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Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – V

If you’ve been following this blog for the past few years, you should already know who is going to be featured at V.

Fred Van Lente

Fred Van Lente is currently writing (and doing a fine job with them) the following comics: Marvel Adventures Iron Man, Wolverine First Class, Incredible Hercules (co-writing with Greg Pak) and Comic Book Comics (with the great Ryan Dunlavey).

But as to why he is featured today, look no further than the last three celebrations of my favorite holiday (and I’m sure yours), Van Lente Day!!


As seen here, here and here.


As seen here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


Ghosts of Van Lente Day Past




Ghosts of Van Lente Day Present




Ghosts of Van Lente Day Future






Aw, drat. here I was holding out that Wendell Vaughn (aka you know who) would be V.

Still a chance he can be W?…Dang it, ther’es not. it’s gonan go to some unknown like Wolverine or Barry Windson-Smith.

Okay, no more Quasar. I’m hitching my star to NFL SuperPro and no one else from now on. Goodbye wrist bracelets, hello indestructible jock strap!

I just read a bunch of Marvel Adventures issues I had in my backlog and really FVL is the best at those, without a doubt, even if Jeff Parker (who is still quite good) gets more attention.

Don’t let Brian break your spirit, Jeff!

Hmm, while Jeff makes an interesting suggestion, there are worthier candidates for W.

Like say, the Walrus, who appeared in Defenders that one time. Or Wundarr.

Or ooo, actually, the Warriors Three!

Andrew Collins

April 15, 2008 at 1:11 pm

Sigh…no VIC SAGE either…

I never hear of van Lente until a few months ago. But he’s writing Spider-Man now, so I should see his stuff a lot. He is really good– He brought back Spot! The White Dragon, the White Rabbit! No telling who else might be showing up in his stories soon. Finally someone who understands the difference between the good dumb villains and the boring ones!
Regarding what Buttler said above me, the Walrus also appeared in an issue of Spectacular Spider-Man once, teaming up with the White Rabbit to fight Frog-Man. It was great. It’s quite possible he’s been around in some other stories since then. (Do you think van Lente will use him any time soon?)

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