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Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – I

Today, we look at the third musketeer.


Ivar the Timewalker

As I mentioned during the feature on Archer and Armstrong, while first there were only two immortal brothers (Gilad and Aram, the Eternal Warrior and Armstrong, respectively), in Archer and Armstrong/Eternal Warrior #8, Barry Windsor Smith introduced a third brother, Ivar.

Ivar was just like his brother in the sense that he, too, was immortal, but he was different from his brothers in two great respects:

1. He was pretty normal, as compared to the loutish Aram and the over-bearing Gilad


2. He could travel through time.

In one of the best hooks for a series you’ll hear, Ivar had the ability to sense when “time arcs” would open up. He would then travel through these time arcs and end up in the past or future – he had no control over where he went.

The real hook is that he fell in love with a woman in ancient Egypt, so each journey through the time arc he hopes takes him back to that time period. Or, in other words, each leap might be his leap home.

It was originally done by Bob Hall (writer) and Don Perlin (artist). They did a fine job, but left the series way too early.

It was not as good after they left, and it was nice that they got one last issue on the book in 1996, with Timewalker #0.


My favorite Timewalker plot was one where he “leaps” into a situation and is immediately arrested for murder, then has to survive his own trial (it was a violent era) while waiting for another time arc to open up so he can hopefully go back and find out who framed him.

Was Ivar immortal? I’d forgotten that. I thought he was the only mortal brother of the trio, and just kept up with them by moving through time…

It wasn’t just any Egyptian woman…wasn’t it Nefertiti?

Brain, your Quantum Leap jokes finally had a worthy callback! Now if only you could have all the upcoming characters say “oh, boy” at the end of every cliffhanger episode…

Charles Constant

April 30, 2008 at 7:10 am

Yessss, you covered Timewalker! And early, at that! I shall recommend your promotion, instead.

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