five covers.

I at least appreciate how Crain’s computer art can make the lights bend in a neat way!


How many people saw this Finch cover and said, “Yeah, I know the covers have all been showing things from the past, but I think this one is the present! PHOENIX IS BACK! OMG!!!”?

My vote is – too many.

That is one garish Brandon Peterson cover.

It’s like an Easter Egg decoration. His computer must have been running in “pastel mode.”

I don’t bet it was much fun for Jimmy Cheung to go out looking for “classic Ant-Man” drawings!


I can only imagine Terry Dodson’s reaction upon seeing a reference sheet for Magma when she is in her molten form.

“Wait, so you’re saying I don’t have to worry about her shirt, pants, shoes, etc? I can just draw her breasts?!?! This Marvel exclusive is panning out already!!”

Look for the former herald of Galactus, Nova, to make an appearance in Young X-Men soon – at least on the cover.


I’m putting this Djurdjevic cover here strictly because it feels wrong to leave such a striking cover out of honorable mentions.

That it is basically the same as Mark Texeira’s classic 90s cover keeps it from going any higher, as the cool part of this cover is not Djurdjevic’s take on the flaming skull, but that the flaming skull takes up the whole cover.

I gave Leonard Kirk some grief for not having interesting Avengers covers, so you know I have to give him credit for this clever Avengers cover.

Nicely done, Mr. Kirk!

Nice cover design by Farel Dalrymple.


I dig how Paolo Rivera manages to homage a STYLE of cover, without actually just copying an old cover.


It is so awesome that Marcos Martin is doing a Spider-Man arc.

This cover is pretty good, but I think it may be hurt a bit by the same idea being used in Morrison’s Batman.

It would have been awesome if it had been Martin who drew that Morrison Batman story!!

Story continues below

Nice farewell to Art Adams’ Avengers Classics covers!

They have been a lot of fun!

Claire Wendling’s cover here MAY be a cover homage – but either way, that’s some impressive characterization work, isn’t it?

Striking work for such a simple cover.

I love the energy in this Quesada cover.


Meanwhile, Ron Lim and Bob Layton takes a more old-fashioned look at Iron Man, but just as good as Quesada’s more modern-looking cover.

Actually, this Lim/Layton cover is probably better.

Very nice group shot by Yu, and it is even story-related, as Nighthawk is forced to form a team of mercenaries in this issue.

Really clever idea by Casey, by the by.

Teams of mercenaries have been done before, but I don’t recall them ever being done in this way – “I need a team quickly – I know, I’ll hire a bunch of guys!”

3rd Wing – that’s clever.

Well done, Steve Epting!!

Clever cover design by John Cassaday, but I think it might be a bit too busy.


I love that this Secret Invasion cover is an original concept, and not an homage.

Even if the originality of this Dell’Otto cover is hurt a bit (perception-wise) by Yu coming up with a similar cover for the variant of Secret Invasion #1. But we know who was first!

Nice cover idea by Djurdjevic.



5. A very strong cover design by Patrick Scherberger.

You get the point of the cover right away, and it’s a eye-catching concept.

And THEN you get to the nice little touches, like Mr. Fantastic’s hand under the door.

4. How cute is this Gurihiru cover?

Not just cute, but well laid out, as well. You gotta love the attention to detail, too.

3. Another winning cover by Chris Eliopoulos!

He has such great design sense. It’s a shame that this cover came out in the same month as the Gurihiru cover, as they are awfully similar, and I think it takes a bit of the specialness away seeing them back to back.

2. This cover was just your standard group shot, but then Clint Langley infused it with a striking level of dynamic style.

It went from being a good group cover to an eye-popping group cover.

Well done by Langley – probably my favorite cover I’ve seen from him.

1. This is the best Ultimate Spider-Man cover I’ve seen from Stuart Immonen so far, and when the phrase “best ____ I’ve seen from Stuart Immonen” is used, you know it’s gotta be good, because Immonen is an amazing artist!

A striking cover with excellent use of negative space, AND it tells a story!

An awesome piece of work by Immonen.
That’s it! Feel free to share your prejudices (and YOUR top five!)!


Maybe I’ve just been playing the game too much recently, but the redhead’s tattoo on the Iron Man cover looks like the Esper sigils in Final Fantasy XII.

Some comments

Angel: Revelations – I like the concept, not sure if it’s quite come off. Unlike you, Brian, I particularly like the teen weedy Warren Worthington in the certain – makes me think we’re getting an ‘origin’ story.

Avengers/Invaders – that Luke Cage is priceless!

