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Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – T

Today, we look at one of the funniest comics going.


Tales Designed to Thrizzle

Michael Kupperman’s series from Fantagraphics has had three hilarious issues come out, and I hope we see a good deal more.

The book has a series of bizarre jokes, like determining whether comic books are serious literature or not…as decided by two cowboys fighting!!!

Or Pagus, Jesus’ twin brother who celebrates everything pagan…

Or serious stories involving Mayor McCheese…

One of my favorite bits was when they did coloring books for adults!

It is often sick, always twisted, but almost always hilarious.

Well worth a buy!

Here is Fantagraphics’ website for the book if you want to purchase an issue.


Never heard of it but the McCheese panels are great. Might check it out.

Hmm, hadn’t heard of this before.

“Thrizzle”? Did Mac Dre start this series? (That would be awesome.)

The problem I have with Tales is that if you buy one, you really don’t need to buy another. The issues have been very funny, but very similar, and after you get you used to it, the jokes aren’t all that different. Everyone should read at least one, though, because the tales are quite surreal and humorous.

I’m quite torn. That looks great, but reading Fantagraphics’ subimssions policy made me never want to buy anything from them. They revel too much in their own avant garde-ity.

I can see how some of the jokes are pretty similar at times, but to me there’s enough time gone by before each issue comes out that I really appreciate the jokes again. Plus, I think just about anything with Snake ‘n Bacon in it is hilarious. And the fake ads in issue 3 really cracked me up.
Kupperman is great! I am glad to see him get a push from CSBG. Excellent choice, Brian!



WhatsHisName gets Quasar, and I get Mayor McCheese instead?

What’s wrong with you, man?

Everybody knows that the only round that counts is the first round, and you blew it! So good luck on your future rounds, ’cause as far as I’m concerned you just made a harsh enemy today! And thy enemy’s name is Gravity!

And gravity never forgets!

Gravity…is a harsh mistress.

I’m sure this comic is swell and all, but you missed your makeup opportunity on THE Question…

I mean, really, Quasar???

A golden opportunity to give Thundra her due sadly missed… *sighs*

P.S. Phylla Vell? Nice one.

An odd choice for T but definitely an interesting one. I’ve been reading through some Tales designed to Thrizzle today, thanks for bringing them to my attention!

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You knwo what really thrizzles? A man who got his superpowers when he got tied up in game film and then supoersteroids poured on him, and then there was a fire, and then chemical foam sprayed on him, and then someone gave him a special football suit he could wear to fight crime, and then he did, except it was sports-related crime.

That’s right, NFL SuperPro! (Which, in retrospect, seems like it came from the pags of this very comic we’re discussing.)

TDtT is so good, and I found enough differences in the two issues so far to merit reading both.

It’s also a million times funnier than The Tick.

Are there more issues on the way?

Christ, I love this comic.

YES. Kupperman is one of my heroes. Snake ‘N Bacon’s Cartoon Cavalcade is what I’d take to a desert island.

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