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Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – F

Today we look at one of the first characters Jim Shooter created for Valiant.


Flamingo (Charlene Dupré)

Charlene (she’s the one sitting on the roof of the car) was one of the many interesting figures Jim Shooter introduced in his original Valiant series, Harbinger, which was about a young man, Pete Stanchek, who locks heads with the evil Toyo Harada, head of the Harbinger Foundation. Harada, one of the world’s most powerful beings, founded the Harbinger Foundation to essentially rule the world (feeling that he was the best suited for such a task). To do so, he would go around activating people who had powers that they were unable to access. Pete was the first person powerful enough to activate himself.

Harada tried to get Pete to join him, but when Harada had Pete’s best friend murdered (who was trying to sway Pete to go against Harada), Pete rebelled and went on the run, collecting his OWN super powered soldiers to battle Harada.

Here’s one thing I don’t get. Now bear in mind that I haven’t read Harbinger in literally over a decade, but did they ever resolve why Harada killed his best friend like that? Was it part of a plan that Harada WANTED Pete to rebel? I vaguely recall something like that happening. Anyhow, just wondering.

In any event, one of their recruits was Charlene, who was as notable as the other Harbingers in just how RANDOM of a personality she was. Her mother was an extremely religious woman, so to rebel, Charlene acted out as much as she could, figuring that if she acted bad enough, her mother would not expect Heaven in her future, so she would just leave her alone.

She also was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and she insisted on wearing pink.

However, as the series progressed, she began to grow up, and even though we don’t see her after Harbinger #25, we know that in the future, she ends up marrying Archer (from Archer and Armstrong) and they have kids and help lead a rebellion in the future from the bad guys.

Under the pen of Shooter and David Lapham (and by their successor, Maurice Fontenot) the Harbinger kids were unique, interesting individuals, and Charlene was no exception.


I liked this series…the characters all had distinct personalities, it had a good mix of action and quieter character moments. Plus, it was nice to see an overweight female character for a change (not Flamingo, for anyone who never read this series,, of course).

I remember really liking Harbinger back in the day. I came into Valiant late so I think Fontenot was already the writer when I started picking it up, but it was one of my favorite titles for awhile. And really the only Valiant title I ever got into. Might have to pick up that new hardcover at some point…

Tom Fitzpatrick

April 27, 2008 at 6:14 am

I’m looking forward to “Q” for Quantum and “W” for Woody.
That was the best Valiant book I’ve read from that title.

Too bad, it was not continued and completed.

… (she’s the one sitting on the roof of the car) …

It’s a convertible.

Ah, right, the hood! That was the word I was blanking on! Thanks.

And technically, she’s on the hood and windshield ;)

Y’know, Solar: the man fo the Atom fle all around space. He saw nebulas, wormholes, black holes, and even quasars. I’d like to nominate a celeestial body appearing the background of a soalr comic — naemly the quasar — for Q.

In other news, Quantum can bite it.

Flamingo was seen again post-Harbinger, in that post-Birthquake series, “The Visitor”.

Flamingo, and the rest of Harbinger, rocked ! I loved that this was kind of a different take on mutants. I’m elated that it’s being worked up for a movie. It could be big….Priceline big ! Here’s hoping.

I got one of my brothers to read some Valiant and the two titles he really gears to are Harbinger and X-O.

Too bad the Acclaim Harbinger wasn’t very good. It never got past the first issue.

For more information on this and other VALIANT comics, check out the Official VALIANT Universe Wiki at http://www.valiantentertainment.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page :)

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