Cable – I’m guessing the artist is trying to emphasise Cable’s hugeness as opposed to the baby being abnormally small, though I guess he’s exaggerating the contrast between the two, the vulnerable being protected by the strong etc.

Iron Man; Viva Las Vegas – tawdry, yes but those tattoos rock!

Marvel Adventures Hulk – yes, the Hulk is weirdly thin. Really cool cover, though.

Mighty Avengers 13 – I’m with you on the ‘oh, no, they’re not going to skrull everything like they did with zombies, are they?’ Sheesh. I hope not. That’ll be dull very quick.

Ms Marvel 27 – oddly, this works for me because at last Horn has drawn Carol’s eyes and that helps the reader get some connection with the character.

Amazing Spider-man 560 – love it, reminded me of the recent John Romita Daredevil cover. Guess it’s been done plenty of times before but it’s still nice.

My top five

5 Picture of Dorian Gray 6. Another lovely effort from Gerald Parel. Scary!

4 X Factor 31. Maybe it is a cliche but it’s done very well and made me smile.

3 She Hulk 29. I think Deodata has produced a powerful, statuesque pose for Shulkie here. A little OTT, granted, but not too much.

2 Young X-men 2. I know. I’m bad. Funny that you focused on Magma, Brian. Was just reading the Bob McLeod article the other day on CBR and how he decided to draw Dani Moonstar thin and flat chested… Someone obviously forgot to tell Dodson.

1 Captain America 38. Epting doesn’t always move me but this really knocked me out. I know it’s a pastiche of old Soviet posters but it’s done terrifically well. Love the old style Red Skull ‘looking to new frontiers’ gaze.

tom fitzpatrick

March 26, 2008 at 5:28 am

First, I thought that Angel was blue? (maybe I’ve been a bit out of touch with that character).

Second, there’s no such thing as showing too much areola. It’s the full frontal that calls for it. ;-)

Third, give Cho a break, it’s nearly impossible to show the rear-end and both front-ends at the same time (unless She-Hulk was posing in front of a mirror).

The best thing about Harris’ “Spiderman: With Great Power” cover is that he can cut-and-paste a few character images and use the the same cover for next month’s “Ex Machina”!

Seriously, Tony, stop using the same cover art month after month! People are starting to catch on…

I’d like the Avengers/Invaders cover a lot more if the Invaders weren’t being re-used from Marvels in freakin’ 1994.

franky fingers

March 26, 2008 at 6:48 am

You’re wrong on that Boo cover, Quicksilver’s head is totally out of proportion with his body. The Hitch cover is flat because of the color.

I like Tony Harris’s work but, and I hate to say this, he drew Peter just too ugly.

1985 1: Hulk looks fishy – somewhat Kiyby-style amphibian monster.

Angel 1: That the thing with a lot of ornate fluff around the main image. The rest of the piece is so detailed that the main image gets lost or should be done better. With all the framing work we expect a masterpiece in the middle. Look at rennisance (sp?) art; it happens there too.

Spider-Girl 20: Yea… that’s not a good May. Too burly. Almost tranny.

Initiative 13: The adventures of Poser Boy and Bra-less Girl!

Avengers/Invaders 1: Isn’t that a swipe of an Alex Ross Invaders poster? I’ve seen the image somewhere else. And yes, Cage’s expression is great!

Cable 3: Assuming it’s an artistic choice, there WOULD be a reason for it. It emphasizes the baby’s helplessness and Cable’s power. Size implies power, or lack thereof. EG: Michelangelo’s Pieta. Jesus is normal human size, but if Mary stood up, she’d be something like 11 ft tall. The statue of Davis is another example – his hands are WAY oversized.

Herc 117: Romita has his flaws too. He seems to have forgotten that muscled shoulders don’t slope like that. They’re like bowling balls, not thin drapery. WAY too thin & flat.

Mighty Avengers 13: If we had all the zombie cover homages, we can deal with the skrull covers too.

Punisher 57: Did Bradstreet do any UN-impressive covers? He just seems to hit the mark every time. Even his version of an off cover is dang good.

T-Bolts RIM: Nice use of the yin/yang symbol.

Young X-Men 2: Not to mention that Dani was always VERY lean – no real curves to speak of. Poor choices all around. It’s just a pair of chicks in dress-up with DD cups.

Iron Man LOD 2: Bob Layton is the shiz-nit. GREAT work.

Daredevil 107: VERY nice work.

Wow… first Immortal Iron Fist cover I actually dislike. IF looks like he’s joined the Taliban. Up until now, Iron Fist was matching Captain America as probably the only two titles with the best runs in covers. Hope Aja is still doing the interiors.

