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I Can’t Cover What I Am is a feature where I show a group of covers that follow a specific theme. Here is an archive of all of the themes featured so far. The most recent theme is always at the end of the list.

Marvel’s 25th Anniversary covers are #12. I’ve bolded it for easy access.

1. Covers That Inspired Grant Morrison’s Batman run and his All Star Superman series

2. Batman, Robin and Superman competing in various sports

3. Superman kissing women other than Lois Lane

4. Secret identities…revealed!

5. The Best Pieta Covers

6. Superheroes boxing

7. Superman lifting weird stuff

8. Superman gets punched!

9. Batman gets punched!

10. Superhero books slowly transitioning into a different format

11. Joe Kubert “False Sense of Security” covers

12. Marvel’s 25th Anniversary Covers

13. Marvel’s 70th Anniversary Covers

14. Superman, Batman and Robin Having the Most Awesome Day Off Ever

15. Superman’s Secret Identity…Revealed?!?!

16. Did Superman Just Kill That Guy?

17. Marvel’s Wolverine Art Appreciation Variant Covers

18. 25 Action Comics #1 Homages


How about covers featuring evil presidents? I can think of a Norm Breyfogle serial killer Lincoln from Detective comics, a snake Reagan on Captain America 344, and maybe some Savage Dragon. I am sure there are more!

Reviewing these gave me a few ideas, though some might not be themes per se: Covers with a character clearly breaking the fourth wall, and the first issues of prominent 1940s titles that had word/thought balloons on the cover. I don’t recall All-Star ever having those, for example.

And I wonder if there have been enough instances of a character on the cover looking toward someone not shown and blurting out a single word: “You?!”

I omitted one other theme: superheroes quitting.

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