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Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – L

Today we look at one of the busiest Valiant characters!


Leeja Crane

There is Leeja, between her two guys.

Leeja was the girlfriend of Magnus the Robot Fighter.

When the evil Malevs invaded Earth, she was part of the rebellion, along with Magnus and Rai. John Ostrander wrote these issues, which were good.

She had a fling with Rai, bearing his kid.

But then she ended up marrying Magnus, which she probably would have even if Rai wasn’t, you know, dead.

She then bore Magnus a son, as well.

Her story had a tragic ending, though, which I’ll probably get into more tomorrow.


Didn’t the two kids hate each other or something? I haven’t read those old Valiants in a while but if I recall correctly the two sons grew up with monks and were mortal enemies or something right?

Please don’t make me pull them out and read them.

That is one gigantice and lopsided pregnant lady. How many linebacker kids did she give birth to?

stephen cade

May 3, 2008 at 2:19 pm

Since “L” is Leeja, and you say there’s more on her tomorrow–I hope “M” is Magnus.

Valiant’s “cool” days were over by the time Unity of over and Jim Shooter had left. Besides, “cool” is a disease. I could not stomach Rai by the time the future force came into the picture. After Rai 0, it all went downhill….
True Story.

My favorite issues of all the Valiant titles were the major Magnus/Rai crossover. It took like 16 issues to sort out. But, I thought the plot was tightly woven between the two titles and there was some good sci-fi stuff.

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