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I Guess I Can Give You All a LITTLE Bit More

I’ll be honest, I never bothered to finish counting the entire thing, because it seemed a bit silly to rank, like, Morrison/Millar’s Flash run versus the Kesels’ Hawk and Dove run (for the record, they were tied, each receiving two votes, for a total of four points). So you probably won’t ever see a final list (as I don’t have one), but I dunno, maybe someday in the distant future.

However, if a run appeared enough times to stand out, I counted them, and I figure, okay, 50 points is at least sorta notable, so that’ll be my cut-off point. Starting tomorrow, I’ll give the fifty-six additional runs that received at least fifty points.

Ten a weekday, except for the “top” six. So by my math, that means next Monday you’ll see #103-110, right?

Thanks, by the way, for all the kind words about the top runs countdown!


Brian, thanks for your hard work on this. It was entertaining and thought provoking.


May 5, 2008 at 11:44 pm

Did anyone, anyone at all, vote for Youngblood?

Thanks for this. It’s been great. Excited to see Impulse, Empress, Secret, and Lil Lobo from Young Justice at 101!

Thanks for your hard work on this Brian, and thanks for deciding to reveal some more of the results. Recently read The Question and Hellblazer runs listed in the top 100 and hugely enjoyed them, looking forward to some more recomendations!

Thanks Brian, I learned a bunch from this list and it opened my eyes to a lot of stuff I haven’t read, or hadn’t read enough of.

Hah! I want to know the very same thing that FunkyGreenJerusalem asked!!

By the way, GREAT job Brian, thanks a lot for your efforts in putting together such an event (yes, that’s an actual word, it has nothing to do with crossovers or Crisis or Secrets! I thought I should clarify on that, given how much bastardization it has received over this last couple of years… poor little word)

I concur. This looked like a massive undertaking, so to pull it off so expertly is definitely admirable. Great job, Brian. :)

All of this sucking up to Brian will not bring redemption to your personal favorite title that did not make it into the top 100.

It can’t hurt to find out, JR, is what i say! :)

I love you.

BTW, I’m one of the two nuts who voted for the Kessel’s H&D. Good too see I’m not the only one!

What’s that? The Kesel’s run now has fifty points?!?! WOW! That is a shocking turnaround!

Honestly, I don’t have any horses in this race. I did not think that I had read enough to really make a list like this.

By the by, the Kesel run on Hawk and Dove was, I believe, twelve parsecs.

That was a painful joke, boss man.

But a good one, I loled.

Wow, Hawk & Dove only got 2 votes? That right there was some Good Comics. I almost voted for it, but didn’t *sigh* It was one of my favourite books of the era.

Why do inkers usually turn out to be pretty good writers anyway?

Are we going to get a “everybodys somebodys baby” post as well?

That was one of my favorites from the top 100 character list.

Why do inkers usually turn out to be pretty good writers anyway?

Low expectations.

Seriously, compare the careers of Karl Kessel and Rob Liefeld. Kessel started writing in a team with his then wife on two obscure characters in a mini-series after laboring in the field for years. Liefeld was given complete control over a high-profile title in his early twenties. Who had a better chance to really work on the craft of writing?

Like some of the other comments said, the list was a real eye-opener. As someone that is still rather new to comics it is great to see some of these titles get highlighted so that I can check them out in the future. My wallet may never be the same!

Thanks for putting it all together.

I would be the other ‘Hawk & Dove’ voter :)

Loved it then, love it now. I’m honestly surprised anyone else voted for it, though, as it’s pretty obscure. I thought the story, the characterisation and the whole idea behind it were uniformly excellent, and I loved the art, too. by far the best iteration of Hawk & Dove ever, IMO.

It slipped places by being pretty short and long ago, but I don’t doubt it would make my list again if I started over from scratch.

If DC let the Kesel’s back at those characters, I’d pick it up tomorrow. Heck, I’d give most other creators a chance, too. Hank & Dawn were just such awesome characters and their entire supporting cast was great, too.

I even called one of my OCs in a fanfic series I write ‘Concrete Man’ in homage to Captain Arsala’s “If I had the power to walk through walls, I’d call myself ‘Concrete Man’ or something. Anything that had nothing to do with my power at all!”

The whole series was full of great dialogue like that :)


May 6, 2008 at 5:45 pm

Did someone vote for Youngblood, in any incarnation? Why else with the secrecy Brian?

By the by, the Kesel run on Hawk and Dove was, I believe, twelve parsecs.

That was painful when it was in the Snark Free Corner, and it’s painful now.

“Did someone vote for Youngblood, in any incarnation?”

Was there a Youngblood run that made it past 6 issues?

BTW the Casey book is pretty fun.

I didn’t vote for Kesel’s Hawk and Dove, but I’ve read it, and I think it was pretty good. I would have included it in my picks if this were a DC-only poll, but considering stuff from all publishers, turned out there was stuff I liked more.

There was a time during the late-80s/early-90s that was just an amazing time to be reading DC. Stuff I loved from that time includes Byrne’s Superman, Perez’s Wonder Woman, Morrison’s Animal Man, Truman’s Hawkworld, Ostrander’s Suicide Squad, Bates’s Captain Atom, Messner-Loebs’s Flash, and finally Kesel’s Hawk and Dove.

It was the time I stopped being a Marvel Zombie.

And the same period also had Giffen’s Justice League, that I’m not really a fan of, but I know many people are. And also Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, that I was a bit too young to properly appreaciate at the time, but I came to love it later. It was the true Golden Age of DC Comics, IMO.


May 6, 2008 at 9:26 pm

I remember the late 80s/early 90s as years when my numbers of monthly comics purchased became ridiculous, as I continued to buy all my standard Marvels as well as a growing number of much-more -interesting new DCs. I would always have this stack of unread books that just continually grew and grew, the Marvels. I’d keep meaning to sit down and slog through them, but then the latest Swamp Thing or JLI or that weird new Animal Man would come out.
I still recall the vague uneasy guilt I’d have as I would arrange the stack of unread Marvels into alphabetical and sequential order, glancing at the covers with a pronounced lack of interest, thinking “maybe next week…”

“Starting tomorrow, I’ll give the fifty-six additional runs that received at least fifty points.”

WooHoo! Many thanks yet again, Brian!

I remained pretty much a Marvel Zombie through the mid 90s, aside from the Batman series of books, but have since gone back and either gotten trades or back issues of most of the late 80/early 90s DC stuff. In retrospect, it would have been much easier and cheaper to buy them off the shelf. Some damn good stuff from that period.

Brian, thanks again for the work you did on this list, and any more related posts or lists or comments you want to make revealing more info about the votes, I will only too happily read.

Thank you, Brian!
This whole Top 100 thing has been very, very cool! You rock!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Youngblood did show up. The Alan Moore issues, anyway.

For almost a year now, I’ve been using this list to seek out new reading material with almost constant success. By now, the pile of books I’m interested in (that have been reprinted) is growing pretty scant, so I wondered if there was any chance at this point for the rest of that rundown to see the light of day? Even the stuff in the lower reaches has been really great, so I’d love to see it!

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