The women’s hair on Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas cover look too plastic, particularly the one in the pink bikini.

The cover to Spider-Man: With Great Power is terrible! Peter Parker never at one point in his life aped the Beatles haircut. Blech.

What’s going on with the Mole Man’s mouth in the Avengers Classic cover? Looks like a cavern stalagmite.

Cable #3 gets my vote as worst cover this month despite a lot of strong contenders. I normally like Olivetti, but the proportions are way off and it’s just too ugly to look at. Does the baby also have roid rage?

Even though I won’t purchase the book, NewUniversal: Shockfront struck me as the most memorable and best cover overall this month. Daredevil would’ve won if not for the expression on his face (looks like constipation.) Steve Epting’s work almost got it as well, but I thought the Red Skull’s face wasn’t normally so…wide.

Great covers again, more books than are in my budget. If Marvel released a monthly book that was just covers, I’d buy that over half of their actual books.

Morph isn’t flying. He’s falling. With style!

I liked Harris’ Ex Machina covers, but now with his Spider-Man covers, I’m less impressed with both. His interiors aren’t interchangeable, are they?

Actually, the Iron Man: Legacy of Doom cover is Ron Lim with Layton on inks. I’m not sure how people are missing Lim’s artwork. To me, it’s very distinctive.

You managed to get She-Hulk’s ass front and center, but only the side of ONE breast?!?

Um, okay…how exactly is he supposed to manage a full frontal of her ass AND her breasts in one pose? Cut him some slack.

Really clever idea by Casey, by the by.

Teams of mercenaries have been done before, but I don’t recall them ever being done in this way – “I need a team quickly – I know, I’ll hire a bunch of guys!”

Is this sarcasm?

Meanwhile, Bob Layton takes a more old-fashioned look at Iron Man, but just as good as Quesada’s more modern-looking cover.

Bob Layton just inked that, Ron Lim is the penciller.

And can I add, Marvel tackling the Iliad is pretty bold, given that I don’t see how anyone can top Age of bronze as far as Iliad retellings go.

Oh, come on! You don’t think Giant-Sized Incredible Hulk looks like a baly cropped cover?

Oops — that should be “badly cropped panel.” Jeez.

Dan (other Dan)

March 26, 2008 at 7:57 am

It looks like Dani and Magma’s mutants powers are the ability to have sex with you. Blech.

The MA: Spider-Man cover looks like tons of fun. That’s what I would pick out if I were 8. If this comic cost $1.50 I’d be all over it.

Don’t forget Simonson when discussing crazy helmets!

Agreed with Robert: DORIAN GRAY was brilliant (and really, the **only** notable entry in that otherwise funcitonal series of covers–but talk about saving the best for last).

Too bad it’s not Dorian Grey; he could be Jean’s great-great-grandfather, and the Phoenix Force could be explained as having something to do with, I dunno, magic paint. Morrison would obviously write it and Sudyam would obviously do the covers.

So, yeah, too bad it’s not Dorian Grey.

For ASM 560, Spider-Man looks a little too much like Spider-Girl. He must have seen something in that museum that just took his breath away, sucked it plum out of his stomach. Maybe THE SCREAM.

Boo Cook is THE awesome, he did some work for 2000AD in UK and Elephantmen, you can see some of his art at his website:

How long has Jean-Paul Valley been subbing for Black Panther?


March 26, 2008 at 9:00 am

Kitty’s breast reduction, Skydoll’s areola, why the teat hate? Prudish Americans.

You managed to get She-Hulk’s ass front and center, but only the side of ONE breast?!?

Um, okay…how exactly is he supposed to manage a full frontal of her ass AND her breasts in one pose? Cut him some slack.

Ed Benes could have done it.

I like Punisher War Journal’s cover a lot, in that it presents an odd, intriguing image that makes you want to pick up the book and see what the heck it’s about.

My favorite, though, as frequently is the case: Steve Epting’s Captain America cover. I love the Soviet propaganda style.

Thanks for pointing out something that has been in the back of my mind for awhile. John Watson has talent but most of his covers ARE stiff. It’s off-putting.

I like over-sized CABLE. But I’ve always liked the steroidal monster superheroes. Juggernaut, Prime, now Cable.

Avengers Classic #12? My #1 pick.

Thanks again. You ever gonna take a peek at the covers from the independents?

Sky Doll looks so good I went out and bought the July 2006 Heavy Metal issue that prints the entire story.

Check out Boo Cook’s credits at

ComicBookDB.com is the best comic database available, without question!

Ed Benes could have done it.

