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For Jeff Ryan, a little combo of Q and R….

Commenter Michael asked if there was any Marvel character John Romita Jr. (our R) has NOT drawn?

Quasar fan Jeff Ryan suggested that Romita had never drawn Quasar (our Q…sorta).

Well, here is a nice combo of the two letters – Quasar, as drawn by Romita Jr.!!


That’s a way to rub salt into his wounds… :D :P

Nuh uh!!

It was an olive branch!!! :)

Is it bad that I don’t know which one is Quasar?

Top right, long blonde hair.

Quasar just made Marvel’s list of top mullets, so that has to count for something, right?

That cover is a perfect example of why I’m not a fan of Romita’s. Look at those feet! Those are alien feet! Way too many heavy lines and boxy figures.

Those feet rock!

The pwnage continues! I knew I was stepping in it when I

Nice to see JRJR’s cover, though. Good chocie to draw him with longish hair rather than the ol’ business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back ‘do.

It may be time for me to stop waving the Quasar banner. So many other worthies need attention: Squirrel Girl, Nightfist, Paste Pot Pete, Boucning Boy, Slapstick, Hindsight Lad …

Okay, that does it! From now on, no more Quasar. My new cause…is NFL SuperPro.

I’m a huge JRJR fan…and I’ll admit, that’s not his best work…

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