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4/21 – Curious Cat Asks…

What do you think was the coolest news announcement at this weekend’s New York Comic Con?



Peter Johnston

April 21, 2008 at 6:14 am

Nothing that big was announced so I guess I’ll just go with Waid on ASM.

New Grant Morrison comics!

Secret Six ongoning!

Oh, and Unknown Soldier and Destroyer by Kirkman!

Jeff Lemire at Vertigo!


New comics written by Karl Kesel? (even if they are about monkeys but he made Superboy into the Ravers into a really good book so who knows, right?)

Secret Six ongoing series, for sure.

Also, it was good to hear the news about the Gordon Lee case.

New Grant Morrison projects at Vertigo, and Matt Fraction on Secret Invasion: Thor!

possibility of animated all star Superman

Still digging through it all. But I thought the BOOM! panel had interesting items — the thing that really caught my eye was how well the MySpace promotion of Northwind had worked for them, and for retailers. I said a few months ago that we were clearly in some kind of flux period for how comics are going to end up as a consumer product — books? webcomics? some other thing? — and that single issues are more and more becoming loss leaders for the trade; it’s largely fan insistence on keeping everything in 22-page monthly chapters that keeps us from moving ahead. So the idea that BOOM could leapfrog over the Diamond/retailer pre-order thing that creates such a bottleneck for small publishers, and do it by using the internet, was really interesting to me.

But, you know, I write stuff for here and I am probably more obsessed with this kind of thing than most people.

New series of Deadpool!!

Defintiely the new monthly NFL SuperPro series by Alan Moore and Geoff Darrow. Who knew that getting to draw an American football player would be the impetus to not only get Alan Moore to write for Marvel, but to kick Darrow up to a monthly book?

More Secret Six and Umbrella Academy, I would say.

New on-going X-Files comic from Wildstorm! Okay, not really. It’s just the one announcement that came out of the panel I reported on. Okay, now that I’m thinking about it, if treat it like Buffy: Season 8 and they kick-up the MSR, I’d be totally into it.

The date for Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane to come back (September). I really miss that series. (And I hope Terry Moore can pull it off!)

Tie between Secret Six and Gordon Lee.

I’m with you there, Greg. I’m not a BOOM! reader, but the digital age of comics is something that fascinates me. In more than one way, the comics industry is in a much better position to use the internet and illegal downloads to its benefit than any other form of entertainment.

Yen Press’ manga anthology.

And non-comics NYCC news – Bandai’s Gurren Lagann announcement.

The dismissal of charges against Gordon Lee is the happiest news. Coolest? I’d also vote for the announcement of Secret Six ongoing. (More Deadshot, Catman and Scandal by Simone? Sweet!) Of course, that’s partially the coolest just because it’s so unexpected. (More Seaguy and Umbrella Academy were previously announced, were they not?)

CBR’s account of the Morrison panel was fun to read, btw, and it’s actually got me even more optimistic about Final Crisis. Won’t it be a fine victory for good comics if one of the Big Two manages NOT to screw up summer event? (Keeping its word about the scope of the storytelling is the first step. Hitting deadlines is another. Neither one of those things happened in the case of Civil War or Infinite Crisis.)

Toss up between Simone’s Secret Six ongoing and the Power Girl ongoing with Amanda Conner on art. Probably the former since Conner’s art – while awesome – means the PeeGee book will likely suffer from delays and fill-ins.

Allen N. Swords

April 21, 2008 at 1:20 pm

I wish DC would tell us they aren’t pissing away the rest of Superman’s 70th Anniversary like they have from January to the current week (April 23rd). No disrespect to Geoff John’s Action stories recently, but where is the swag?

The new collections? The new stories? The mini-series? The one-shots? All of it? Why is All-Star Superman #10 the highlight of the year to date (plus issues from Action 658-663)?

No real news this weekend that I didn’t already know.

New Secret Six ongoing. Definitely a squee moment there.

The new Morrison Vertigo series – “Warcop”

I definitely have to agree with the many who say Secret Six.

Andrew Collins

April 21, 2008 at 2:13 pm

1. The Yen Press manga licenses. I hadn’t given their anthology a second thought when it was first announced, but now seeing what titles are going to be in it has me really looking forward to it now.

2. Secret Six ongoing. Pre awesomeness. Simone and Scott reuniting makes me even happier, though I am left wondering who will be drawing Bedard’s Birds Of Prey now…

3. Power Girl ongoing drawn by Amanda Conner. I am not so much excited about PG getting a series as I am that Conner will be drawing it. Hopefully with plenty of lead time so there’s not too many fill-in’s.

4. Del Rey manga announcements. Nothing terribly exciting but a couple of their titles look intriguing.

Andrew Collins

April 21, 2008 at 2:26 pm

Actually, I just read the Image Comics panel report, and make my new #1 the release of a hardcover collection for Evanier & Spiegle’s old DNAgents series. That really makes my day.

Although it’s great to see Wildstorm getting back on its feet (with four issues of each of its core series already in the bag, no less), the best bit of news, to me at least, had to be:

Kalman Andrasofszky on NYX!

Oh, hell yes! Marvel’s definitely getting my money for that, for sure.

Greg Hatcher hit the nail on the head. The real story is BOOM or any other publishing company blazing new trails in distribution or reaching out to online communities. That’s the wave of the future.

Grant Morrison’s new comics are totally newsworthy and exciting. I’m also glad to see him writing a new animated web-series for Virgin. I love that they’re trying new venues and formats for storytelling. Here’s hoping it lives up to my expectations.

Although I’m not sure if it’s “news” (didn’t we hear about this a while ago?) I’m looking forward to any and all UMBRELLA ACADEMY. UA is the best new series and shows more promise than almost any other comic out there.


Rebis: According to LITG Final Crisis #3 art is not yet done. So it appears that this event is most likely to fail in the schedule dept.

Andrew: If to believe the rumor, BoP is on the verge of cancellation.

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