You can’t hold mere mortals to the standards to T&A gods like Benes.


March 26, 2008 at 1:32 pm

Ed Benes bestrode us like a tit-drawing COLOSSUS.

Wow, somebody actually likes Skydoll?

Andrew Collins

March 26, 2008 at 2:30 pm

So when did Cratos from the GOD OF WAR video games join the Guardians Of The Galaxy? That is him next to Rocket Raccoon isn’t it…?

That Leonard Kirk Avengers cover would be clever but there was an Atom one from a while ago that’s exactly like it (but this isn’t trying to homage it).

So I’d take that one out of the honourable mentions.

Re: the “Lords of Avalon” cover-

I think she’s huddled over from having just pulled the knife out of her gut.

Boo Cook’s yet another top quailty art droid from the 2000AD production line. He recently did the covers for the Elephant Men: War Toys mini. He’s got a lovely detailed yet cartoony style. Here’s a gallery of the covers he’s done for 2000AD:


Skinny Hulk or not, the “thock” is enough to put that Marvel Adventures cover into the top 5.

The Power Pack and Captain America covers are my favorites of the month.

Not even Bob Layton can make Ron Lim’s work look good. Doom looks awful on that cover.

The Mad Monkey

March 26, 2008 at 7:11 pm

Yes, I’ve always like Bradstreet’s art.
Would it be possible for him to draw a different type of Punisher cover other thank Frank just standing and holding a gun?
I know it’s a classic and a favorite for many…but, geez, this is about as monotonous at it gets.

Marvel should’ve hired Sean Phillips to do the Captain America cover. Now there’s a guy who knows how to do a good propaganda cover. Good attempt by Epting though. I’ve always supported him. Back when he started on Avengers, I kept telling people to watch out for him.

I love these posts, but it drives me nuts that only about a third of the covers actually appear, no matter how many times I refresh or reload.

I don’t know much about computers, but I know mine is large and new and expensive, and can show full episodes of TV shows without a delay or anything.

I go to dozens of other websites that are image-intensive, and I have no problem. What’s the deal?

SInce nobody else is going to say it:
“If you don’t buy this comic, we’ll kill this hero.”

I love these posts, but it drives me nuts that only about a third of the covers actually appear, no matter how many times I refresh or reload.

I don’t know much about computers, but I know mine is large and new and expensive, and can show full episodes of TV shows without a delay or anything.

I go to dozens of other websites that are image-intensive, and I have no problem. What’s the deal?

My computer knowledge is likewise extremely limited.

But you tried a different browser? If you’re in Firefox try Internet Explorer or Netscape. If you’re in Netscape, try Firefox.

Two things I never thought I’d say, yet just have:

1) I miss the originality of those zombie covers.

2) I’m really looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy.

[…] March 26, 2008 in Marvel, comic books, comics, covers, entertainment, marvel comics, may, preview, previews by hookakat1 Tags: comic books, comics, covers, entertainment, Marvel, marvel comics, may, preview, previews http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2008/03/26/judging-marvels-may-books-by-their-covers-2/ […]

There is an updated version of the Guardians of the Galaxy Cover with Quasar’s face actually visible and Adam Warlock not looking like a vampire.

Wolverine cover: without getting into the actual fight?? Wolvie is stabbing Mystique in teh guts!!!

Coipel on Thor: Why would you expect him to be gone by now?? Great cover by the way.

Tan’s Uncanny cover is terrible. So lifeless. And what about Emma going all Medusa there??

I love the X-Men First Class cover. Great facial expressions. Dodson’s Young X-Men is good, too.

My pick of the month would be Djurdjevic’s Ghost Rider. It’s just so badass.

The Mutt, try making your cache size bigger in the options menu.

The Alan Davis New Exiles cover with Morph “flying” is an homage to this Dynamo cover by Wally Wood…


good stuff!

“So when did Cratos from the GOD OF WAR video games join the Guardians Of The Galaxy? That is him next to Rocket Raccoon isn’t it…?”

That it took 29 responses before someone caught that makes me sad. I’m not sure how I feel about Drax (or whover that is) looking like a green Cratos. I’m happy Rocket Racoon is back in circulation, though.

Eduardo Risso’s artwork is ALWAYS excellent. I have no idea what’s going on in that LOGAN cover, but I want to read it anyway.

DAREDEVIL is consistently one of the best books month in and month out… the cover, the interior artwork, the writing, you name it. I can’t recall a DAREDEVIL cover in recent that I haven’t loved on sight.

If Marvel has a policy detailing the permissible amount of areola on a comic book cover, I’d love to read it for laughs.

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